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Curious to hear what you'll think of Code Name Verity. The truly fantastic turn only begins at the midway point, so don't be disappointed if it isn't engaging you right away.


It's supposed to be 102 here tomorrow and I, too, have a horribly hot upstairs computer room, so I feel your pain. Read downstairs! It's the only thing you can do to survive such weather.

I'm particularly interested in what you think of The Orphan Master.


There is nothing better than a picture of a pile of books! Toronto is now into its third heat wave of the year, so reading is a good way to stay cool. I will be getting the SJ Bolton asap. I love Ethel Wilson, by the way; she is an author who makes me proud to be Canadian, along with the Margarets, Laurence and Atwood.


98 here right now, with 100 predicted for the weekend. Summer sucks.

Loved SWING. Yes, it is Big Band era; the protagonist is a bandleader.


PS watch out for your computer upstairs...heat is bad for them and they're such expensive critters...


After Tropical Storm Debby drenched us, she was kind enough to take some of the humidity with her--today was really nice for this time of year. Only in the low 90s with low-for-this-time-of-year humidity. I can sympathize with your heat wave, though, and I get mighty cranky by the time Sept. rolls around because it's so miserably hot and humid. No matter what the temperature, library books make life better! I have a beautiful stack myself--kind of went a little overboard on the holds...will have to do some of that prioritizing you mention, but that has it's own pleasure, doesn't it?

Jan S.

No AC upstairs in my old house either. We do have a freestanding unit in the bedroom, though. Even my dog wouldn't sleep upstairs before we added that!
Swing sounds really good, and I hadn't heard of it before. The Orphan Master did catch my eye, though. Aren't there quite a few with similar titles out lately?
Keep cool and read on!

Liz F

I was going to say that we could do with a bit of that heat over here but it has turned humid over the past couple of days - still wet and grey but the temperature has gone up just enough to make it uncomfortable although probably not by the standards you are experiencing.
You have my sympathy!

Still that pile of books should keep you occupied - it's a fascinating selection and has added to my list!
Be prepared to not do much else at all when you are reading Dead Scared - I thought it was excellent and very tense and I will be interested to see what she does to top that!


Thank you for converting F temperatures into C for Europeans, I can so much more sympathize... I could not stand this hot, poor you! I hope the heat wave goes away soon!


We are just entering into the coldest part of our winter so I wouldn't say no to a little heat being sent my way!

I have heard so many good things about Code Name Verity and own it but haven't read it yet.

Karen K.

I feel your pain -- it's been in the hundreds every day this week in San Antonio. One year it was at least 100 every day for about two months, it was awful. It's like reverse winter, except it's sunny out to remind you that you should really be outside, not huddled indoors in the air conditioning. At least you have four seasons in Nebraska, we have only two: Really Hot, and Not As Hot.

But at least you have a nice pile of books to keep you company!


90° here and no air conditioning. It's going to rise but not much.
Our flat is on two stories and the second under the roof but most of the roof is glass, some can be opened, so there is some air.
I started Code Name Verity but didn't like the beginning at all.
For the first since a couple of weeks I have finished a book and not strted another one yet.
Not sure what i would like to read.... I'm spoilt for choice as well.


May I join you in your whine? It has been hot and humid here too. Our weather people are saying that we've been having Omaha weather for the last year. I'd be glad to give it back to you if whoever took our Minneapolis weather would give that back us. At least you have a nice pile of books to choose from and reading is a pretty good hot weather activity :)


Okay, scary. My library loot pile has FOUR of the same books. Great readers read alike!


Caroline--stay hydrated! I guess the sign should be



Yes, I will, thanks. We try to move as little as possible.


Thanks for the heads up on the slowness to start. I probably am not going to get to it right away, but I am looking forward to reading it.


Ugh--I hate to say this, but I don't much like summer. I don't like being excessively hot or cold, though I am not sure if there is a truly temperate place for me to live! :) I probably won't be online much (or will have to try and do so early in the morning like now) while it is so hot. I'm just glad I do have air conditioning and it is very pleasant downstairs--otherwise it would be unbearable. I am definitely going to try and read The Orphan Master--it is one of the books that appeals to me the most at the moment--very different than my usual reads right now.


And I thought it would be pleasant and cool up north. I guess no one is exempt from the nasty heat. The third so far this year--waaaaayy too early in the summer for weather like this! I am going to start the Bolton this weekend now that I finished my current library book! And I like both Margaret Laurence and Margaret Atwood, too. Have added Ethel Wilson to the list--I want to read more of all their work (though I read quite a few of Atwood's books many years ago).


