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It feels so strange to comment knowing you are far away and won't be reading it for a while.
The new camera does wonders, I like your photos very much, I like the tour, thanks for sharing it. And I'm glad that I'm not the only one with considerable piles. A wonderful book mark colection and the scissors are wonderful too. I have the bad habit of having things everywhere. I should keep all the book marks in one place as well. It looks nice too.


I love your pictures of books. This looks very cozy and warm. My night table is pretty sparse right now -- a stack of 3 books with the alarm clock sitting on top, a lamp, a glass of water, and the book I am currently reading (I Capture the Castle). Keep the pics coming!


I love TBR piles - i love looking at it and knowing that there are all these great books to come. It makes me feel really happy :-)

Margaret Powling

A year or so ago I had over 100 on the bedside chest of drawers (we generally call them bedside tables in the UK, rather than nightstands but ours - either side of our bed - are 3-drawer chests) and I realized I had to whittle them down. Now there are only two small piles and they contain those I'm reading now (three on the go at the moment: The Knot by Jane Borodale, The September Garden by Catherine Law, and Burial at Sea by Charles Finch) and those I will be reading shortly. Also, a tall lamp, glass for water, notebook and pencil, Lavender pillow spray, and a small posy of flowers (and a spare coaster for my morning cup of coffee - always a cup and saucer, never a mug.) I also match bookmarks to books and, like you, have so many I can match the bookmark to the book.

Christine Harding

I love those scissors with the white carved handles, and your needlework. A couple of my pieces have beehives on, as I'm rather fond of bees - and Noah's Arks. Maybe I'll post some pictures of them one of these days.


Let's begin with the boring stuff - tabkets, water, hairbrush, earpluigs, alarm clock, lamp. That's my bedside table. But the real gems are on the lowest shelf of my bookshelves (over the end of the bed). Here is my store of books marks - I also collect them but at any one time I tend to have my favourite half dozen that sit in my current reads. There are four piles of books - the ones I'm currently reading (usually about five or six on the go together so I have a choice according to my mood); the ones I am dipping into or which are designed to be read at random; some Victorian magazines and Victorian guides to manners, cooking, etc.; and the fourth pile which is my guilty one. These are books I have started and not finished but can't bring myself to just stop and put away or get rid of.

Hope you're having a super time.


Thank you for sharing your nightstand and mountainous TBR pile! I am nosy about other people's reading habits and reading habitat. I'll be having all that book bounty around you inspires a feeling of contentment and abundance.

I always have several in progress books on my bedside table and a few other odds and ends for my nighttime comfort (lip balm, a nail file, etc.) I'm lucky enough to have a built-in bookshelf in my closet and my TBR pile(s) live there: mostly divided up between fiction and non-fiction, and various types thereof. It gives me great pleasure to go in there and choose my next book, or even just gloat over my choices.


Loved seeing all your books! Makes me feel okay about my piles! lol

Hope you are having a fab holiday!


Lovely TBR pile! I see that you're updating your blog while you're here in San Francisco. :) I tend to post sparingly while I'm traveling.


Hope you're enjoying your break! I don't read in bed at all ever (and no TV). Next to my bed I have two small alarm clocks (one is never enough!) and my phone (silenced), but that's it. I don't have a nightstand as such. The clocks sit on the lip midway down a tall glass-fronted cabinet next to my bed. (I confess that I do have bookcases in my bedroom; but if I had the space I would have nothing extraneous to a decent sleep in the room).


Love the nightstand tour! I like the little bookshelf it has in it, very cool. Now when you talk about shuffling books on your nightstand I will know exactly what you are talking about!


Your nightstand looks like mine! Right now, there are two piles, the furthest piled high, where I pulled I Capture the Castle out from the bottom and finished just the other day. The one closer to where I rest my head, has Hunger Games, which I just started, Al Capone Does My Shirts, Run by Ann Patchett, The Language of Flowers, and Writer's Harvest. My reading glasses are on top, with a glass of water, framed pictures - I'm hopeless and will never change.


The last photo looks a lot like my TBR pile. I have three piles just of nonfiction, a children's book pile, and a back to back fiction pile, plus some books in a small bookcase and another small pile that came from the library booksale.

I envy your vacation! Hope you've had a wonderful time.


I too love bookmarks and have a
collection of them but usually
end up using an index card
or whatever other scrap
of paper is handy.

From memory, on my
bedside table:
My Nook color, my copy of
"The Egg and I,"
the library's copy
of "The Limpopo Academy
of Private Detection,"
a pot of Carmex,
and an old cell phone
that I use as an alarm clock.
Oh yes, and a lamp.


I love that extra little shelf you have by your nightstand. I could so use one of those! Love seeing the little details and especially your needlework projects. They are so gorgeous.

Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!


The small exhibition of finished needleworks is so beautiful and I very much like the way you display your bookmarks.


There are no books on my bedside table (actually a chest of drawers) as bed is the one place I don't read - unless I am confined there by illness which is very rare thank heavens.
I just have hand cream, cuticle cream, lip balm, my phone (for the alarm) a bottle of water, a notebook and pen and a few bits and bobs that I have been given by the children over the years (little china boxes, small soft toys, that sort of thing)
I often wonder why it always manages to look untidy but having read through my list, I know exactly why!

I have a fair collection of bookmarks too so I must make the effort to put them all in the same place - at the moment they are scattered all over in bags and bookshelves (and a lot in books that I have yet to finish!)
I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday.


Many thanks everyone for the comments--I quite enjoyed them and love hearing about what's on (or not as the case may be!;) ) your night tables. Like several of you I don't really do a lot of reading in bed, but I like to have my books handy there just in case. Unfortunately I tend to fall asleep before I get too many pages read!


Love the little nightstand tour! It's always lovely to peek at what's on other people's shelves, tables and nightstands. :) And having yourself surrounded with your beloved books in the bedroom does have a very reassuring and comforting effect, I feel.
Good to know you've had a wonderful holiday! Welcome back. :)


It is fun to see inside another reader's stacks! :) Now that I am home, I'm looking forward to getting back to reading these books--I had a nice little interlude there, but I am ready for some serious reading once again. And it is very comforting to have books so close by. I am constantly shifting them about and can't wait to pull a new one from the pile soon! :)

Buried In Print

So does that mean that all your TBR books are in those stacks? Or just the most recent ones? I'm certain that, if I took all the TBR books off my shelves to stack them, there would be absolutely no floor space left in the place. If you can confine yours to such tidy stacks, consider me duly impressed, knowing your bookish appetites! :)


It's uncanny the way you know all about my bookish impulses! :) You are right--those are the most recent, and/or the ones I think I really want to read next (ha!). I am sure I own more books now than I have actually read (library books always mess my TBR pile up...). Someday (after I tidy things up), I'll have to share the little room where most of my books are stored--there are three bookcases there, several large plastic bins full of books, and then several tall stacks leaned up against various walls. There is almost no room to turn around in there. I'm afraid these piles here are just a small percentage of what I actually own. I wonder if I should be proud of that or not?! :)


I love the scissor and bookmark collections.


I've not bought any scissors in a long time, but I may luck out and perhaps will get a new pair for Christmas! You can never have enough scissors, right? Or bookmarks (bookmarks especially!).

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