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Oh such wonderful photos - they really give me a sense of what it was like to be there. The redwoods in particular made my skin tingle! And Chinatown is gorgeous, so vibrant. I'm thrilled to know that you had a fabulous vacation - you really deserved one. Now we just have to figure out how to afford one of those 'painted ladies'. I think they are adorable.


I'd love to visit San Francisco someday. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.


Oh Danielle, what stunning photographs! I'm so glad you had such a fabulous trip and you have made me incredibly jealous. I'm planning a trip to San Fran and Hawaii next summer - can't wait!!!

Joan Kyler

Thanks for taking us along on your trip to San Francisco. My niece, her husband, and their daughter were there just a few weeks before you were. I've never been there, but we have friends there, so maybe one of these days .....

Why can't we build lovely houses like the Painted Ladies these days? They're much more charming than so many of the houses I see being built now. Details make all the difference, don't they?

I can't wait to find out where you plan to visit on the east coast.


You certainly packed a lot into your trip. I hope you found it mentally refreshing--I always come home energized and ready for life again after a vacation. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your experiences. I hope your next vacation is just as good! Lots of great things to see on the East coast too!

Rebecca H.

I've enjoyed looking at your photos! Hobgoblin knows San Francisco well, but I've never been there, so he needs to show me around at some point.


Another wonderful peek at your vacation, and all those great links to come back to as well. The Painted Ladies are just beautiful.


Looks like you had a great trip and San Francisco looks like a wonderful city.


I loved the Painted Ladies.
I didn't go outside of the town but would have loved to see the Redwood Trees. And Napa Valley.


Aren't those houses so cool? The place where I stayed was also a little Victorian--very pretty outside as well as in, but not as large as these. I'm so glad I splurged on a new camera--SF is such a photogenic city--I felt like such a tourist snapping all those photos, but I am glad I did now so I can look back on them and remember what a great time I had!


You are most welcome and I do hope you get there as well. It's such an interesting place--really very unique. I could happily go back tomorrow! :)


I think it is impossible to take a bad photo in such a beautiful place as SF! Lucky you--both SF and Hawaii--you are going to have a really great time! There is so much to do in San Francisco--I am sure you are going to love it! I am planning on going back there someday!


Yes, you definitely must go. It's such a great city--and so many wonderful bookstores and museums and other places to visit. Isn't the architecture amazing? There isn't anything like it in my neighborhood, that's for certain. They are really beautiful buildings, and I agree that the same attention to detail is not paid to houses these days. I am thinking NYC would be fun to visit--but then Boston would be nice, too. There are so many places I want to see--and now I have once again caught the travel bug--I think I will try and plan at least one go away trip each year (and maybe even two if I can). Getting away and seeing something new really is good I think--mentally--it sort of stirs things up and makes you think and feel differently--if that doesn't sound totally weird! :)


I did indeed. I actually had a sort of itinerary that I was following. We did pretty much everything on the list, but managed to do lots of things on whim and just sit and relax, too. It was a great vacation--and all the planning paid off. It had been so long since I had traveled that I was a little afraid of getting out there again, but the next time will be much easier--and maybe I can even plan some trips alone.


I'm glad I didn't bore everyone with loads of vacation photos! :) That's cool that Hobgoblin knows SF--he'll be the perfect person to go with and visit. I was a little disoriented at first--but the public transportation is amazing and it is so easy to walk places, too. You definitely need to go there!


Aren't those houses gorgeous? The architecture seems very unique--it was almost culture shock (actually maybe it was culture shock) going there as it is SO different then Omaha. I'll be emailing a few more to you in the next couple of days as well!


It was very nice--I really needed that break and change of scenery! San Francisco is really lovely--I think I could easily live there and be quite happy!


I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go and see them, but I am so glad we did--and they are right across from a really nice park, too. Muir was wonderful and Napa so beautiful--well worth the visit if you get another opportunity. But still, there is so much to do in SF that you could easily spend all your time there and not be bored!

Joan Kyler

I'd certainly suggest Boston, but that's where my heart still lives. It's a beautiful old small city with a wonderful public transportation system, world class museums, and lots of history. Plus it's right on the ocean, well, Boston Harbor, with beautiful sandy beaches easily attained by subway or train. Trips to Salem or Rockport and a bunch of other great towns are easy day trips. There's too much to see on Cape Cod for a day trip, but it's only a few hours from Boston by car or ferry. And then there's Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket ........

New York is wonderful, too, but, to me, a bit overwhelming. It really is the city that never sleeps. My niece and her husband live in Manhattan and I love to visit, but just for a day.


I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself after the big build up and anticipation. The photos and your text have given us a real flavour of the city. It sounds as though you packed so much in but you just have to go back sometime to retaste the dim sum and make sure you didn't miss anything important!
We have lots of Chinese restaurants in Liverpool's Chinatown but I don't know of any with trollies. I wish I did because I often see the local Chinese people eating interesting things and am too shy to ask what they are. I must be more bold next time!


