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I'm exhausted just by your reading plans for this vacation!


I'm so excited for you! I hope you and your sister have a marvelous time. I don't have anything to add to your list at the moment--you've got so much already! (Thanks for reminding me that I loved What's Up, Doc? and need to rent it again.)


Okay, you have plenty on your plate, but before heading to San Francisco I highly, highly recommend reading CALICO PALACE by Gwen Bristow. Really well researched, not too romancey, and gives a great picture of how the Gold Rush transformed California. You may be surprised by how many times SF burned down back in the day.


Laura--When I decide I want to do something--I tend to do it wholeheartedly! :) We'll see how much I actually manage to read/watch, but I always have a very (ahem) generous pile to choose from!

Kathy--Now I must go back and look at your posts about SF. I've been looking at guidebooks and online so have a better idea of where things are and what I want to see, so it'll be fun to look at your photos again! And isn't What's Up Doc a fun movie?!

Oolookitty--Thanks! I have checked my library catalog--and we actually have that book where I work! I'm going first thing tomorrow morning upstairs to the stacks to grab it. I like having a variety of books to choose from, so book ideas are always welcome! I love reading about places I'm going to visit (or have visited)--it gives me a chance to extend my vacation! :)


I have to look at the cozy mystery series and some of the other books as well.
Guess what - I was offered a job two days ago. In San Francisco. To the shock and amazement of those around me, I'm thinking about it a lot. The only problem I have is that it wouldn't be a secondment position but permanent.
Anyhow - I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
You know Macondray Lane? It seems that's where the Maupin books are set. He calls it Barbary Lane. It's quite tricky to find.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel is set in SF and so is Greer's The Story of a Marriage.

Liz F

I'm so pleased for you Danielle as I know just how you feel and I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time!
I'm no help at the moment re books set in San Francisco as although I know I have read some, I can't remember a single title but it one comes to me I will let you know although it looks as though you will have plenty to choose from!
Enjoy your planning as August will come around really fast!


Hurray! SO happy to know that your vacation plans have come good - that's wonderful! I really like the sound of all of your reading, and would love to read something set in San Francisco myself, so will follow your reviews with interest. Plus, another huge Vertigo fan here. I'll watch it again over the summer to keep you company!


That's so exciting. San Francisco seems like an amazing place to visit - it's one of the cities I've always wanted to visit. Enjoy your trip and the reading prep!


That's such nice news - the anticipation is so important, isn't it? Envying your reading list too.


The movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer" is also set here. Quirky and funny - watch it if you haven't seen it!


Hooray for San Fran being official! You are going to have such a wonderful time! And no better way to increase the anticipation than to read books about it!


Can't say how happy I am for you.
This is great news!


Caroline--Congrats--that's exciting! Are you going to take the job? Only it is a huge decision since it would be permanent, so a huge upheaval! I'm so excited about going to SF. I looked at your post on Macondray Lane and it does look very out of the way. I'm looking forward to rereading the first book (maybe will read more of the series at some point, too)--it would be fun to see the actual place. I have so many things I want to do in SF--I'll never manage them all and will have to prioritize! Thanks for the suggestions for more books--I'm off to check them out. And the cozy mystery is very light and cozy--it's a nice easy entertaining read, and fun to hear about some of the places I have been looking up and reading about.

Liz--I think breaks like that are really necessary. I've gone without one for far too long now. If I could become a better 'saver' of money I might be able to travel more, which I have always loved. I think I will have plenty of reading material to keep me busy between now and August--I've had to have another shuffling of books once again, but it's best to go with the reading flow, I think. August feels so far off, but I think you're right--it'll be here faster than I think!

Litlove--You don't know how thrilled I am that I am finally getting away from things and will be able to see something totally new! I'm so looking forward to this, though the actual traveling part is not all that appealing. Too bad I can't just click my heels and be there! I'm enjoying my reading--how fun to imagine myself already there. And you'll have to watch Vertigo along with me in spirit! :) I've heard there is a walking tour in SF of Hitchcock's SF, but I'm not sure it coincides with when I will be there--pity!

Sakura--It does look amazing--I keep studying the map I just bought and imagining all the places I am going to see! I love reading with particular places in mind, so this will be doubly fun.

Bibliolathas--Anticipation and planning really is half the fun. I'm going to enjoy the literary aspect as a run up to the real thing! :)

Amanda--Quirky is good. I'm going to add it to my Netflix queue as I have never seen it. Anything to help the visuals in my mind.

Stefanie--Yay. I really had given up thinking I would get to go anywhere this year. Books are always the second best thing to being there, but I'm going to get both--books and the real thing!

Catharina--Thanks--I am so in need of this. I'm hoping it will be a nice refreshing change of pace. Great news indeed! :)


I don't think I will do it but it was nice to hear I'm appreciated and they'd be willing to have me come and work there. It's tempting though.


