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Great chapter! I remember reading this story tomy son a number of years ago, not sure from what book. I think we also watched a cartoon version. Wanting more of this story, I put a movies version or 2 on hold from the library, and even ordered a used copy of "The Jason Voyage" by Tim Severin, author of The Brendan Voyage, which I would also like to read someday. It is the real tale of Tim and his companions reinacting the voyage of the Argos . I cannot read it right now, though because I have finally reached the top of the library hold list for "The Song of Achilles" which I must start today as I will not be able to renew it.
BTW: I read "Till We Have Faces." It was fairly good, but I have decided that I do not enjoy retellings of fables and fairy tales nearly as much as I enjoy the original.


It's nice being able to concentrate on just one story rather than the survey she usually undertakes, but I guess there is so much material to get through there's no other way really. The Jason Voyage sounds interesting--my library has a few of his books but not that one. I'll add it to my wishlist--you'll have to let me know how it goes. I am tempted to get one of the movie versions myself--it would be fun to watch. I've not yet read any retellings of the myths (the CS Lewis is on my list-my ever growing list!) but I am going to be reading the AS Byatt book that is part of Canongate's Myth series of books--however hers is a retelling of a Norse myth--will be starting that soon. I hope you enjoy The Song of Achilles!


Poor Medea. I have always felt sorry for her. I've not read Euripdes' Medea yet but I find that the plays are usually between 70-90 pages with lots of white space so they read pretty fast. Have fun!


I'm reading the very same myth at the moment and reading Medea next month, after finishing this myth, is an appealing idea. I saw Medea in an amazing solo performance on stage years ago and refreshing the story would be quite good. I'll have a look if my library owns it.


This is one of my favourite stories in Greek mythology and am a great Medea supporter. I think she is terribly misjudged by a lot of people. They all go on as if Jason was the big hero but in reality he was a terrible person.


A seriously crappy outcome considering all she gave up for Jason! I pulled a copy of Medea from the library stacks and it sits on my desk at work--may see if I can squeeze it in--it would be fun to read a play. You're right it is fairly short--I wonder if we have a film/play version of it as well...


Cool! I'm tempted to read the play as well. I would love to read the play and then see it performed. The next best thing for me is to see if I can find it on DVD since I rarely get to go to the theatre!


I don't know enough about the play to know how it or she has been received by readers/theatergoers, but it seems to me she got a bad deal! I can see how she would be filled with rage and want revenge. I'm very curious now to read the play as well!


I think this is another of those stories which was highly influential. I once saw a list of storeis and books inspired by this myth but cannot remember where I saw it. would have been interesting.


It's amazing how little I know about stories I think I know! I didn't realise that Medea pops up here first. Poor woman, what a dreadful deal she gets, and no wonder she goes on the rampage. Fascinating reading, Danielle, thank you!


That collection sounds interesting--I'll have to keep an eye out for it--let me know if you ever remember the title! I think lots of authors have been indluenced by myths as now I see references to them popping up all over the place.


There are so many, aren't there? I only am familiar with references to them without actually knowing any of the actual stories, so this has been very enlightening for me. The things Medea did for Jason and in the end he just kicked her to the curb!

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