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Amanda R.

If you haven't read them already, I highly HIGHLY recommend The Collected Short Stories of Elizabeth Bowen. She is my favorite short story author and I've just finished re-reading the entire collection. Sorry to increase your TBR pile (although I always add more books to my to-read list after visiting your blog!)


Hi Amanda--I actually have that collection--it's a massive volume, too! I hadn't even thought of it when I was putting together my pile of books, but now that you've reminded me I'm going to pull it from the shelves--I'm not sure what stories I'll read from which collection, but that is going to be half the fun. And I don't mind adding books to my TBR pile (I think...!). Not that I'll get them all read, but I'm going to have fun trying! :)


Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry is a great title. Having read the precis of its contents I thinbk I'd have to start with that.

Hope you have a super day and don't even feel guilty if you leave washing the dishes overnight!!


Gosh that's quite a pile of books Danielle and I haven't even heard of six of the writers so must investigate!
I have the Elizabeth Bowen collection too although I haven't read anything from it yet and I have just ordered Eudora Welty's collected stories and am dithering as to whether I can justify buying the Elizabeth Taylor collection...I really should do some serious clearing out before I acquire any morebut I have said that before!
Enjoy your holiday from work!


Yes, that is a pretty sight! I have similar looking sights in my bedroom, too. :) Guess we must be really fortunate people here, simply by the fact that such stacks and piles do actually look good to us and are therapeutic even, rather than seeing them as being stressful piles of mess cluttering up our space!
Enjoy your day off with all your bookish goodness there! :)
I really should get back to my Elizabeth Bowen collection, too.


Have a nice 4th Danielle! It is so hot here that I'll be doing very much the same as you.


That's the plan for me, too. I will jump in the pool periodically to cool off - holding my book above my head of course.


Just curious to know now did you? Spend an entirely guilt-free, lazy day reading, I mean. I so hope you did:)


Isn't that a great title? I have that on my pile still--haven't gotten to it yet (the other stories I started with have been long stories), but I still might squeeze in one more... And pizza on paper plates solves the whole clean up issue. It's been a great (if unconventional) holiday! :)


A few of these were complete impulse buys--I didn't know anything about the authors but they sounded promising, so I took a chance. So far, they've been good choices. I didn't manage to pull out the Bowen collection after all, but I WILL get to her eventually! I'm reading one of Welty's stories at the moment. And you can't pass up that beautiful ET collection--you'll regret it later if you don't buy it--I think it has all her stories, so look at it as an investment! I should do some clearing out as well, but I am loathe to part with books as you never know when you might want to read something again later... :)


I am indeed a very lucky person to be able to have such a lovely stack of books and be able to even buy them on impulse. It is pretty much my one extravagance, so I don't feel too guilty. I only wish I had more room for them. Piles are nice as long as they are tidy. And I want to read Elizabeth Bowen this year, too. I was so tempted when lots of bloggers were reading her earlier in the year.


I am sitting here sweating as I type this--so the computer is being turned off as soon as I finish--just wanted to check in quickly. It's been a nice day to spend with my books and not feel like I needed to accomplish other things first. We should all have more days like this! Hope you've had a great day off, too! And we're due for 80s weather maybe this weekend--I hope that will also be the case in MN!


Jayme--Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Alas no pool for me--it sounds refreshing. Somehow running through the sprinkler just wouldn't be the same. :) Hope you got in lots of reading today (and your book stayed dry!).


I am doing well! I can't remember the last time I have had such nice long stretches of uninterrupted reading time. I've been dipping into lots of books and enjoying them thoroughly. At the moment I am reading the Welty short story you gave me--may not finish it as the clock is winding down, but it's such a slim little book I can easily take it along to work tomorrow. I couldn't decide whether to try and stick to one book and try and finish it (I'm nearing the end in a couple of books), but the call of short stories was too strong, so I compromised and spent the morning reading books from my night table pile and the afternoon stories from the collections I have here. So far I've read one from the McOmber, one from the Munro, read the Jarrell intro and am now working on the Welty. Bliss! :) I'm going to have to try and do this again soon.


I hope you could make the most of your great book pile.
"Portraits of a Few People I Made Cry" is a very intriguing title.


I hope you followed through with your planned lazy day of reading! I love the big pile of books you've got waiting for you.

I know just what you mean about your refined sense of guilt--I do something similar, trying to intersperse "productivity" with reading! I spent several hours reading yesterday, alternating between The Private World of Georgette Heyer, The Help, and The Girl in the Cellar (a Miss Silver mystery by Patricia Wentworth)--bliss! Today I'm going to the library to return a big stack, and to the used bookstore to trade some books (and, of course, look for more)--more bliss! I also have to do some grocery shopping and a couple of other pesky errands, but that's OK. Makes the bookish activities all the sweeter.

Joan Hunter Dunn

I love short stories for reading on lazy holiday days...


I love that title, too. That was part of the draw for me--or at least what made me look initially. I didn't read as many stories as planned, but I read lots in general, so it was a great day off! You can only squeeze in so much between two work days, so it was guilt-free! :)


Kathy--I'm not sure you could have gotten much lazier than I did yesterday! :) Those sorts of days just don't come around often enough. I really want to read The Private World of Georgette Heyer--was just thinking I need to read a GH novel this year--so you'll have to tell me what you think as I have it on my pile, too. All your books sound really good. I have a book that needs to go back to the library on Saturday, too. I hope I can actually finish it on time for once and avoid a fine--I seem to be good this year at accumulating fines!


They are the perfect solution for just a day off--you can finish one or a few and feel like you've accomplished something. I love short stories and want to read more of them.


Nothing nicer at all, in my opinion, than a good stack of books. And this is a wonderful stack of books! I started a Mavis Gallant collection a couple of years ago and really enjoyed her writing. The only problem with short story collections is that I find them hard to finish. So I end up feeling guilty about these books that I haven't quite polished off, if you know what I mean! But a short story can make a very satisfying reading experience when time is limited.


I read some Mavis Gallant stories before, too, but now I can't quite recall what I read--hate it that that happens so easily to me! I am also guilty of starting collections and then not finishing them, but I think I am not going to worry so much now--it's nice just having the pleasure of reading them when I like and not feeling like I need to read the book cover to cover in a timely manner. I think even Gallant said in the intro it's better to read a story and then set the book aside for a while--not to read them one after another! I'm not always in the mood for a short story, but I am at the moment!

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