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Simon T

Huge congrats on finding the Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace! I have that, and was lucky enough to hear Kate S talk about it a little while before it was published. It sounds so good!

Jan S.

Great finds! There are a couple of want to reads on my list, too.
It's downright brisk here & I'm loving it. Enjoy SF - such a fun, and beautiful city.

Sam Sattler

I love the thought that you knowingly bought duplicates because the editions are so special to you that you couldn't leave them behind. I've been so tempted...


Isn't that a great find?! I couldn't believe it when I saw it sitting there on their new arrivals table--I don't think it has even been out here very long and it doesn't even appear to have been read. I loved her first book and would have loved to hear her speak. I'm really looking forward to reading this one soon.


I can't believe the turnaround in the weather here. It's about time. I don't think I could have managed much more of it. And yes, lots of goodies, and I put several other books back... Maybe they'll still be there next time I go back. Just a little over a week until SF--ack--I have lots to do still. I'll be busy with plans this weekend! :)


Luckily they were very reasonably priced, but I just couldn't pass them up. I'll have to check and see if they at least have different cover illustrations than the books I have. I don't do this often, but I'll pretty much buy any Virago I spot! ;)


I too am looking forward to reading the Kate Summerscale.

I read The Flame Trees of Thika some years ago but, to be honest, cannot recall a thing about it. Not even whether I enjoyed - and that is unusual; I usually know if I liked osmething or not.


What a good bounty you've got there! Especially for the Kate Summerscale! Am really looking forward to reading that one, too. The Penguin Great Food series is another one I covet. The covers look so good!
Enjoy your loot, and happy planning your SF trip! :)


Great finds, Danielle, you had just the sort of day I love shopping with a friend.

I loved The Way Things Are and the introduction is by Nicola Beauman to top things off! And I could have slapped Mrs Robinson's husband, yes the times were different but still...

Those killer temperatures were really zapping our strength and you should have heard us snicker when they referred to 29C as a 'cold front'. Enjoy your weekend!

Joan Kyler

I have the same urges to read Hawthorne and Washington Irving and Dickens in the fall as you do. It's something about the cooler weather.

This summer has been awful. This morning it's a coolish 79F at 8:00AM, but the humidity is 86%. My husband and I have been feeling listless and sort of woozy, even though the a/c has been on almost continuously since June. One of our cats was recently diagnosed with a heart condition and the heat and humidity make her less comfortable. Can't wait for fall!

Have fun in San Francisco. I've never been there but it seems to be a beautiful city.


I'll repeat what you said to least you're recycling! I consider time spent in a used book store with a friend (or family member) to be just about the most perfect outing ever. Even better when you come across gems like these. The enjoyment you'll get from reading these will far outweigh the small amount of money you put out for them. Enjoy your cooler weather, and have a lovely reading weekend!


It's too long ago I visited a used books store... I like your choice of books! Happy Reading!


If her new book is anything like her first, I'm expecting it to be very good indeed. As for Flame Trees--I have reading experiences like that. I write down the titles of the books I read in a little book and then much later will flip through to see what I was reading and some of them have faded so far from memory I can't even remember what the book was about! I like Elspeth Huxley and am looking forward to reading more of her memoirs.


The Summerscale was a great find--I really lucked out to get a nice hardcover so cheaply. Aren't those Penguins great? I have one or two others. I didn't realize how much I liked reading books about food until I read MFK Fisher. I seem to be fiddling my Saturday away, but after I finish here I'll be cracking open my guide books...time is trickling by (actually going much faster than a trickle).


I was thinking that I should really visit this used bookstore more often, but then again...maybe I shouldn't if I come away with so many books each time! I read one of E.M. Delafield's books earlier this year and really enjoyed it--this one sounds very appealing as well. I'll have to check out that intro (I love that Viragos have such great introductions). And I am quite curious about Mrs Robinson--have read a few reviews of the book but now want to read it for myself! :) I hope you are getting nicer weather, too. Maybe the summer is starting the turn to cooler temperatures--I agree that 29C is not exactly what I would call 'cool'!


I like Washington Irving right around Halloween! Certain authors just seem to have more appeal at certain times of the year. I think I might have to pick a good Victorian novel for fall--maybe Wilkie Collins or Ellen Wood's East Lynne. I should probably not be thinking so far in advance...I have plenty to keep me busy right now! This summer has indeed been miserable. Almost 80F at 8am does no bode well for the rest of the day. It's cooled off here enough to turn off the air conditioning and open windows which is so much nicer than just a week ago when the heat felt completely oppressive. Poor kitty--mine have been quite lazy as well and I think the heat has affected them, too--and they usually love sunbathing. With the start of the school year just around the corner I am ready for crisp cool days--football weather! :) (Not that I am actually into football...but you know what I mean). I can't believe I get to go on vacation finally--only one more week to go! :)


Last week I had a great visit with my friend and was happy it included a visit to the bookstore, since she is also a serious reader and appreciates browsing in a good bookstore! Books are definitely an investment and lots of happy hours will be spend reading them--you can't beat that!


I rarely seem to go to bookstores anymore. Almost all the books I buy are online purchases or I borrow them from libraries (probably even more of the latter these days). I did come away with a great stack--I can't wait to dig into them.


I should read The Mottled Lizard. I read The Flame Trees of Flika so very long ago, but, remember it still.