I think this is going to be a miserable summer. I do hope that San Francisco in August doesn't turn out to be hot as well as I have bought a few longer sleeved (three quarters length) shirts to take with me! So glad to hear you liked Swing--I've gotten a little distracted from my SF books (trying to catch up on a few others), but I hope to get back to them this weekend. Swing sounds like fun--especially being able to listen to the music alongside the book.


I know--I keep it off unless I am using it--and keep the shades drawn (windows closed of course) the doors open to keep the air circulating. Fingers crossed the heat doesn't cause even more havoc!


I was thinking of you when I was writing my post--I shouldn't moan when I know you have to put up with heat and humidity for much much longer than I have to. I'm thinking I couldn't ever be a Florida girl! :) I hope it stays "cool" for you for a while so you can get a break. I think this is going to be a nasty summer weatherwise. And yay, books do make things more bearable--it's good to have something to turn to to keep your mind off feeling sticky. It is fun going through the pile--reading a little and deciding what is most tempting. I've done that myself last night as I am off to the library to do a little switching out (and returning my overdue book--oops).


Isn't it awful? I love old houses, but they are not the greatest when it comes to efficiency in heating and cooling! My cats stay downstairs as well--and that says something since they usually like to find the ray of sunshine in the best window to lie in. I think there is another book with the same or very similar title--I want to read the one that is historical fiction--I seem to he in that sort of mood at the moment.


Humidity is miserable even when the temps aren't too high. It just zaps any energy you might have. Maybe we'll get the nasty weather over early? I suppose that is just wishful thinking. I have had to order my books by due date and will return a few today that I know I can't get to. Glad to hear that Dead Scared is so good, since it is next up! :)


I know most people go by Celsius, so it's good practice to do the math! :) I am just thankful that I work in a nice cool library (and even have to have a sweater with me usually), and can be in an air conditioned house--many people don't have such luxuries!


Too bad we can't bottle up the cool/warm air and trade--maybe it would make our seasons a little more comfortable! :) I've heard lots of good things about Code Name Verity, too. I read a few reviews online via blogs, otherwise I have a feeling I might not have paid much attention since I don't read much YA lit.


I'm not sure I could live in Texas for just the reason you mention--which made me chuckle. Do you ever get used to the constant heat? Maybe it is less miserable without the humidity? But hot is hot! We do get some nice weather in spring and fall--though I could have that all year round! Books always make life better I think! :)


Oh Caroline, that's terrible! I never imagine Switzerland being so hot! And I am sure most places do not have air conditioning? When you are in an upstairs part of a building that hot air rises and just stays there and is suffocating, so I feel for you! I hope you don't get many days like this, but it seems like the weather is a little bizarre all over the place this year. It sounds like Code Name Verity takes a little time to get into. I am going to have to get in line for it again at the library as I won't be able to read all three books that are due next Saturday. I opted for the Bolton as I need something set in a different time period. Bomber is my WWII book at the moment--and one is usually enough for me since I like variety. I've been trying to keep my library piles down but there are still always too many to choose from.


You most certainly can! Poor you to have Omaha weather and I do mean that sincerely! If we were trading and we were having Minnesota weather that might be okay (for me! :) ), but I think everyone is wilting under the heat. Good stories do a lot to keep my mind focused on something else. Maybe I need to choose a book with a good, icy setting.


Hah! We have always had very similar reading tastes. So what else does your library contain? Maybe I can get some good suggestions from you! :)


Yes, doesn't the heat totally zap you of energy! Drink lots of water, too!


We are not used to air conditioning at all, that's why it's not as hard on us. But the town I live in is very humid. That I do mind. But unless the temeprature rises over 95° I'm okish. The cats however suffer badly.


I've also got Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, which I'm about to finish and which I've loved; The Bellwether, by ... not sure, don't have it in front of me...! The Last Nude by Ellis Avery, The End of Everything by Megan Abbott, and Zone One by Colson Whitehead (I'm not crazy about zombie stuff but I've heard such good things...! Oh and Beneath the Shadows which I think I heard about from you!


I hate it when it's too hot - and anything over about 80 degrees is too hot for me! I would most certainly wilt. Looking at a nice pile of library books is about the best you can do, and yours look wonderful although I don't think I've heard of any of them this time around. I will look forward to your reviews!


I love big band music, so I will have to check out Swing! Code Name Verity sounds intriguing as well.

Hope you are staying cool! It seems like the whole country is in the middle of a heat wave.

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