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jenn aka the picky girl

Yes! In fact, I just posted about this a couple of weeks ago. Of course, mine was for a very specific book: Destiny of the Republic, but I've also been craving the Miss Silver mysteries by Patricia Wentworth. They're out of print, so the only way I can get them is from Open Road, and they're $10 a pop. Grr. Can't afford at this moment, but they're fantastic little mysteries. Hope you find what you're looking for!


I'm going to have to go check out your post! I guess this is a sign I should maybe reread more often, but I know there are other books out there to discover! I have one or two Miss Silver books--I think I ordered them from the UK, where I think they are still in print (or were in the last year or so anyway). I really must try her as I have heard good things about the series--plus I am in the mood (also) for a good cozy read!


I'm looking forward to The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars popping onto my Kindle when it's (finally) released in September. I love espionage in/from/of that era too. Hope you get some other good suggestions.


Have you tried Ann Bridge's Julie Probyn series? I think they might fit you first craving.

I have been enjoying you blog - lots of interesting books. I just need more time....

Joan Kyler

I'm definitely a mood reader, so I'm always reading at least three books of different types.

I have a bunch of Miss Silver mysteries and am always looking for more. Around here, they're easy to find in used book stores for a few dollars.


Your cravings are very specific. :)
I have genre cravings, sometimes for a setting but never this accurate as yours.
Not a bad thing at all but I have feeling it's rather difficult to find thta exactly, no?
I'm curious to see what book you will find.


Sorry, can't make any suggestions but I totally understand the craving!


Argh, have been thinking about this, but can't come up with any suggestions - yet. I will consider it some more. Have you read the Mark Mills thrillers? They are quite glamourous and spy-y and set somewhere around WW2. I really enjoy them. But will think on it some more.


I was thinking it had been released in July--but maybe I was off in my thinking. I enjoyed it, and now of course want something similar--it's too early to think of a reread and besides it came from the library, but I may have to add it to my shelves as well when it is published again. I love this era generally and spy stories particularly--even better is that it takes place in part on a train! :)


Hi Niki--Good idea-I've read the first Julia Probyn book and actually have the second loaded onto my Nook. Maybe that's what I'll have to try! Thanks for leaving a comment and please feel free to drop in again--always love chatting with other readers. And I'm with you on the need for more reading time! :)


I don't know where these ideas come from, but a story will strike me (or period or setting) and I'll start obsessing about a book like whatever I have in mind. I'll still happy pick up my other books, but I can't ignore the desire to read something that matches that particular mood! :) I have the first couple of Miss Silver books--should really dig them out--I think they are set in roughly that era? Maybe I should 'settle' for a mystery!


Sometimes it's just a place or period, but sometimes I have a story in mind--usually one I read before and enjoyed so want something else very similar. It is hard finding something so specific and I usually have to settle for something similar. What I should do of course, is just reread the original book that served as inspiration in the first place!


That's a hard one, isn't it? I need to give it some thought and am sure *some*thing will come to mind!


Mark Mills did cross my mind. I read his book set in Italy and very much enjoyed it. I can see my copy of House of the Hanged from where I sit. Maybe I'll pull that out and read a few pages and see if it satisfies my urge. I seem to be in the mood for glamour in one way or another lately! :)

Liz F

I understand book cravings very well although mine tend to be more for genres rather than specific books.
I don't know what to suggest to you apart from early Mary Stewart novels and I have a feeling that they are not set in an early enough period for what you want.

Good luck with the search!


Like Liz and Caroline my cravings tend simply to be for genres. And sorry I can't make any suggestions.

But as for "my mind is in about twenty places at once right now (and not enough time to devote to any one thing like I'd like to). Assure me you know how that goes!" You most decidely have my assurance!!


I see I'm not the only Miss Silver fan out there! I like Patricia Wentworth's books a lot, and have been able to find them both at my library and on Paperback Swap. Amazon also has some copies as well.

I also get book "cravings"--for a cozy mystery, something laugh-out-loud funny or for a thick, engrossing novel. Sometimes all three at once!


Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity is set during WWII in Occuppied France. Verity is a British spy who has been captured by the Nazis and she's agreed to tell them everything in exchange for her life. It's one of the best books I've read this year.


Oh, I do genres, too! :) I am just weird--if I remember a book I really enjoyed I want to bring back the experience but with a new story--sort of similar in feel but different, if that makes sense. I have, in the end, started reading Mary Stewart's This Rough Magic. It is going to be one of my vacation reads--I thought I might get them all started and then it will be easier to pick them up when I am en route since I'll be more into the stories. Still, I'll keep looking for that story...maybe I'll find something in San Francisco when I am book shopping? :)


That's okay--it's amazing sometimes when I throw a subject out how many good suggestions I get here! And I am glad my mind isn't full to overflowing with things...lately it's been hard concentrating on tasks to complete them. I've got lots to finish before I go on vacation (and of course not enough time to do it all).


She's been mentioned so many times I really must dig out my copy of her first mystery. She sounds really good. I'm glad used copies are out there--I'll keep an eye out for them. I get book cravings all the time--probably one of the reasons why I always have so many books started at once! :)


That's on my libary virtual wishlist. Maybe when I come back from vacation I'll request it--there was a line for it when it first came out, but maybe now I can easily get a copy! I have heard many good things about it, and if it is one of your favorites I'll definitely be reading it, too. Thanks for the reminder about it.

Rebecca H.

I don't have any recommendations for you, but I do understand the feeling of having a reading craving. Mine tend to be less specific, but I will find myself longing for a long, plotty novel from the late Victorian or early 20th-century periods, or for an interesting biography of a writer, or for something contemporary and slightly experimental by a woman. The trouble is that my cravings never last long, and over they are over before I've finished the book I've chosen!


Oh I know exactly what you mean! I can often not find quite what I want so will settle for something else--and usually entirely different. In this case I picked up one of the books I was planning on taking on vacation--a Mary Stewart novel, which is sort of what i had in mind. I sort of wanted to start reading my vacation books so that I would be into the stories and they would be easier to slip into when I am flying (or relaxing when there). But I'm glad I'm not the only one to have cravings like this--it's fun to think about books even if I end up reading something else.

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