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Yes, I think you would like these books. They're very popular with homeschoolers that I know.


Disney did a film from this book in 1970, with Ron Howard in the lead role. It's called THE WILD COUNTRY. As I remember it, more of an adventure ala OLD YELLER than a sugary-type story.


I read Little Britches when I was a kid and LOVED it. Didn't know at the time that it was part of a series so I guess that means the library in my town didn't have them.

I picked up a used copy several years back but I haven't reread it yet. The university library here only has Moody's book on stagecoaches.


Danielle, I have seen this book, picked it up, put it down a time or two and now you compel me to pick it up and keep it and to say, yes, wee where Moody's books and the journey takes you - and let us know.


They seem like good stories to read aloud, so I'm not surprised that they are used in homeschooling. I think I'm going to have to give the first one a try--I'm so glad I reached for them on the shelf!


I'll have to look it up. I'm glad to hear it's just good and not saccharine-style good! I'll have to look it up--it must be an older movie if Ron Howard was the lead!


There are eight books that tell the story of his family--we have most or many of them anyway. I had never heard of him until the books caught my eye--Bison Books publish titles that are of local interest (among other sorts), so I often will pick them up if I see the logo--I'm glad I did now. I had a feeling these would likely be familiar to others, and I'm glad to hear they have been so well received.


Penny--I'm sure I have walked by these books many, many times over the years and never noticed them on the shelf--I'm glad they finally caught my eye. I think I will have to start reading the first one as my curiosity is piqued.


I like the picture of grandmother's kitchen and the cookie smell. It's nostalgic.
I don't read a lot of Western either but feel tempted occasionally.


I read Little Britches several times as a child, and still have my copy from that time! I didn't know that it was the first in a series, however. I have happy memories of my teacher reading aloud from this book after lunch when I was in fourth or fifth grade.


Nostalgic is the perfect word for it. I'm glad to hear from others it's good but not in a sentimental way--even with the sugar cookie comparison! :) I never read westerns either, but I like the family spin on the story, and the fact that one of the books is set partially in Nebraska where I live.


How cool. I somehow managed to miss this one--big surprise (since I seem to have missed out on lots of good, popular books when I was younger). I remember having The Boxcar Children books read to me when I was in primary school--I still have fond memories of those!


I've never heard of these books or this author before but apparently from the comments lots of others have. they look like slim books and will probably read fast and seem to be ones you'd enjoy especially given the era, so why not start at the beginning and see how it goes? what's one more book on your pile? ;)

Annie Kate

Yes, they are great for reading aloud! Very sad at times, though, but funny at others.

We're reading Little Britches aloud for the second time, and I'm finding myself skipping a few words here and there. I also recall that I couldn't stomach the third book, the grandfather was so nasty.

These are great books, but they are gritty and a lot tougher emotionally than the Little House books. Keep that in mind if you're thinking of reading them aloud to sensitive kids.


When you have so many books piled up like I do, one doesn't really make that much of a difference! ;) That's what I tell myself anyway. I would like to start reading the first one as a matter of fact.


They sound like a good find. Unfortunately I don't have anyone I could read them, too, so was just thinking about reading them myself!;) I was thinking about the Little House books and how they would compare. Have you read the other books in the series?


I love the idea of a book like a sugar cookie! These sound charming traditional reads. They make me think of the Great Brain stories by John D Fitzgerald that my son loved as a child. My husband had read them when he was young and was determined we'd track them down - no easy matter when they were not in print in the UK. But we got there in the end and they were very amusing. Sometimes that kind of story is extremely comforting.


It's a nice image, isn't it? All nice and cozy and warm. I do want to try this--it sits on my pile now waiting for me. It seems quite nostalgic and not sentimental from the sound of it--a good thing.


I could almost swear that my parents had this book on our shelves when I was growing up because it sounds SO familiar. It sounds like a charming read.


I can easily imagine they might have--it sounds like a good family book and the story indeed does sound charming! :)

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