Caroline--It would be hard to pick up and move--I don't blame you--especially when it is to a country across the ocean. But like you say it is nice indeed to be asked!


I realize I'm a lurker here on your blog, but I live in SF and would be more than happy to give you more specific recommendations, in particular, bookstores. How long will you be visiting? Any thoughts on where you'd be staying?


So excited for you! It's hard not to be able to take a holiday for such a long period of time and I hope this one lives up to your expectations (I'm sure it will, travelling with someone likeminded). Say hello to the sea for me. I miss it so in the landlocked Midlands.


Booktruffler--This is really nice of you to leave a comment. Lucky you to live in SF--I am afraid I am going to like it so much I won't want to return home! Any suggestions on bookstores is most welcome. I'm going with my sister and we'll be there from August 21-27. It was hard finding accommodation that we liked, but in the end I found a really cool renovated Victorian house that has a studio rental. It is in the Castro area--I think on about 18th and Church? I was sort of hoping to be closer to the touristy areas just for ease of getting around, but from the sound of it, maybe being in a neighborhood will be better and I believe we are going to be close to a muni stop. I looked at Google maps and spotted something like 3-4 bookstores fairly close by. Help in deciding which to visit would be great as the list of things we want to do is going to be long I suspect! :)


Jodie--I'll do better--not just say hello to the sea, but I might even take my shoes off and walk in it as well! :) I think I still have your address so will send you a postcard--I'm excited as I am sure there are going to be loads of postcards to choose from. And it will be fun traveling with someone who also enjoys going out to see the sights and likes walking--so it should work out well. I'm already on vacation mode. I was talking to my boss today and got messed up on months--meaning to say something about July and just skipping ahead to August. Oops. And I am very much in need of a vacation--I'm sure I'll be paying it off for the next six months, but oh well, why not!


Yes, I do feel very lucky to live here, at least for now. It's a fantastic city but so expensive. It sounds like you're in a great location. The neighborhood is fun, safe, and has a good smattering of used bookstores within walking distance:

Aardvark Books - on Church Street, between 15th and Market - good lit department,

Adobe Books - a bit of a mess, and most likely going out of business within the next couple of months.

Forest Books - 3080 16th, just east of Valencia, run by my friend, Gregory. Tell him I sent you!

Dog-Earred Books on Valencia at 20th is also good, with creaky wood floors. They have several related stores, one in Noe Valley to the south of where you'll be staying: 3957 24th St
(between Sanchez St & Noe St). 24th is a lovely area to stroll through.

But I have to say the shop I hit most frequently is Green Apple Books in the Richmond neighborhood. I sell a lot of books to them, and they have the best fiction department in town. They also have an amazing bargain section out in front. It's a bit of a trek from where you'll be, unfortunately.

For new books, you can't miss City Lights Bookstore. It's at 261 Columbus Ave
at Broadway
(between Jack Kerouac Aly & Saroyan Pl). Lots of great European fiction, though, of course, you probably have great access to that where you are.


Lisa--Thanks so much for the run down on bookstores. I don't mind if they are far away as I am sure we'll be all over the city and I'll try and map it out so I can drop in when we are close by. I am only afraid I'll end up buying a lot of books and then have to mail them home! I can't wait to see City Lights--I have a postcard from there that I picked up a long time ago. I think I couldn't live there as I do get the feeling it is very expensive, but I'm happy at least to visit. I would love to live so close to he ocean, though. I can't wait to see it! I'm glad to hear the neighborhood will be fun (and safe) to stay in. I can't wait until August! Now I'm of to look these up. Thanks again.


Lucky you, I love SF. We had a fantastic trip there several years ago. If you can manage it you should head over to Alameda and visit 'Needle in a Haystack' It's a fabulous shop.


I do feel very fortunate. I've wanted to go for a long time and finally just made up my mind to do it. I'm sure I'll be paying for it for the following six months, but I plan on having fun! :) I'll have to see where Needle in a Haystack is in regards to SF. Is it far away? We won't have a car, so I'm not sure if I'll manage it but I was wondering if there were any needlework stores close by. Could be very dangerous!


Oh I would love a postcard if you get chance :) I've been prepping for my big trip to Canada this year, for a loooong time so I know exactly what you mean about going into holiday mode early - it's so much more exciting than the day job sometimes.


Jodie--Isn't it nice thinking about going away somewhere nice and different--why is it so much more mentally stimulating at the moment than the rest of my life?! :) I've got a little list of names and addresses I am going to send postcards to--I'm very excited about having loads of cool cards to choose from and I will certainly send you one! Where in Canada are you going? I would love to visit Canada someday, too. I'd love to see Nova Scotia and PEI and Quebec and Vancouver... So many cool places to go!

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