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Oh, Beautiful Ruins has gone directly onto my wishlist--will be checking my public library catalog, too! Italy! :) I had The Bellwether checked out, but I wasn't quite in the mood for it (have moved it to my "read later" virtual shelf on my library account. I've heard good things about The Last Nude--will be adding that one as well. Hadn't heard of The End of Everything--another one for my list since it also sounds right up my alley. Let me know about Zone One--I'm not into zombies either, but I could be persuaded with a good story1 ;) And yup, Beneath the Shadows is still in my library pile. At the moment I am working on SJ Bolton's newest Dead Scared--have you read her--she's a real page turner of an author!


I'm with you. 70F is my perfect temperature and maybe 50F at night so I can leave my windows open. Won't be seeing that kind of weather now until maybe September. As for the pile--I'm starting with the Bolton and eyeing the Orphanmaster as well...


Swing sounds like fun--I've still not had a chance to listen to the CD, but I love that sort of music, so it should be fun. All things considered we're lucky here since it is just hot and we've not had storms. It's much worse elsewhere, though the humidity makes things pretty miserable regardless.

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