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You've certainly convinced me, I have to read her very soon.
I think for me this may even be the better place to start.
I like stories in which there is a mysterious charismatic figure and a slighly more naive one, drawn to her and we see the first through the eyes of the latter.


Vive le Canadian authors!
I have not read this one, but your review makes me want to.

Buried In Print

Your response complements mine perfectly (liking HD very much, but loving Swamp Angel), so I wholly enjoyed reading your post on this slim novel. It is amazing what she accomplishes in so few pages. And I think back to it whenever I see migrating birds, which is funny, for surely there are many, many novels in which this figures. It must, really, be Hetty who has stuck in my mind, not those geese after all! (She is a MRE, Must-Read-Everything, author for me, too.) I hope you continue to enjoy!


I'm going to read The Innocent Traveller next (well as soon as I finish the Ibuse and a couple of other books that is). I think this would be a good place to start actually--it's very short and very engaging. And even though Hetty isn't really what you would consider a role model by any means, Wilson sort of leaves it up to the reader to decide just what she's guilty of. She's a flawed character, but an interesting one at that.


Yes, do read Hetty Dorval. It was a great read--may even be one of my favorites this year. And I'm so glad I am searching out Canadian authors--so many good books that I seem to have overlooked!


There was something about it that just clicked with me--the characters intrigued me very much. She does pack a lot of meaning into a few pages, so not much space is wasted, is it? And I love how she writes about place--it's very vivid, which is partially why I am enjoying her books so much. I have four more of her books in my Amazon shopping cart--I guess I should just give in and place the order since I know I want to... Up next is The Innocent Traveller.


Oh this does sound good. I will have to add Wilson to my list of authors to read sometime. Would it be better to read Hetty Dorval or Swamp Angel first?


I'd start with Hetty first--not only was it her first novel but it's also a very short book and easy reading (but still very good reading!). They were both good, though, so that was just my own personal preference.

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