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Oh my, I LOVE Ethel Wilson. Though Swamp Angel isn't my favourite. I love her short stories, and The Innocent Traveller is a fascinating novel about a woman's life. I hope you'll read more of her and share your impressions....


I am fond of the quiet and introspective lately, too. I will add this to my reading list!


Melwyk--She has been a happy find for me as well, though I've only read this one novel and a short story. I do want to read more and from the sound of it I may have even better stories to look forward to. I'll definitely share the books I read here--Hetty Dorval is up next! :)


Angela--Variety is good in reading. I also have a few mysteries and a thriller on the go, so something slower and more thoughtful is nice to have on hand as well!


I love this type of stories and this one sounds particularly nice.
I like the idea of a late start in life as well. It's somehow hopeful, isn't it? It measn that you can always have a chance and have a new type of life, more creative or whatever.
I'd like to read Mary Wesley too.
I saw today on Gavin's blog page 247 that a Canadian Literature Challenge has started
( ). I'm very tempted. This would be an excellent contribution.


Another new-to-me author who sounds very appealing. I'm also thrilled to see people who've made creative successes later in life, because I'm hoping to be one of them (but I hope I don't have to wait until I'm 60). I also very much like stories of women remaking their lives at mid-life. It seems to be a time for making choices and changing things that aren't quite right.


What an interesting sounding book! I like the cover too. I bet it is cool and comfortable at lake. And don't sell yourself short, you may have a novel in you you just have to write when 70 rolls around.


I also like the idea of reinventing myself--and that it doesn't matter if that happens when I am 30 or 60 or 90! I liked Swamp Angel--she's a very good writer, though I think I didn't get the book the attention that it really deserved. I'm looking forward now to reading Hetty Dorval, though I have a couple of other library/ILL books in line before it--it's short so I think I'll be able to manage it later in the month. I love Mary Wesley and read most of her books some years ago. I often will pull out one of the few unread titles by her and think it's time to read her again, but I've not yet managed to squeeze her in. I would love to read the biography of her that came out a few years ago, as well. Thanks for the link to John Mutford's blog--maybe I'll join in since I have Hetty Dorval to read. In any case I've bookmarked his site as there looks to be lots of great recommendations!


I wouldn't mind being one of them as well. I like Ethel Wilson and I think it says something that Persephone Books decided to reissue one of her titles. I'm not sure if her other books are out of print, but I think used copies can be had pretty easily. I am already starting to feel like I'm too old to make drastic changes to my life--workwise other otherwise, but that is very narrow minded of me--Ethel Wilson is certainly a case in point! :)


Isn't the cover great? I can see why Maggie Lloyd was so drawn to living there and wanting to spend time alone and appreciating the solitude. Not sure about having a book in me, but maybe there will be some good creative endeavor to look forward to still!

Buried In Print

Swamp Angel is my favourite, but partly because it was the first of hers that I read. (I made it a project to read everything, and I think I've done so.) I think you'll like Hetty Dorval, but The Innocent Traveller, as Melwyk has said, is charming indeed. It would probably have been my favourite had I found it first! Enjoy Hetty!


Well, there you've gone it done it--now I have requested The Innocent Traveller from my library's ILL! Must get to Hetty soon though since it is an ILL, too. It's nice to know I have some good reads ahead of me!

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