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September 1st always puts me in an autumnal state of mind. It's without a doubt my favorite time of year (my birthday was this week, too, so I like to think that celebrating a new year sort of kicks off my favorite season perfectly).

Hooray to a season of RIP reading. Happy fall to you!


I love the idea of RIP reading but most of those type of stories give me nightmares. Probably because I end up reading them late at night when I'm alone.


I read The Haunting of Maddy Clare last month, as soon as I bought it, which is a very rare thing for me. I couldn't put it down! And, it is very scary. I really like some of your other titles, too. Glad you had such a good time in SF, loved the photos.


Happy belated Birthday! I am ready for brisk football weather and seeing leaves turn colors and fall from the trees. I love this time of year, though it's not feeling especially seasonal at the moment since it was mid-90s today--ugh. No matter, I am already reading my ghost stories so all is good. Happy fall to you as well! :)


Dreaming about the stories (scary ones) you are reading most definitely puts a damper on enjoying them! So far I've been lucky and haven't been bothered in that way, though a particularly scary movie will sometimes give me a nightmare. Most of the ghost stories I tend to read aren't very graphic or vivid, so it's usually fine to read them at night, but it sounds like the Straub is pretty scary--I'll be curious to see how it goes.


Oh, so glad to hear that. It was an impulse buy at the airport as I had not heard of the author or book before so was going entirely on the blurb, which totally appealed to me. I also rarely start reading a book that I have only just bought, but so far I am finding it very easy to get into. It sounds like a perfect choice! And I really did have a great time--glad you enjoyed the photo--I have a feeling I will be looking often at them longingly! :)


Peter Straub and Joan Aiken are both possible choices for me as well. I haven't read them but would like to.
You got a lot of great choices here. The Alison Lurie collection sounds very good and so does The Haunting of Maddy Clare. We have autumn weather. Temperature tumbled down within a week. Rain and fog. Roll on RIP.


Although not officially participating I will be sort of reading along for the first time. I have chosen two short stories: Washington Irving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Edgar Allen Poe Ligeia, That is if the first one doesn't scare me off completely. I suppose you have read these? (Hawthorne's Rappaccini's Daughter
possible third if I am braver than I think now).


These all sound deliciously spooky, especially The Haunting of Maddy Clare. It's been a long time since I've read Joan Aiken.

I can sense the change in the air, but it's usually not until October that it truly feels like fall to me(other than seeing Thanksgiving merchandise in store already).


I'm glad you're reading along--it'll be fun to hear about the stories you are reading. I have only read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow--it is one of my favorites. I like Poe, too, but I've not read Ligeia (I think my favorite Poe is A Cask of Amontillado). I have that Hawthorne--let me know if you decide to read it, and I might pull out my copy as well. I could do with a few shorter reads in the next month--I feel like I am not making much progress lately with my reading.


So far I am really liking The Haunting of Maddy Clare--I'm hoping to have some good reading time tomorrow on that extra day off and I will definitely be reading my RIP books. I have not yet read anything by Aiken, but I think I would like her. And I know what you mean--it's hard to think about fall when it is still mid-90F! I am really, really ready for cooler weather!


I have owned that Straub for years! And every year it comes off the shelf as a possible RIP read--I thought this year I really had to read it, and so far I am really enjoying it--not sure where exactly the author is going, but I am certainly enjoying the ride. Even if I don't read all of the Lurie, I hope to read at least one of the short stories. I also started The Haunting of Maddy Clare and like it, too. I think timing is perfect as I am very much in the mood for these sorts of stories. I wish we could have some of that cool weather--it is so warm here still--I feel like I have to peel myself out of my chair as it is sticky--ugh! Which books by Straub and Aiken are you thinking of reading?


Thanks for reminding me about this!


I read Haunting of Maddy Clare this spring, and loved it. She has another book coming out late this year or early next year, I think.

As I looked over your list, Danielle, I wondered if you'd read Edith Wharton's book of ghost stories. They are wonderfully creepy. Apparently, at one time in her life she could not stand to be in a house that had a book of ghost stories in it, and to get over her phobia, she decided to write them. There is/was a series of films based on a few of them (Emma Thompson is in one; Hugh Grant is in another).

Oh, and I loved The Graveyard Book, too (though I found Coraline creepier).


