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Such a marvelous set of books to read. Wherever will I find the time? It is hot as blazes here as well and is starting to wear on tempers and nerves. So it goes. Enjoy your books.


What a great list! I have already put a few on hold at the library. Stay cool!


There never is enough time for reading, is there?! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is getting cranky from this weather! I'm ready for some 'cooler' days. I'm just not a hot-weather sort of person, but looking forward to books does help a little... :)


I've put the ones that my library is getting on hold and the rest are on my wishlist. One way or another I'm sure I'll get my hands on them! There are lots of good books to look forward to!


A non-Wexford Rendell and a Vine all in one year! That's too much for me to handle. My one twinge of regret about not going to BEA when I was in New York happened when I was waiting for my bus back to DC and saw on Twitter that Rendell was going to be at BEA for a signing that afternoon. She is amazing!

And I hear you about the heat. But after living without AC last weekend, I'm just glad that I can once again be comfortable inside.


Ugh--so sorry to hear you were without power--now that IS miserable! There is nothing more stifling than a hot house. I do feel sorry for people without any air conditioning at all--mine my be crappy, but it's better than nothing! :) I had no idea Ruth Rendell was at BEA--I would love to meet her--or get a book signed by her. She really is amazing--I can't believe she is still writing, and yes, can you believe *two* books in a year. I think she also sits in the House of Lords, which seems pretty amazing to me. I've not read any of the very, very recent books by her (I've yet to read any of the Wexords--love the Vines the best, then the crime Rendells and will have to get to the Wexfords eventually), but I think even a so-so Rendell is head and shoulders above a lot of other mystery writers! I think I may take one of her older novels with me on vacation--and now there are new books to look forward to as well.


I am really excited at the prospect of a new Kate Morton even though I was a bit disappointed with the last one!


What a great list of books! Am especially interested in The Painted Bridge, the Ruth Rendell books, and Kate Morton's. All are new to me, though I have a couple of Morton's ebooks which I have yet to read. Will keep an eye out for these now!


I love Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell, so I look forward to both. Started an early version of Something Red from Net Galley, but although I had high hopes, I abandoned it quickly. Maybe it will improve with serious editing.

Can't wait for the new Kate Morton. Several others sound good, too!


Thanks for posting this great list of books to anticipate. Putting several on my wishlist. As to the reissue of the Mary Stewart book - WILDFIRE AT MIDNIGHT is one of my favorite Stewart books. I love the setting and loved the mystery. I have an old copy of this one that I keep meaning to reread. I'm glad they are putting some of these classic gothic romances out again. A new generation needs to read them!


It is always nice to see a Mary Stewart title in your amazing list(s), and it reminds me there are two of them waiting for me to be read this year still (the Gabriel Hounds and Touch not the Cat).
I've spread them a bit over the years now as I am nearing the bottom of my collection:)


You've got a lot of interesting titles here but I think the one I'd like to read the most is The White Forest. Sounds like something I would like. And the Mary Stewart as well. I haven't read her so far.


I've only read one Rendell but I loved it and I need to read more. I didn't know that Barbara Vine/Ruth Rendell was the same person. Enjoy all of your books!

Jan S.

Every one of the books you listed sound intriguing! Please overwhelm us with even more:)


Hopefully this next one will be better than the last. I am actually behind in reading as I still have two unread books by her on my pile! I'd start one now, but I already have plenty of books on the go at the moment.


Something set in Victorian England appeals to me at the moment, too, hence The Painted Bridge! I've read Kate Morton's first book and really liked it--have the next two on my reading pile. And I love anything by Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine--she's great!


I was thrilled to see not just one book by Ruth Rendell but two! How does she do it?! Too bad about Something Red--I am very much in the mood for some good historical fiction and thought that looked promising. Are galleys still in progress works? I assumed they were pretty much done, but I guess that's why publishers don't want people to quote from them! I need to catch up on reading my Kate Morton books--I've got two by her I still need to read--may not happen before her new one comes out however.