It is good that it came off all so well--I would have been so disappointed otherwise. I do hope I don't have to wait another ten years for another vacation! :) That camera was a good buy and I am sure I'll use it lots--it takes really good pictures! And I would love to eat dim sum again--I don't think we have a restaurant like that in Omaha, however. There is no Chinatown in Omaha--only your standard Chinese-American restaurants, and then they are mostly buffets and so probably not very authentic at all. I'm not very bold either when it comes to asking--that dim sum restaurant was a real adventure to be honest! :)


It sounds so tempting! I am sure I would love it there--especially the museums. I think maybe the Peabody is there (or somewhere on the east coast anyway), and I think they have a good textile collection? I love history and there is so much of it. I have actually requested guidebooks for NYC and Boston from the public library. I am thinking next April might be a good time to travel--if I plan and save carefully and maybe go for a day or two less, perhaps I can squeeze in a spring and fall vacation! I think the travel bug has well and truly bit me! NYC does seem sort of overwhelming--I have only been in the airport--but I am sure I would love it there, too. It will be fun deciding in any case. I want to visit both places--just need to plan. Can I be nosy and ask which state you live in?

Liz F

San Francisco was always on my list of places to visit but it has shot right to the top after seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures there!
It looks a wonderful city to explore and I would love to see the redwoods and the beaches too!
The only American city I have been to is Boston but we all absolutely loved it and would love to go back. Salem is gorgeous too - we had a day trip there and it looked wonderful on a picture-perfect autumn day.
We were very lucky with the weather particularly as it was late October and walking on the beaches at Chatham on Cape Cod where we stayed was gorgeous. I just wished I hadn't been outvoted about visiting the beaches on Nantucket on our trip there but while junior daughter and I wanted to take an island tour, the other four preferred to explore the town.

Joan Kyler

The Peabody Essex Museum is in Salem, easily accessible by train from Boston.

I currently live in Philadelphia, which I hate. I lived the first 20 years of my life in Pennsylvania, as did my husband. I followed him to Boston (ah, young love!) and we lived in and around Boston for the next 35 years.

We miss New England and hope to move back there within the next two years. Until then, I am hopelessly, unremittingly heartbroken.

Joan Kyler

Wait! I just realized you are probably talking about the Peabody Museum at Harvard. Sorry, there are so many museums at Harvard that I forget about them sometimes.

Harvard, of course, is in Cambridge, just over the Charles River from Boston, and easy to get to via the Red Line on the MTA, across the lovely Longfellow Bridge (the Salt and Pepper Bridge). I know, I should work for the Boston Tourist Bureau!


I've never been to Pennsylvania either--you are certainly making a strong case for Boston, though! :) Now that I think of it the farthest north/east I've been is Washington DC, which is sort of more on its own. It would be fun to see New England in the fall when the leaves on the trees are turning. Now I'm not sure which Peabody I was reading about. Does one of them have a textile collection?


Imagine going to a university that has more than one museum! And big museums at that! :) It's totally cool that you know so much about Boston and even more--are willing to share! I have found that is the best way to learn about a place and the best spots to seek out when traveling. I work with someone who is from the SF area so she gave me lots of helpful tips! My sister and I are talking about planning a trip in April. I was thinking maybe we could do NYC in April and Boston in September. If I have enough time to plan and save I might just be able to pull it off! That's my wish anyway! Now that I have gone somewhere exciting, I am ready for the next vacation.


I think you would love it and you absolutely have to try and go there. There is SO much to do and see--plus it is just amazingly beautiful and very unique. It was too cold to visit the beach for anything more than to watch (though there were surfers in wetsuits!), but I was quite pleased to just do that. The redwoods were really stunning and that is just one small pocket of forest--there are others up and down the coast I am told. I want to maybe go to Boston next year--my sister and I are already talking about it. I am sure I would love it as I love anything historical. I've heard Nantucket is really beautiful, too. Have you read Ahab's Wife? It is set there--a chunskter of a book, but I loved it. Too bad you couldn't have split up and met back at your accommodation later, but it's hard to decide on one place when there are several people voting! When did you go? I am all ready to plan my next trip! :)

Joan Kyler

I lived on Beacon Hill for ten years and Kenmore Square for two, very different parts of the city, and I worked in Boston even when I didn't live in the city. I lived in Nahant, MA, and Marshfield, MA, and Hampstead, NH. I still own land in Mattawamkeag, Maine, so I have definite ties to New England that I can't imagine will ever be severed, even if we don't get to move back there. And we have 30+ years worth of friends we left in Boston.

I know and love Boston and New England and would be delighted to share any information with you if you decide to go.


Thanks for sharing all the photos! I feel like I got to visit vicariously :)


That's usually about the only way I get to experience cool places--I'm glad for once that I was the one to actually be there and be able to share! :)


Thank you for the offer and I think I will happily take you up on it. Maybe I can email you directly? I was thinking maybe I could go to NYC in the spring/April and then Boston in the fall/September. I was thinking maybe it would be especially nice with the changing of the seasons, but I am only in the thinking about it mode at the moment. I would love to go to Maine someday, too--that is another place I have long wanted to visit (and it one of the places I have thought maybe I would like to live someday). Talking about it all has made me want to pull out a book set in MA or New England and I have already started perusing my bookshelves--tonight I pulled out Judith Guest's Ordinary People--I am not sure where exactly it is set (I saw the movie years ago) but I think somewhere in New England. I can totally understand why you would want to go back to live. Is PA very, very different from Boston, MA?

Joan Kyler

Philadelphia is very, very different from Boston. Three times as big, dirty, violent, very limited subway system, museums not as good as Boston's.

Feel free to e-mail me at:


Thanks Joan--I'll send an email with my questions over the weekend. I know I just got back from a vacation, but I am all ready to plan for another--even if it is a long way off still. I always assumed Boston was very large, but it sounds like it is a nice small-ish city. I love places where you can get around easily either by walking or public transportation! Omaha is small but much the same as Philadelphia otherwise it seems!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

Looks like an absolutely wonderful trip!

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