I have nothing in mind yet, I just think, I'd like to try them. have you visited Aiken's website. It's great. Here's the link to the novels.

Rebecca H.

I'm so looking forward to cooler weather too. Fall is really wonderful! I'm not a big one for ghost stories or scary reads, but as I understand it, mysteries can be included as well (I guess in the ghastly category?), and those I can do. I'll be reading Raymond Chandler for my book group before too long. Your book stack looks great -- I'm sure you'll get back in the swing of reading very soon.


I knew it would be coming up soon and I've been looking forward to it and setting books aside...


You're the second person now to tell me that The Haunting of Maddy Clare is good--I made a good choice I see! I needed to finish a few other things this weekend, but it will be going with me to work tomorrow so can hopefully get into it in earnest. I have only read maybe one or two of Edith Wharton's ghost stories--I know she has a whole collection of them but had no idea there was a story behind why she wrote them--that's really interesting. I'll have to look for the movie adaptations, too I wonder if I can find the movies that match the stories--I'll have to Google them. I loved listening to Coraline--Neil Gaiman is a great audio reader, so I was hoping The Graveyard Book would be equally as good. May have to start listening tomorrow morning on my walk to work!


I think by the end of the week we are going to be in the 70s again--I hate to wish the week away, but I am really looking forward to it. I love fall--much more comfortable weather-wise and it is always so festive. I think mysteries would work perfectly. Last year I read several mysteries, but this year I felt like ghost stories. I don't believe in ghosts and I think ghost stories are really very hard to pull off actually, but I still like reading them. I was hoping to read Raymond Chandler before I went to San Francisco since he lived in California (and wanted to read Dashiell Hammett since he actually lived in SF), but I didn't get to either of them, so I'm curious which Chandler book you are reading. I'll get to them eventually.


I have never come across that website--what fun. I found this particular Aiken novel at a library sale. I'm not sure I'll get to it for RIP but I do want to try her, as the book looks like a good read--and I like gothic stories. I wonder if my library has any of her books...


Very good list to choose from! The Alison Lurie book has piqued my interest! Read that one and tell me if it is good ;) I think I've gotten as far as you have in the McOmber. I am enjoying it!

Carl V.

I am so thankful that you are in again this year. I always appreciate your enthusiasm and you always manage to find the most wonderful books and you convey your passion for books and reading so well. I'll be very interested to see what you think of whatever you decide to read.

I've read some of Joan Aiken's YA fiction in the past and loved it. Great gothic fun.

Very thrilled you'll be listening to the audio of The Graveyard Book. Gaiman's narration is superb. He really breathes life into the character, Bod, and manages to really convey the sweetness of this unconventional coming of age story.


I am planning on reading at least one of the Lurie stories and if I really like it will keep going. Now you are going to inspire me to pick up the McOmber sooner than later! I'm glad you are enjoying it--I like the macabre feeling to the stories.


I (like so many other readers!) always look forward to this--usually I am looking forward to it early in the year. My problem is having too many choices of books I want to read. I hadn't realized that Joan Aiken had written so much. My library owns a number of her books--most of them in the Juvenile collection as a matter of fact. I'll have to go and at least take a peek at them. And I didn't even really read the description to the Gaiman book--I knew if he was reading it would be good and I trust your choice--I'll start listening soon--maybe even tomorrow. I think it is not terribly long--maybe just over seven hours--so I should easily get through it this month.

Kristen M.

Awesome stack! I'm looking forward to reviews of some of these!


Love seeing your choices! I'm intrigued by the Peter Straub and the Joan Aitken and I have a copy of the Alison Lurie myself. I won't be joining in the challenge this year, but doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little scary story at some point before the year is out!


I'm making good progress so far and will certainly write about them as I go! :)


Even though the Peter Straub is listed as 'horror' it is very understated so far. He's a very good storyteller and has been stringing me along and pulling me into the story. I hope to at least read a story or tow by Lurie. I would be fun if you read a story sometime before the end of the year as well!

Rebecca H.

We are reading The Long Goodbye this time around, and a while back we read Farewell, My Lovely. I liked it quite a lot.


I really need to read Chandler--I think I would like him. I was thinking he wrote the Nick and Nora books, but it was Dashiell Hammett--so I guess I've read more Hammett than I thought instead.

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