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Not a journal, but a podcast:


How cool--thanks for the link! I'd not seen it before, though I do follow Simon's blog (I just read it via my Google Reader and very occasionally leave a comment). I didn't realize he was doing podcasts as well--I'll definitely bookmark it and give it a listen as well. Just curious--are you in the UK or US (or somewhere else)--sorry, am being nosy! :)


I like to have a look at the Spiegel and Die Zeit and NZZ online for new books. And since I started blogging on the guardian as well.
Your house is moving quickly.
I think often we don't do what we would like to do because we think we need to spend hours on it. 2o minutes every morning will get you there even better.

Liz F

Love Reading is excellent for information about new books (although it is UK based) and I often take note of books mentioned in a couple of women's magazines, but most of my recommendations come from bloggers like yourself. My bookshelves and reading tastes have definitely expanded since I discovered the joys of book blogs!

I was a bit puzzled by the Joanne Harris until I realised that it is printed here as Lollipop Shoes! Just about to start reading it myself as I got the third in the series about Vianne for my birthday - bit shocked to see that I have had LP since 2007!


I absolutely love this chart... and you've made an excellent start. Beautiful.

I get most of my book recs these days from other book bloggers. I do read The Saturday Telegraph (UK) book review section but tend not to get that many recs from it.

Joan Kyler

I was just talking about you to my husband. I was telling him that you and I read in the same fashion. I read several books at a time, too, sitting with two or three next to my chair, reading one for an hour or so, taking a break, and then reading for a while in one of the others. I may not finish a book for a while, but then, suddenly, I finish three!

I've been trying to get excited about working on the needlepoint birth announcement for my grandniece, Grace. I've been put off because it's larger than the miniature Oriental rugs I used to make and because the outline, which I do first, is 172 stitches on each side. Very tedious counting and re-counting to make sure I've got the numbers right. I think I'll try your method of 15 or 20 minutes a day. Katrina, at Pining for the West, tells me I shouldn't fret about finishing it for Grace's second birthday in January. If it takes longer, she says, Grace will be able to read it for herself!

Jean |

That's a beautiful piece of needlework! I've always thought needlework goes right along with "bookishness," though I can't do needlework to save my life (it makes me cross-eyed and crabby)! Thought of you when I posted my latest about my grandmother's addiction to reading (also needlework, though I didn't mention that this time out).


You are moving right along with the stitching! As for book journals, I like the New York Review of Books and Bookforum for reviews. Online I like Guardian Books and the Melville House Press blog.


I am in a Rochester, NY suburb. Can't remember how I got hooked up with the Readers podcast, but I love it!


That's the nice thing about the internet--no matter where we all are we have an opportunity to connect up with others. You get lots of snow in Rochester, don't you? And that's were the Kodak company is/was, too? Sorry--more nosiness.


My library used to get some German periodicals and newspapers--we used to get Der Spiegel (and a Swiss magazine that always had sports figures or famous people on the covers and inside almost always a shot of them with their families in the kitchen eating--I loved checking those in), but now due to budget constraints and the desire to get as much online as possible and get rid of paper editions we get far, far fewer magazines--so no more German-popular mags. I'll have to look up NZZ, however--at least if it is in English! :) My little pink house really is starting to take shape. I tend to put things off thinking I will work on something only if I have a nice chunk of time, but just snatching a few odd minutes here and there can be very productive. I need to do this with more things that I put off until 'later'! It's almost more manageable to do these projects in smaller increments.


Ah, NZZ is a Swiss newspaper--it would be good practice to at least try and read headlines! :) Sometimes it's just interesting and informative to look at the pictures as strange as that sounds.


Most of my suggestions come from a combination of book browsing online stores, my library's virtual new books lists and then recommendations from other readers. I was just curious as I have started subscribing to the New York Review of Books and the New Yorker. As if I need More magazines to read... Book blogs are both helpful in finding new books and dangerous to my pocketbook! I actually have the UK edition of the Harris book--so the title is the original The Lollipop Shoes, but I think I can see how it might not fly with US readers somehow. I do love the cover art on the US paper edition, but UK hardcovers are so nicely made. I pushed it to the top of my pile when I saw she has a new book out that is a continuation of the story. I am in line for it at the library (of course). Don't feel bad--if 2007 is when it first came out that is how long I've had it too. I am notoriously bad about buying books in hardcover and then not reading them until years after the paper has been released. I'm trying to break myself of that habit--hence trying to use the library more!


I love it, too. I lusted after it for a very long time and then decided to cave and buy it and the supplies even though I have Loads of stash here that sits unstitched. Book blogs do seem to do a very good job of spreading the word on new books--it's just a matter of finding the ones that have similar reading tastes!


Joan Kyler--That's it exactly! I like being able to dip into more than one story. I am often in the mood for different things and that way I don't get too fidgety either with just one story. I know this style doesn't work for everyone but I love reading this way. And like you I am close to finishing about three books now--so even though it's taken me a while to finish a book this month, all at once I'll be finishing several. It all works out in the end! :) Borders really are tedious and all that counting is not fun. If I know I have a long area of repetitive stitches and don't want to get messed up on the counting I will use my quilting needles (the kind that are used for piecing--that have flat/flowerlike edges) and put one in every ten or twenty stitches so I don't have to continually count. It works well with larger projects anyway. You could always give the sampler to her for a birthday later--she'll appreciate it more when she is older anyway! I have a friend who started a birth sampler for another friend--that daughter just graduated from high school--so don't feel bad! ;)


Thank you. They are both sort of solitary, thoughtful occupations so it follows that if you like doing one, you'll probably like doing the other, too. It's definitely something you want to do for relaxation, though, not to feel stressed out! :) I'll have to check out that post--I am sort of addicted--okay very addicted. But that's okay--no need to look for a cure.


I am making some good progress. I've even started contemplating that I might still be able to finish a smaller pincushion after all as well. We'll see. I also love both NYRB and Bookforum--why am I being so greedy by looking for more? You can never have enough book talk, though, right? I really need to add the Melville House blog to my feed reader. I love the books they publish--it would follow that they'd have a good blog, too.


Yes snow usually, but not much this year. :) I do not like winter but I have lived here all my life besides two years in Dallas, Texas. Hot here now, in the low 90's, but we have central air, many people don't. Yes Kodak is/was here. My husband worked for them for 19 years before he was laid off 4 years ago. Not much left of Kodak now.


I don't much like really hot or really cold weather--so why I live in Nebraska is beyond me (well, my family lives here). It is sort of nice to ponder snowy days at the moment, as I sit sweating in my upstairs. I have central air, but also a really old house and the cool air just can't quite seem to make it upstairs with any force. Also there are only two very ineffective ducts for the whole upstairs, but I shouldn't complain as lots of folks here also don't have air conditioning. I think out weather is much like yours at the moment. How sad about Kodak (and your husband losing his job!!). I think there is also a photography school there, which I contemplated trying to get into when I was just starting out in college. Alas, that was a long time ago and I never did try.


Looking good, Danielle. Every time I see one of your cross stitch projects, I want to start one of my own. (Must. Not. Start. Any. More. Projects!) Guess I'll have to live vicariously through you!


I know, I many projects and so little time to finish them in. I was just thinking when I wrote this post that since I have a good start on this, maybe I should pull out that pincushion design and start it, too. However, I've talked myself out of it! Must finish this one first!!


I really like the colors in this one; pink and green is such a lovely combination.


Isn't this a pleasing design? I almost always like what Blackbird Designs come up with, but this one was particularly pleasing to me!

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