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Definitely not too soon to be thinking abt which books get to travel with you in August. I've been thinking abt mine since May and I'm only going in Sep. :p And yes, I get the tingly feeling thinking abt them too, hahaha.
Paris Metro Tales sounds right up my alley! I am currently dipping into Metro Stop Paris by Gregor Dallas which tells the extraordinary tales related to each metro stop and it goes very well with my reading of another Paris book, Parisians: An adventure history of Paris by Graham Robb. Am enjoying both books immensely! :)


Paris Metro Tales sounds fascinating! As does Metro Stop Paris mentioned by Michelle.

I have quite a few Paris books to read, so I am hoping to get through them during July, but we will see.

I don't think it is too soon to be planning your vacation reads at all!

I hope you do get to read All That I Am. I liked it, without actually loving it, if that makes sense.


Pink Hill Manor will come out as beautiful as it's name suggests I'm sure. And it's not too soon to think about holiday books at all. Every time I travelled I only brought books for the journey out and the stay. The book for the journey back I bought at the place where I stayed, but maybe you were planning on going bookshopping in San Francisco anyway?!


Oh, it's never too early to choose books for the trip--you can choose, then rechoose...if you're anything like me. There are plenty of bookstores in SF, both new and used, so should you run out of things to read, it won't be hard to replenish!


I like this design a lot but thought it looked very hard to do in so little time. You're off to a great start.
I like the idea of the Metro Tales and hope you will review the book. I have a similar collection with "balcony" tales (a Germany anthology called Balkongeschichten). Sounded a bit weird at first but it contains stories and pieces of authors like Proust.


Michelle--I have a little list going and it will be difficult to whittle it down when it's time--though I am sure some of the books will appeal more than others depending on the mood I'm in at the moment! Where are you traveling to? I'll have to look up Metro Stop Paris--it would be a fun companion read. There are lots of great books about Paris out--I may not wait until July to start reading Paris Metro Tales!


I am going to just try for one, but I have a stack that would work well, too. I am in the mood to read the second book by Catherine Delors--I think you read that one already? Part of the fun of a vacation is the anticipation, right? I think I get your meaning--an enjoyable read without necessarily blowing you away? I hope to read it, too, but I might ease off the WWII books for a bit just at the moment.


Catharina--Thanks! It does have a pleasant ring to it! And I loved the color scheme. I actually was able to add a bit more to it this weekend, so I'm happy to be making progress. I like the idea of choosing a book while on vacation to read for the return journey. I am hoping to hit bookstores while I'm there and suspect I'll find just a few to bring home with me. The trick is going to keep what I take to three or less! :)


Kathy--There is going to be lots of shifting books around--adding to the list and then removing--between now and August. I think there are something like three bookstores in the neighborhood where I'll be staying, too! :)


Caroline--It looks like it is fairly large, but it is actually one of the smaller designs. There is lots of work to do on the border, though, so I need to work on it steadily. Then it will have to be framed--so I might be pushing things to try and finish it in July. Paris Metro Tales was a lucky find, and I was happy to see the authors are all French, too. I like the sound of the German book with stories about balconies--it would be interesting to see how the stories incorporate that element.

Liz F

And there was me thinking that I was the only one to select and put away books to take on holiday long before I went!
I also tend to take books that I wont mind leaving behind if I finish them while I am away, so that frees up space (and weight allowance)to bring things back! Fortunately British Airways didn't weigh hand luggage on my one trip to America because I came back with ten books all of which were in my carry on bag.
Paris Metro Tales sounds very good (must look for it!)but can I recommend Cara Black's Aimee Leduc crime novels which are all set in different arondissements of the city?
Aimee reminds me a bit of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone but with Parisian fashion sense.
Your needlework project looks beautiful by the way - good luck with it!


You should see my list so far! How am I ever going to whittle it down. I think I daily add at least one book. Sophie Hannah is one of the very strong contenders at the moment! I'm going to try and do the same--not take anything I'd be sad to leave behind, but I am sure in the end I will squeeze the books into my suitcase. Where did you go when to traveled to the US? Was it MA/Nantucket? I may have to mail books back if I end up buying a bunch! You can indeed recommend Aimee LeDuc--I did read the first book in the series--I wonder if I ever wrote about it?? as I would have to refresh my memory. I am very much in a mystery mood (again), so maybe I'll see what the second book is and pull it out of my mystery book bins (I am up to about five now!). I found a bunch of the books at a library sale once and of course snapped them all up! And thanks on the needlework--I managed to work on it over the weekend--am looking forward to the 4th and having a free day next week--may see if I can get in a few hours stitching time!

