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Jan S.

The Elizabeth Taylor short stories sound intriguing. I love a good short story when I'm between books, and at random times.
I am reading The Chaperone now,and agree completely that it is a compelling story.
Eudora Welty has long been on my to-read list.
Enjoy your holiday!


Always such a delight to read about the deluge of books you are swimming in. And your passion for books is so infectious, it's really a joy to see. :)
Enjoy your day off and hope you get some really good quality time with your books.
Forgot to mention, the Elizabeth Taylor compilation looks simply delicious! Have fun with it. ;)

Liz F

I've never been able to understand people who don't read - I couldn't survive without books and your enthusiasm for them is definitely infectious!

I have The Chaperone on my library pile too and must get on to it but I have rather over-committed myself again and am trying to second guess which books need to be a priority because they have long waiting lists because it isn't always easy to tell from the catalogue!

Sadly East of Eden isn't among the pile of Steinbeck books that I acquired so I am going to have to have a look out for it but it's not as if I don't have quite enough to be going on with although you won't be surprised to hear that I have a hankering for the compilation of Elizabeth Taylor's short stories!

If you are looking for a medieval thriller, I can recommend either one of Karen Maitland's books (my favourite so far has been The Owl Killers) or Cassandra Clark's Abbess of Meaux series about a noblewoman who becomes a nun after she is widowed but still gets caught up in all sorts of adventures.


You do have interesting books on the go again, Danielle. So far I haven't read any Elizabeth Taylor, I have one on my shelf though. And I'm sure I will follow your lead one day and start East of Eden.


I feel the same way you do about books. I love them so much, it gets me into trouble sometimes. (You should see the bookshelf in my closet: filled with books that I've bought that I haven't read yet. And I'm always planning to buy more!) It sounds like you always have several books going at the same time, and it makes me feel less freakish to see someone like me. (My husband reads, but usually sticks to one book at a time...amateur!)


Nice score on the Elizabeth Taylor book. I really have to get around to reading her one of these days. You know I always enjoy hearing about all the books you have on the go because it helps me feel better about all the books I have on the go and all the ones I want to start reading even though I'm in the middle of all those others. I am looking forward to the Byatt book. I have decided to just buy myself a copy rather than borrow from the library. I deserve a new book, it's been a little while :)


What a lovely post, Danielle. I know so well what you mean. We are lucky to have this love for books in our lives.
I'm sure you will be glad to hear that Bomber gets better and better after 150 pages. It's a if he needed that space before beginning really. Get's better and a few times quite graphic. I'm almost finished and for the last 300 pages it was hard to put the book down. all in all it's an amazing achievement.
You Elizabeth Taylor book looks great. I haven't read her short stories yet, I'm looking forward to hear more.


I love East of Eden and feel that it and even Steinbeck is really underrated.


I'm glad you are enjoying The Chaperone! It took me 50-100 pages to really get into and then I just didn't want to stop reading.


It's nice having all of ET's short stories together in one volume as I don't think some of the collections are very easy to come by. Now when I will actually be able to read them is another story. I'm really enjoying The Chaperone--should finish tomorrow I hope--it's been a great gym book as it makes the time pass quickly. And Eudora Welty had been far down on my own list, but I'm so glad I picked the book up as it was a good introduction to her.


That is just about what it feels like--a deluge. I have many little scraps of paper sitting around with titles of new books I want to try, too. It's almost overwhelming but in a good way! I can't wait for the weekend and then the day off--and I plan on being totally lazy on the 4th! Isn't the ET collection lovely? Not one to carry to work perhaps, but I'll enjoy dipping into it!


I read every day and I think if I couldn't I would soon go into withdrawal. Even if I know I have only a quick errand to do, I still take a book with me--you never know when you'll be stuck waiting. I know all about overcommitting--I'm trying to organize myself and not join in too many readalongs so I can focus on my own books. The Chaperone will be there later when you have more time (is there ever a time when we have 'more time'??). I just didn't want to get in line for it again and it is a good time for me to read it. Now I am to the point of no return in reading and don't want to put the book aside! I want to read more of Steinbeck's work--and he wrote a lot, so I imagine you can't miss with whatever you happen to have on hand. And I was so excited to find out about the collection of ET's stories--I'll add it to the rest of my ET books--I have quite a pile of them! I had forgotten about Karen Maitland--I have one of her books (I think it is the first) so will have to see if I can find it--that might fit the bill nicely. I also just checked out a book set in NYC in the 17th c. that looks promising. Now I am going to check out Cassandra Clark as she is new to me--thanks for the suggestion.


