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Till We Have Faces is an amazing book, probably my favorite by C.S. Lewis. He puts some interesting spins on the story, and his version is a very good story in its own right.


Loved this chapter, probably because there was only one story. I am going to look for other retellings of this. I will also look into the C S Lewis book.


I have not read a single book by CS Lewis, though I had a friend once who read all his books compulsively. I will have to look for this one as I am curious about a retelling of the myth--unfortunately my library doesn't own it, but I've added it to my wishlist. I think this little mythology project might well be long running since there is endless material!


I did, too, and for the same reason. She didn't cover quite so much material--you could just sit back and enjoy the story. Hopefully the rest of the book will be similar. I was going to see what other retellings of this story I could find--there must be loads, but I ran out of steam when I was working on my post. :)


Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius was one of the first myths I ever read properly. I remember finding it rather lovely. And I adore that sculpture, though can't remember whose it is.


Cupid and Psyche is a wonderful story. I can't blame Psyche for wanting to see her husband's face though she should know even in the dark that he isn't a hideous serpent. Still, there is always that little niggle of doubt that gets us every time, isn't there?


I liked Amor and Psyche a lot and still do despite the fact that I had to read it in Latin for my A-level.
It's true, curiosity is so often punished in myths and fairy tales.
I'd like to read the whole of The Golden Ass one day.


My comment is gone?
I just saod that I like it depsite the fcat that I had to read Amor and Psyche for A Level in Latin. I still haven't read the whole of The Golden Ass but would like to.


Cool--something to look forward to. I'm sure my library must have a copy so I'll be searching the catalog for it this week! Do you mean the sculpture of the winged Cupid (it is famous--lovely, too)? It is by Antonio Canova and there are versions of it in the Louvre in Paris the Hermitage in St Petersburg!


I'd be curious too. If only she hadn't spilled the hot oil he never would have been the wiser! ;) I did like this story--I think it is my favorite so far.


Sorry about that Caroline. For some weird reason the comments ended up in the spam folder. I've found a few other legitimate comments there recently as well, so now check it regularly. It's not like you don't comment pretty much every day! :) Hamilton talks about The Golden Ass--I should at least look at it--I'm not even sure what myths are included. It's amazing how studying books/stories in school will totally turn a reader off sometimes!


*Hah*. And now My comment went into the spam folder. It must be this particular post--Typepad thinks it's just a spammable topic I guess--bizarre.


*Hah* indeed. That has never happened to me before that my own comments were spammed. So funny.


I never used to have a problem of comments getting dropped into the spam folder, but strangely I now find legitimate comments in there so need to check it carefully before hitting the delete all button! Weird!

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