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I read some of her short stories and they were amazing. About family dynamics but quite mysterious as well I thought.
I haven't read any of her novels yet but your reviews tells me I'm in for a treat.
I the stories the structure was very complex as well.
What surprised me is the date of the novel. For some reasons I thought she wrote much earlier. Odd.


I haven't read The Optimist's Daughter and now I must - well, after I finish a most beautiful book about the Weltys' gardens, which I am enjoying immensely. One Writer's Garden. It is a lush book, filled with family history and gardening and flowers.


She is someone I've always wanted to read but haven't. I'm adding this to my list for the summer right now :)


I really need to read some of her short stories now. I have the little Penguin and maybe have a book of other stories--need to go check my shelves. I'm glad I finally read her--I think her other work is going to be even better from the sound of it. And I was a little surprised this was written in the 70s, too. I think it was the last novel she wrote.


I didn't realize she had a book on gardens, too. She was quite diverse in her interests, wasn't she? I love the book of photos by her I have out from the library. I wonder if my library has the garden book, as well. At this rate I'm going to be cleaning off their shelves of her work.


Same here. She has been one of those "mean to read" authors that seemed to have taken me forever to get around to reading, but I am glad I finally did. Now I want to try her short stories!

Kristen M.

I definitely need to try Welty. It sounds like I would like her novels and short stories, especially as you compare her to Cather.


The comparison to Cather makes her much more interesting to me! I tried to read her once, absolutely years ago, and never got past the first chapter. I can't remember why, but bear in mind I was only in my twenties and I've changed a lot since then! I will have to give her a try.


I'm going to look for the Welty's Garden book too. Hope Moon Lake is nice as well.


I read One Writer's Beginnings quite a number of years ago and liked it very much. I've read a couple of her short stories too but don't ask me which ones, it was so long ago I can't remember. I do remember I liked the book and the stories though.


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Danielle, and yes, I think that although short, it's definitely a book for perhaps many readings, each yielding a previously overlooked detail or some new insight.


Kristen--The stories are the same sort of introspective stories where there is an epiphany along the way--it reminded me of Cather's novels. I like Welty and am adding her to my list of author to read more of!


I think I would have not taken to her had I read/tried to read her earlier, but the timing was certainly right--and reading it along with others and seeing what their thoughts about the book were. Revisiting a book over time can make such a difference. Now I can't wait to try some of her short stories.


I should see if my library has it, too. I'd love to at least flip through it. She seems like a fascinating person. I've got Moon Lake ready to go and plan on reading it next week. :)


I brought One Writer's Beginnings home with me a couple of days ago now and have just started reading it. Another one to add to the current reads pile! :) Short stories are even more ephemeral than books it seems. It's nice when I actually write about them and can refer back later and refresh my memory.


Thanks for choosing it--I'm not sure if (or when) I would ever have gotten around to it otherwise. Now I think I've gone off on another reading path--maybe I'll revisit this one sooner than later!

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