I love Elizabeth Taylor. I do best when I spread her books out a bit as she is a very thoughtful writer and you need time to absorb the stories. I've read a few of her short stories and she is a great short story writer, so I'm looking forward to dipping into this collection! And I love East of Eden--I think it is going to move to the best read of the year spot... :)


I definitely get myself into trouble with books--buying and borrowing them and then starting to read too many at once. They all sound so good I can't help myself. I have piles by my bedside that would probably shock people if they could see them! :) I do always have several on the go at once and have even taken to bringing several with me to work (one for he bus, one for lunch and one for the gym!), which I should stop as then I am totally loaded down with books in my bookbag! Trust me, you are not alone in your love of reading and over the top reading habits (or that would be my 'over the top' reading habits!). One book at a time...what a thought! ;)


I always know you will appreciate my dilemma when it comes to not beging able to decide what to read and then giving in and reading once. You *do* deserve to splurge once in a while--you are doing your part to help authors and publishers too, so need to feel guilty. I was lucky to find a brand spanking new copy on my library's shelves.


I was feeling very cheerful when I wrote that post. Books do offer a nice relief from life's difficulties! :) I am happy to hear the pace picks up with Bomber. It is good, but there is lots of detail, which I am sure is important, but a little bit over my head. I wsn't sure how he was going to handle the story, but it seems like he covers all aspects and I like that he gives the German side of the story as well. It'll be interesting reading, too. I've been mostly concentrating on a library book that is overdue, but I hope to return it Friday and then I can turn my full attention to Bomber. I want to read more of ET's books, too. I've liked everything by her I've read so far.


I thought it was you who had mentioned East of Eden before--and you are right, it is excellent! I want to read more of his work. I don't see much written on him in the blog world, so I'll do my part!


This is one I got into right away, and it has gotten even better as I go. When I pick it up I get completely engrossed in it--a nice thing which doesn't always happen! :)


I just sat here smiling as I read this post, Danielle, recognizing a kindred spirit as you wrote about books and how they make you feel. It is the same with me.

I'm almost finished with One Writer's Garden and think One Writer's Beginnings may somehow find its way home soon.

Lovely post.

Lisa Guidarini

Oh, I know EXACTLY the feeling you're talking about! I feel butterflies in my stomach when I get or read about good books. Last night another librarian and I went to a bookstore in a posh north suburb and two publishing reps were courting libraries, to interest us in hosting author events through the store. They brought tons of free review books!! HEAVEN...


Bookish people always understand those sentiments! :) Unfortunately my library doesn't have Welty's gardening book--maybe my public library will have it so I can at least look. One Writer's Beginnings sits on my night table at the moment--along with a pile of other books. I have my work cut out for me.


I had a feeling that people who drop in here would be able to relate! :) Books really do make me happy as silly as that might sound. What fun to be able to chat with reps (and get review copies). That would be cool if your library would be able to team up with a bookstore and bring authors in. I loved working in a bookstore when it did, and I probably still would had it not closed! We had a shelve full of review copies we could borrow and read--it was fun, but I don't think I appreciated it then like I do now.


I've seen those Elizabeth Bowen stories around and they are tempting me! Also, I'm delighted to hear that you are enjoying the Steinbeck as I really do want to read The Grapes of Wrath one of these days and I am scared of it! Also, looking forward to Ragnarok, and glad we are reading it in a group. I hope it will make a really good choice for us!


So many good short story collections out there--I think I will be devoting some time very soon to them! I'm very impressed by the Steinbeck novel--I was also very intimidated by him, which is why I put off reading The Grapes of Wrath so long. May have to consider that one soon, though. I did read, however, he experimented with styles, so it could be very different. Ragnarok sounds interesting. I'm glad we're reading it in a group--hopefully there will be lots to talk about with it.

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