Isn't it nice having good books to look forward to? I had not heard of Wildfire at Midnight. I want to read one of Mary Stewart's books very soon--she may come with me on vacation. I'm happy, too, that her books are being reissued both here and in the UK!


I think I'm going to be taking one of her books on vacation with me--maybe one that I have in mass market size so it will be easy to carry. I've got lots still to read and am lucky to have so many still to discover! I think the one I have in mass market is one that is set in Greece, which has been of much interest to me lately!


That one sounds really good to me, too. I actually have a review copy of it loaded onto my Nook. I am looking forward to starting it soon, but need to finish a few other books first. I really like the books by Mary Stewart that I've read so far and plan on picking up one of her books this year as well.


She is a very prolific author, so you have lots of treats ahead of you! Her Rendell books are more straightforward crime or her Inspector Wexford mysteries. Her Vine books are more psychological in nature--I love the Vines the most, but will happily read any of her crime novels.


They sound good to me, too! I'm already in line at the library for the ones they are getting in, and the rest are on my wishlist, so I'll try and find them somewhere or maybe buy them in the end! :) I'd love to share more--I'll put together another list soon.


These all sound good - happily I do have a copy of The Painted Bridge here (and it does look good). And by sheer chance, I read Wildfire at Midnight a couple of months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! These lists are so dangerous - so many tempting books!


There really are too many tempting books--this is how I get myself into trouble--too many lists! You will probably get to The Painted Bridge before me since it has not yet been published here so I'm curious to hear what you think of it. And glad to hear you liked the Mary Stewart--I'm looking forward to reading something by her soon!


The Trudi Kanter and Kate Morton books sound promising! And of course Mary Stewart. I read that one years ago and lent it to a friend who never gave it back, so that tells you how good it is.


I do like your lists - so many titles to add to the list!
I have requested The Painted Bridge from the library and I might have a look for the Trudi Kanter, The White Forest and Bride of New France too (my self-imposed embargo on not requesting any more books didn't last very long) as they all sound interesting.
Wildfire at Midnight is one of my all time favourite Mary Stewart novels, so do read it sooner rather than later, although to be fair any of her older books (pre 1980's) are equally good. The Gabriel Hounds, mentioned by Catharina, is another favourite too although with a setting in the Middle East (it is either Syria or Lebanon, can't remember which) it is very different from Wildfire.
Must get around to finally reading Kate Morton - I have a couple of her books on my shelves but haven't looked at them since I put them there!


As always a wonderful and intriguing list. I look forward to Kate Morton's new book, as I just read The Distant Hours and really liked it. And reissues of Mary Stewart!!! Hurray! Wildfire at Midnight is not one of my favorites, but maybe it deserves a reread now. I have all her old books and pull them out to reread every now and then.

I am also encouraged by the number of first novels I've been reading, and also seeing on lists. I just finished Alice LaPlante's Turn of Mind--a first novel with a protagonist who has Alzheimer's disease. It was fascinating, and not at depressing as that sounds.


I am very careful who I lend books to these days as I've been 'burned' before--I only hope the people who kept them loved them as much as I did! :) I'm looking forward to all the books on the list--am really interested in reading Mary Stewart this year, though!


I'm in line for all the books I could find--now just must wait til they're published here--we always seem to lag behind the UK (or it seems I like books that get published there first!). I wasn't even familiar with that Mary Stewart--so it was a happy find. I love all her exotic settings--that is half the draw for me! And I've only read the first Kate Morton, but I seem to collect each book she writes (and sometimes in hardcover!--am waiting for a library copy this time around).


I have two unread Morton novels. I tentatively picked up one over the weekend and then thought better of it--must really Finish something else first! :) I love the reissues of Mary Stewart's books--they are nice editions. Pity we don't get the pretty ones that have been reissued in the UK, but I'm just happy they are in print here, too. I have had the LaPlante novel in my hands numerous times, but it does seem a weighty subject--I need to just dive in as I keep hearing really good things about it. Another one for the wishlist for me!


You must have very long arms ;)


Fingers crossed they Won't all come into the library at once (imagine carrying those home walking)! :)

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