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I think the cover alone would make me want to read it.
Wordsworth??? I'll be fascinated to know where he got a Wordsworth short story. Perhaps Jarrell turned one of the poems into one. Some, like The Prelude, are in effect short stories in poetry format.


Interesting! After a brief period of reading short stories a few years back (Katherine Mansfield) I sort of forgot about them again, although I do remember liking those very much.


At first glance I would have thought it was a collection of Jarrell's own stories, too. Most of the authors in that list I recognize and am fond of; the others I'm sure are just as good!

Carl V.

This one sounds very interesting. I too am a big fan of short stories. Off to see if the library has a copy.


Scriptorsenex--Isn't that a great cover? I meant to mention it as well! I think I might buy this one as it is worth owning. As for the Wordsworth--I looked and yes, you're right! It is a very long poem called The Ruined Cottage. There is also an excerpt from the Bible, so this is indeed an idiosyncratic collection! But I think I like it all the more for that fact.

Catharina--There was a time I would not have considered reading a short story. If I did it was more of an accident than anything else. I might pick up a book advertised as a novel, but was in reality a collection of interlinked stories. But then one year I read one a week and found that I really enjoyed the format. Now I love to read them when I can but admit I tend to pick up novels far more than short stories. I want to get back into the short story habit however.

Jeane--I was just randomly picking books from the shelves--It was the NYRB on the spine that caught my eye, but when I looked it over more closely and read the blurb I knew I wanted it for me! :)

Carl--I hope your library has it. I am looking forward to reading that intro and the stories, of course. I need to get back into the habit of reading at least one a week and maybe writing about it. Maybe that's what I'll do for the second half of the year.


I have bought a lot of short story anthologies recently but I find I prefer either collections by one author only or a guiding theme. I have a few like this one by Jarrell but I just like it much better when they are either from the same country, period or genre or dedicated to something. WWII, love stories etc. But I would love to read his introduction.


Caroline--I'm curious what he has to say in the introductory essay as well and hope to find time this afternoon to read it. I think I tend also to read collections by just one author or with a unifying theme, but I don't mind anthologies like this one--it makes it easy to just pick up on a whim and read and not feel bad about setting it down a few days in fear of losing the thread.


What a fun find! I can see why it had to go home with you. And an interesting list of authors he includes. Robert Frost wrote short stories? I only know him as a poet. Same with William Wordsworth. Who knew?


Stefanie--I thought the addition of Frost on the list was interesting, but now I will have to look and see exactly what by Frost he selected. The Wordsworth is a long poem, so that may be the case for the Frost as well. The blurb did call this collection eclectic--I'm looking forward to it.

Amy Brandon

I knew once I got back to reading book blogs again, I'd start ordering more books. Congratulations. You've made me order this one ;)


Amy--It is very dangerous making the blog rounds, isn't it?! I'm going to buy this one, too.


Oh I would love to read Randall Jarrell but he's hard to get hold of over here. I'd be very interested to know how you get on with the short stories!


Litlove--He sits patiently for me on my nightstand. As usual I am reaching first for novels, even though I know I will enjoy the short stories. I will probably have to just buy the book at the rate I'm going.

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