Our air conditioning has been off as well, Danielle, and it feels so good to have the windows open for a change.


oh nice. I recently went into a book buying binge and ended up buying 7 books in 1 day. This was at the Strand in NYC. So you are not the only one when it comes to binging on books :)

Joan Kyler

I do know what you mean about fall and football, etc. I always have the urge to buy new pencils and notebooks, even though school is a faint memory for me! Cool weather is just more invigorating than warm weather - said by a life-long mid-Atlantic and New Englander!

I can't wait to hear all about your trip and I hope you take a lot of photos. Have a wonderful time!


Fabulous books, Danielle, and in used stores you have to get them when you see them. I'll be really interested in what you think of As The Crow Flies, as I bought a cheap copy of that myself. And I adored Mrs Robinson and think you have a treat in store there!


You were very lucky indeed. A brand new copy!
All the others are great find as well. I'd like to read Margaret Drabble soon as well. She is A.S. Byatt's sister, isn't she?
I liked Fall on Your Knees a lot as well.
Really great books.

Amanda R.

I can't wait until I get my hands on Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace. I was riveted by The Suspicions of Mr Whicher!


It feels so good to have the air off and the windows open. There's been a nice breeze all day long. We do have some warmish days coming up this week, but I think nothing compared to how it has been. And I am looking forward to starting with The Flame Trees of Thika after reading her other memoir last year.


I've heard many good things about The Strand. Isn't it a massive used bookstore? I would love to visit NYC sometime and would certainly spend time there. I'm glad I am not the only one to leave a bookstore with such a towering stack of books! What did you buy? Do you remember what the titles were?


Isn't it a used bookstore that you work in occasionally? Yes, the stock constantly changes so I knew I had to grab those books before someone else got them first. Greedy me! I hope to read The Crow Flies later this fall since I am on a Canadian author binge and will certainly write about it when I do. I'm looking forward to Mrs. Robinson--another perfect fall read I think!


The books at this used bookstore are usually in pretty good condition, but Mrs. Robinson was in mint condition--I couldn't believe my luck. I think Margaret Drabble and A.S. Byatt are sisters and I am very curious to compare the two. I've never tried any of Drabble's work--I wonder if she is also somewhat challenging to read? I liked Fall on Your Knees as well--I recall it being longish, too, but very engaging.


I was as well. I'm generally a slow nonfiction reader, but I remember zipping through that one. I hope this will be the same, but from everyone's comments I think it's safe to say it will be!


My niece was just lamenting the fact that everyone keeps asking her about when school starts and she's not ready yet to end summer--but I think part of the reason why everyone is so excited about school is that the weather is finally going to be nice! :) Well, that's my reason anyway. I much prefer brisk mornings and evenings and warmish (but only just..) days. And I do plan on taking lots of photos--I am going to have to get a new camera--last minute purchase as mine is all but dead and I want something nice that will be good for a so-so photographer (that would be me of course). :)

Liz F

Lucky you with your haul of books - I envy you the Viragos as I know that I don't have either (but have been guilty of buying a novel I know that I do have because I prefer the cover!)
The Elspeth Huxley's are great - I have them both and really enjoyed them although it has been a while since I read them.
I find Margaret Drabble a much easier read than her sister as you could probably tell by the fact that I have read several of her books and haven't managed to complete one of A S Byatt's yet!
We have had a bit of nice weather in the last few days and a couple of rather humid nights when we had a taste of what you have had for most of the summer, but the forecast looks as though we are going back to the usual condtions over the next week or so and I am starting to look longingly at the autumn clothes in the shops!

Only a week to go until you go on holiday - how exciting!

Rebecca H.

What a very nice book stack! I wouldn't have been able to resist either. It's so much fun to go through bookstores with friends -- you end up in a particularly good mood that leaves you primed to spend money on good book finds. Or at least that's been my experience :) I'm glad the heat has moderated. Cooler weather is on the way!


What a nice day with your friend and some wonderful book finds too! So wonderful when spending time with a friend and shopping for books can happen at the same time :)


It's just plain basic greed with me. I couldn't pass those Viragos up since I rarely see them here locally in stores! I was happy to see Elspeth Huxley's books as I had been contemplating checking Flame Trees out from the library, so this saves me hauling the book back and forth. Plus both are nice, clean copies. I'm very curious now about Margaret Drabble--I have only read a couple of A.S. Byatt's books--I can't tell you how many times I've pulled one of hers off my bookshelves but then put it back thinking I needed to clear the decks (so to speak) and just read it all by itself, but then I always have several other books started and don't want to have to put them inside. I'm not sure I have any of Margaret Drabble's other books--will have to look through my bookcases, but short stories always seem like such good places to start with new authors. The weather has been so nice here that I am sure it can't last. Nice and breezy cool in the evenings--does weather affect your reading? All of a sudden the cool weather puts me in mind to pick up a few different books.... Sad when summer consists of a week's worth of nice weather, isn't it?! And yes, yay, one more week. I've been moving books back and forth from my possible reading pile... I'm going to have 6+ plane hours to fill each way--to say nothing of the hours sit waiting for flights and connections. :)


Yay for that cool weather. Unlike earlier in the summer--there is at least one mid-90s forecast day this week, but it is going to be the exception and not the rule--thankfully. I had a great day visiting with my friend--I do miss having old friends who live close by--we both love reading, though our tastes vary. No matter though as we both appreciate the idea of books and it was fun chatting about our different selections.

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