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I just finished Alan Furst's new book and I think you'd like it. Besides the spying angle, it includes a lot about 1930s film. I have a review going up tomorrow :)


I'll have to look for I this! Thanks for sharing it' I love old intrigue novels hopefully my library will get the reissue.

I don't think I've ever heard of Alan Furst, either, so that's someone else to look up.


Teresa--Thanks for the heads up--I'll watch for it. I've got two or three of his books on hand now and am looking forward to finally reading him. I'm guessing it doesn't matter where to start with his work as I think the characters aren't recurring? I think I'd like him and I love the idea of reading about 1930s film--I'm curious now to see which book you've just finished.

Rebecca--I like the books Melville House is publishing or reissuing as the case may be. This is the second I've read now from them (though my copy was an old library copy) that I've really enjoyed. I've been familiar with Alan Furst for a while, but can't seem to get around to reading his books--maybe will have to read one this summer!


This sounds not bad at all. I didn't like Furst so much but that doesn't mean you will not like him.
I just had a look at the Neversink Libraray and I have read quite a few of those titles. i can recommend von Horvath, Keun, and Radiguet, Hamidou Kane is a bit more special.

Liz F

This sounds very interesting and I am very tempted to see if a copy is lurking in the depths of the library's reserve despite my self imposed ban!
There are certainly some very old books there - the oldest I have had from there was a 1920's copy of a Dorothy Whipple novel which made for very atmospheric reading!

I have heard of Alan Furst and had him recommended to me but have yet to read any of his books. Sounds like he might be worth a try although perhaps not for a while yet - spy novels seem to work better for me in the colder months (although with our current weather that description could apply to now!)


You certainly captured my interest with this one. I love thriller/spy stories!


This sounds charming, and I'm tempted to say: they don't make 'em like that any more! I'll have to look out for it. I haven't read Alan Furst, although Mister Litlove has and he felt a bit ho hum about the novel. But Furst is quite prolific, isn't he? So it's probably a question of picking the best ones.


Oh, this does sound like a lot fun. And it definitely should be a black and white movie if it isn't already, I can just picture it.


This was already on my reading list so I was interested to see what you thought. Sounds like a winner!


Caroline--I knew you didn't really like the Furst you read--do you remember which book it was? I think I'll try his newest which is actually waiting for me at the library at the moment. I plan on reading more from that Neversink imprint.

Liz--How fun-I wish my library had some of the older Whipples--though I think Persephone is or has reissued most of them. I'm surprised by how many great old books my library Does have! You guys tend to not have very warm summers it seems. I'm happy to read spy stories year round but I don't read as many as I'd like. The Inspector Troy novel (which I need to get back to) is something of a spy novel though also a mystery, too.

Jenclair--it's a classic, I think. Definitely feels like it's from the 20s, but that's a good thing actually. It has a nice authenticity.

Litlove--They probably don't--quite. I've heard mixed things about Alan Furst, but I definitely plan on trying him. I think you're right--he has written so much it's not surprising if how successful the stories are varies. It's hard to know where to start, but I'm in line at the library for his newest.

Stefanie--Some books are just perfect for B&W. I guess I had a particular image in mind and the story fit perfectly--a nice 1940s movie with a golden tressed starlet and a handsome and debonair actor.

Kathy--The reissue should be out soon, so maybe it will be at your local bookstore. It reminds me a little of The Lady Vanishes-same sort of story (though the two are very different as well).


Yes, I remember, it was Red Gold.


Caroline--I don't own that one, so will give it a miss I think. There are plenty of others to choose from to try!


Oooh, this sounds fabulous - thank you for another excellent review and another addition to that groaning TBR!


Bibliolathas--Am happy to oblige! :)It was a fun read--Lady Diana is a great character, as is Gerard. Dekobra wrote lots of books--I wonder if he ever used the two characters again.

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