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I had the same type of literary crush when I read Carofiglio.
This sounds like a great read and I enjoyed the passage you added. It's funny. I'd like to read him soon as well.
The series is quite long though and I'm not sure if I just pick one at random or start with the first like you did.


After reading this review I had to make a reservation for Camilleri's first Montalbano at the library. For me to pick up when I go there next week. I'm looking forward to a bit of Sicilian Summer:)


I have the first Carofiglio book and had planned on reading it last summer--am going to try to get to it this summer as I've heard good things about it. There are too many interesting looking crime books set in Italy out so it is always hard to choose. I'm not sure if it matters if you just pick a random Montalbano book--I like to start from the beginning, but I'm not sure if you would have missed anything if you read this one and not the first. I've already got the next few books in the series ready to read.


I hope you will enjoy the books as much as I am. I think they are very popular in Europe (maybe more so there than here). I would love to see Sicily someday--though Camilleri's Vigata is quite colorful I think (character-wise).


I really enjoyed reading this review, and will add the books to my ever-growing list. (I'm always up for a new literary crush, too!)

I just finished The Dark Vineyard, set in France, with a very likeable police chief named Bruno that sounds a bit similar to this.


I really enjoyed writing it, so I'm glad it showed! :) I like literary crushes--my others include Horatio Hornblower, John Thornton from North and South (though the fact that the delicious Richard Armitage played him might possibly have something to do with that, and Nicholas Brisbane (from Deanna Raybourn's mysteries) to name a they make stories all the more interesting! :) Now I will have to go and check out the Dark Vineyard--always happy to see a new mystery series (new to me anyway).


I'm so encouraged to read this review - I own a Camilleri novel but have tended to put it to one side, not being sure what they were like. Now I will definitely pick it up!


I really enjoyed this and the other one by Camilleri that I read. He seems quite popular and I can see why since Montalbano is an appealing character. He's someone to keep in mind when you want a change of pace from cozies! :)


Sounds like a literary crush to me! :) Funny, quirky and smart sounds pretty crush worthy though.


Oh, okay, I'm kind of liking Inspector Montalbano! He does have a few little quirks, but generally is quite likable. He does have a serious significant other that I failed to mention, but I like her too--they're well paired! :)


I LOVE Salvo Montalbano, the whole series (I think I read all 20) is absolutely delightful and I am happy to see him on another blog.

I don't think it would hurt to start with another novel but the first, but I always prefer to read chronologically. Also it would help understanding his relationship with Livia better. Especially the story with the little boy (not sure whether he turns up in the terracotta dog or later)....


Oh, no I just realized he turns up in the snack thief...:)


Isn't he great? I can see the attraction to the character and the books in general! I also prefer starting from the beginning and seeing how the characters develop. Also the story does continue on--since the same people pop up. I'm curious about Livia and hope she appears more in the stories. I've got the next three or four books, but I want to read them all eventually, too! :)


I've got that one on my bedside pile! I'm nearing the end of one mystery and am in the middle of another, but I am sorely tempted to just go ahead and start this, too. I can't help myself--I'm a more than one book at a time reader! Now you have me curious about The Snack Thief!


Nice write-up about him today in The Guardian:

Also, I suppose you saw he just won the 2012 CWA International Daggar for his latest novel, The Potter's Field.


Thanks so much for the link--interesting article--but eek--the last novel is written and Montalbano will really be *finished*. Glad I have a long way to go. I meant to check out the CWA website yesterday, but then got sidetracked, so I didn't know he had won--thanks for the heads up as I had to check out all their winners and new longlists for the other awards. I'm glad he won, even if I have a long way to go to actually read that novel!

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