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This story was very familiar to me because I read "The Tale of Troy" by Roger Lancelyn Green to my son quite a few years ago. However, I never knew that the fall of Troy was not part of the Illiad. I picked up an old copy of "Cliff Notes on Greek Classics" from my library for $.50 and spent a little time in it, then I researched the Aeneid a little. When done with this book, I'm considering reading something of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, which I also read some of to my son long ago.


Both Ilead and the story of Odysseus are on my 'still to reread' list. Not sure though if that will be this year as I am full into the story of Iason and the Argonauts now and have started The Sea, The Sea by Xenophon as well.


I always found the story of the Trojan horse so fascinating. Such a sneaky, clever thing to do.


You are moving right along through the myths! You are sure to finish before the end of the year.


It had been so long since I read the Iliad (not since high school...) that I assumed, too, that the fall of Troy was part of the story as well. Now I want to read the Aeneid. You'll have to let me know if the Cliff Notes is helpful and I might look for it as well. I have a nice Modern Library edition of Le Morte D'Arthur that has lots of the stories in it--I have often thought of making that into a project, though I'm not sure where I'll turn to after I finish this. I've been enjoying reading the myths slowly and may keep going with other editions or related works.


They're definitely on mine, too, though now I wonder if I am being overly optimistic about considering reading either this year still--eventually in any case. I looked at the story of Jason and the Argonauts, but I know I need to finish the Hamilton before embarking on something else new. And I am curious about the Xenophon--let me know how it goes. That's another one that I have looked at!


There's lots of clever things in the myths--they are really great stories. I'd like to read more about them now that I've been reading the actual stories--something history related maybe--though I'm not sure how much is really known about how they came about.


I think once I get past the next two longish stories the rest will read really quickly. I've really enjoyed them and now am thinking about what I'll read next--more related stories or something longish, too, but different. Endless possibilities!


I know I keep banging on about audio books today, but I listened to the Rosemary Sutcliff version of The Iliad which included the fall of Troy and it was amazing. I still remember crying when Hector was dishonored. You are powering through the myths and learning so much!


I've just started and will let you know more when I'm well on the way. I'm reading the extract version(The complete version being The Persian Expedition) in the Penguin Epic Series.


Thanks for the suggestion. I do want to listen to the Iliad and wasn't sure which version to buy. Stefanie told me the name of the reader she listened to, but Audible didn't have that version, so I will look for Rosemary Sutcliffe. I hope I remember the myths I am reading about--I have a feeling I will end up more with a familiarity of them than a recollection of small details--unless I keep reading, which I may just do.


The Cliff Notes book that I picked up used is from 1988. The info in it may all be available from online Cliff Notes, but I prefer using a paper book, if possible.


Thanks for the heads up--I can at least look online (though usually the ads are too distracting). I might find this at a library sale as they usually have a big bin filled with old Cliff Notes. (I prefer paper, too).


Please do! I'll have to look up your version. I looked up the versions you mention and added them to my wishlist--though I think I'd read the extract, too!

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