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I watched the remake of The Clash of the Titans recently which basicall tells this story (with a lot of liberties and some giant scorpions thrown in for good measure :)).
It's a guilty pleasure, if you ever look for a Grekk myth inspired movie you might enjoy it. But I heard the old classic is better.


I thought too this was a great adventure story, it was the first in my book.


Good story! and now I am off to re-watch "The Clash of the Titans." A favorite (the old classic) that I have not seen in many years. I'm hoping Netflix has one of the versions.


No. No Netflix "Clash of the Titans!" I'll have to look elsewhere. There IS "The Immortals" about Theseus, so I'll watch that next week, perhaps.


I really need to get some of these movies from Netflix. I had no idea there were so many out there, though I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. Giant scorpions, eh? Still, it could work considering all the monsters that seem to show up in these stories. No giant scorpions so far, but I guess that's poetic (or filmmakers) license, right?! :)


Now I am curious to see the movie. It was a fun story and hope the story of Theseus is equally good. Now I feel like I'm getting into the 'good' stuff in this books--the actual stories rather than information on the gods, etc.


I did go out and add Clash of the Titans to my Netflix queue. I saw at least two versions (I added the 2010 adaptation). Which movie did you see?


The Immortals has duly gone into my queue as well. Had I planned better I could have read the story and then watched the movie--I am sure I would remember them all much better, too, that way!


I saw the old (198-something) long ago and I have borrowed it from the library, so I need to see it in the next couple days. I think I will wait for the 2010 version for another time. I only have instant streaming Netflix, so no queue for me, just holds at the library.

BTW (totally off topic) if you like mysteries and don't mind "a little" gore, "Wire in the Blood" is a great show on Netflix.

2nd BTW "The Readers" podcast is going to do a show on "The Song of Achilles" toward the end of August.


I've added Wire in the Blood to my Netflix queue--I love detective stories like Inspector Lynley--something good to follow. I've not had anything good to add to my queue for ages, so many thanks for that! I pay for both streaming and one DVD at a time from Netflix, but I really should just stick to the DVD as I never seem to stream movies! I added the newer version of the movie, but maybe I'll add the other one as well now. And thanks for the heads up on the podcast--I'm curious about The Song of Achilles--loved the book!


I didn't know the bit about King Acrisius. serves him right for putting his daughter in a box! It seems like the more people in Greek stories try to escape their fates the worse it makes things for everybody.


Seriously nasty business, that's for sure. The story reminded me of the story Appointment in Samarra where death won't be cheated! I think that in Greek mythology there is no escaping Fate!


I thought I knew the Perseus story, as it comes up a lot in contemporary children's stories (and again, I read several of them - like the Percy Jackson books) with my son. But all the pre-Medusa story was news to me! You are really educating me, Danielle!


I can see where this story of adventure would appeal to kids. That's quite a jaunt Perseus went on. I should really look for one of the children's versions of the Myths as it would be a fun way to reinforce the stories.

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