Liz F

I did go to Nantucket which is somewhere I have always wanted to go, but it was only on a day trip and since it was October and got dark quite early we didn't have that long as the ferry from Hyannis had restricted sailings.

I was there with my other half and three of the kids plus senior son's then girlfriend (now wife)and while my daughter and I would have liked to have taken a tour around the island and had a walk along the beaches, we were out voted by the other four who wanted to stay in the town - so I can't say I saw as much of it as I wanted!

We were staying in a house close-ish to Hardings Beach at Chatham on Cape Cod and had a wonderful time because the autumn weather was kind to us and was cold but bright apart from the day we went home when it absolutely poured down!

I would love to go back some time because it was a brilliant holiday and New England is so beautiful - we caught the last of the leaves which were spectacular!- and everyone we met was so friendly. It would be nice to go back either at the beginning or end of summer, but I understand that Chatham and Nantucket get incredibly crowded in the summer so maybe not!


Your needlework is gorgeous as ever! And I think three books should be perfect to take with you, as you are bound to buy a few while you're there (nothing like shopping on vacation - it's so special). I might throw the Perry Mason novels by Erle Stanley Gardner into the mix - although they are based in Los Angeles really, Perry scoots all about California so they are more or less in the right location!


Excellent choice for your fair entry! It is never too early to start thinking about your vacation reading. June really has flown by and has caught me by surprise too.


I thought you had said you traveled there. I'd love to visit as well--have never seen any of the northeast--only been to Washington DC and Virginia and they are both much further south. I think I'd like to see it in the fall as well. My sister has been to Boston and we've talked about going there sometime as well--maybe that could be our 2013 trip?! I'm not sure how far Nantucket is from Boston--plus I think there are author's homes in that area that would be cool to see. Don't you just hate it, though, when what you want to do and what the rest of the group wants to do doesn't coincide? I can see where those places on the coast would be a huge draw for tourists in summer--maybe after school starts in August would be a better time? Anywhere with a coastline for me, please!


Thank you--I've actually been working on the project before work every day--not for a very long time--but even half an hour's worth of stitching adds up. I am sure I'll buy books when I am in SF--I have a feeling there are going to be an awful lot of temptations actually. And I found ESG on my library's shelves--the public library has loads of his books (no doubt old copies with unattractive covers, but I can't be choosy since they are mostly out of print!). The one my library owns is even set in SF--bonus!


The anticipation of what I am going to do there, and what I'm going to read on that (sort of) long plane ride is half the fun. I'll have to choose carefully--and maybe throw in a few magazines, too.... I can't believe the 4th is next week already!

Liz F

I think that you can get to Nantucket from Boston either by boat or small plane but since it has been almost 6 years since we were there, I can't be certain!

From Chatham, the nearest ferry to both Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard went from Hyannis at that time of year(mid October) but there are a lot of others from other ports during the main holiday season.
From the massive number of motels and holiday parks we saw around the Hyannis area, I am guessing that it is VERY busy when the schools are out.

We fell in love with Boston and had a couple of day trips there. It's a gorgeous city and we were very taken with the restaurant area of Quincy Market which was used not only by tourists but by local people at lunch from work as well - there is food available from around the globe although we tended to stick to the clam chowder served in a bread bowl - yummy!
If you get a chance to go to Boston, I definitely would and the Cape is fabulous too - the beaches are wonderful for just walking on and we were lucky that the house we stayed in looked out over a tidal inlet that was a home to all sorts of birds.
A brilliant holiday all round and we would love to go back - oh well one day perhaps!


I love your choice of stitching project! The Paris Metro Tales seem weird to me, because I had never thought there could be a book about metro stations... It seems a bit artificial to me, but the important thing is that the stories are good!


Yes, I have read that one. It was interesting. I am looking at going to an exhibition that is on here which is all about Napoleon which would tie in nicely with Paris in July. Maybe, anyway!

And yes, that is exactly what I meant.


It's an Oxford U Press title. They must have come up with it with armchair travelers (like me!:) ) in mind! I have a feeling that connecting the stories to the metro stops might well be a stretch (though to someone unfamiliar with them it will work I suspect), but as you say, it's the stories that matter. I thought I would read them straight through, but now I think I will just pick and choose a few as I have a stack of short story collections piled up at the moment. And thanks for the comment on my sampler--I've added lots more stitches to it, so will share my progress soon.

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