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What a great haul! I'll look forward to your reviews, as I have read almost none of these myself. I'm especially curious about 'The Pleasures of Men,' as I'm a huge Sarah Waters fan. If it's even half as good as 'Fingersmith,' well, that's pretty good! I enjoyed 'Major Pettigrew's Last Stand' quite a lot. Also, you remind me indirectly that I have been meaning to hunt down a copy of 'Miss Lonelyhearts.'

I have only been to SF once--though in a way I'm from there, as I was born in Berkeley! It seemed like a great livable city, except (as you pointed out) for the cost of actually living them.


I can't believe I carried all those books home, but I am sure they'll be worth it! I love Sarah Waters, too. While I don't think anyone could surpass her, I will be impressed if this book comes close. I'm looking forward to Major Pettigrew--it sounds like a good escapist sort of read. And I think I am definitely going to have to read some Nathanael West when I get to the Marion Meade book. SF was wonderful--how cool that you were born in Berkeley--I would have liked to have gone over and seen the university campus--maybe next time!

Liz F

What a lovely haul of interesting books - I have added quite a few to my list!
I adored Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - it's a lovely book and I'm sure that you will enjoy it.
Lovely to see a photo of you btw. I know what you mean about keeping out of the way of photos -there is a reason why I usually offer to be the one to take the photos! - but I don't know why you are shy, you look lovely in the pics!


I'm looking forward to hear what you think of Erri de Luca. I need to read more of him. But you got a lot of other nice choices.
I just signed up for RIP. I'm the mood for ghost stories.


Wonderful finds! And when you read them they will remind you of your trip which makes them even more special!


Sharing in your choice of SF books, what a nice way to begin my day:) I saw some Cindy Sherman portraits via the link you provided to the site of the SF Museum of Modern Art, an interesting artist!


I'm glad you have discovered the bookish side of my city, which is dotted with indies all over. I know you could have schlepped more but you did well with your choices. City Lights always has very unique titles that are treasures to real book lovers like you. Did you have trouble figuring out their unique shelving system? They separated all European literature as well as pre-19th century books.

By the way, I took your recommendation and got Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade from Dog Eared Books.


I could have brought home so many more books--next time I am there bookstores are going to be one of my priorities! I did manage to make a short list of books to look for. I'm looking forward to finally reading Major Pettigrew--I've heard lots about it. And thanks for the kind words--I hate having my picture taken--those are actually the only ones from my vacation--like you, I was on the other side of the camera!


When I saw his books on the shelf I had to get one. I can't remember now which one you read, but I recall that you wrote about him. I did find some other great titles--can't wait to start reading--and I did start the ghost story for Carl's RIP--I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading.


That was one of the reasons I wanted to make sure I bought a few books at City Lights (such a hardship for me!)--so I could have good memories to think back on.


Cindy Sherman is interesting--a little disturbing and looking at some of those portraits is a little uncomfortable. She has a knack for reinventing herself and presenting fresh work. That exhibit was a highlight for me (as was SF MoMA as a matter of fact). Glad you liked the post--and I've got photos to share next--hopefully I won't bore people with vacation photos! :)


I hope you enjoy Auntie Mame--I thought it was a fun read and would like to reread it again sometime. If you like it, there is also a sequel which I read and enjoyed. I loved visiting those few bookstores. I could easily have bought more, but I am glad I cut myself off as packing that last night was a challenge and I had to get creative. Still, I was well under the luggage weight limit. Next time I visit SF I plan on spending more time at bookstores (now that I have most of the touristy places out of the way). It did take me a few minutes to orient myself in City Lights. I thought the international lit section was just one case at first, but then saw it was actually several big bookcases long. It's a really interesting place--I could have spent several hours in there browsing! I wish I could have gone back to Dog Eared Books, too--next time!

Buried In Print

The best way to get to know a city, through its bookstores: thanks for sharing all your discoveries!


Oh if you go away you just have to bring home souvenir books - it's only traditional! Plus every time you look at them they will remind you of the lovely vacation you had. I have yet to read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and my copy is exactly the same as yours. I'm looking forward to it for both of us!

Rebecca H.

Your bookstore visits sound like so much fun! I'd love to be able to go to those stores myself. I really liked Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, and I'm curious about Kay Boyle and would like to try her at some point. I know what you mean about having to leave a lot of books behind -- being away from home makes it that much harder to indulge temptation as you have to carry all those books so far!


Going by their bookstores--SF is a totally cool city! :) I only wish I could have shopped a little more...


I can't think of a better souvenir either! How can you possibly go into such a cool bookstore like City Lights and not buy at least one book, right?! I've heard many good things about Major Pettigrew--it is nice we have a good book to look forward to!


I think you would love the bookstores I was lucky enough to visit! I am always envious of your book posts--they sound like such fun--and now I see why and could experience it myself! I had to do some creative packing to fit them all into my tiny luggage, but I did it! And at least I wrote down a few titles, too, so I can look for them later. I can't wait to start reading one of these--it will be a nice reminder of my trip.


Looks like you had just as much fun on your trip as I did on mine :D


I had a really great time and am all ready to go back! I'm glad you also had a great trip--I'd love to visit Canada, too!

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