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What a great Wharton week you've been having, Danielle. Love the Vogue spread - completely bonkers!




What lovely pictures. I had seen a few of those pop up online, I think, and I'm intrigued. I think I really need to start reading more Wharton..


Lovely. What a find.

Buried In Print

It's such a thrill when your reading life intersects with your shopping-for-food life, especially when your reading isn't contemporary, so it's particularly surprising to discover the alignment: enjoy!

Rebecca H.

Reading Wharton sounds like a great idea! I'm always so happy when I read her. It's fun when some kind of event points you in her direction. I'm curious which one you will read!


I have--I want to continue it, too, so think I will indeed read some of her writing--either one of her shorter novels or a short story or two. The pictures are great--it must have taken quite an ensemble of people to get it all just right!


Isn't it? When I saw the photos I knew I had to have the magazine--it's their fall mega issue--so doorstep size. I think I won't be taking it to work with me in my bookbag! :)


If you happen across it in a bookstore, do pull it off the rack and take a look--the photos are really beautiful. For me just this article alone was worth the cost of the magazine. I want to read more of her work now, too.


I never buy Vogue--rarely even pick it up to look at, so it was indeed a lucky find!


Who'd have thought they'd write about Edith Wharton--and have such pretty illustrations? I've yet to actually read the article--this year is the 75th anniversary of her death, so I am guessing that is why they've featured her. I thought at first there was some movie out that I didn't know anything about, but I don't think that is the case. I always look at the book racks when I food shop, but I never expect to actually find anything worth buying! :)


It does, doesn't it?! I love her work, too, and it has been too long since I've read her. I have pulled Ethan Frome off my shelves since that is one of the books that Jennie Fields talked about at her book signing. I know it is terribly sad, but it sounds good, too. And it is a shorter novel so I have a good chance of finishing it quickly (too many books seem to be languishing on my reading piles lately).


It's amazing how often this sort of 'coincidence' occurs.


Can't decide between The Age of Innocence and Custom of the Country for my first Wharton - I have both of them on my next reads pile!
Have to see if I can find a copy of US Vogue at our Station newsagent where they have a good stock of overseas magazines as the feature intrigues me!


These things are probably always there, but now that I am thinking about Wharton I just see her all over the place!


I think I'd go with The Age of Innocence--well, mostly because it is a favorite book of mine! I think the main character in Custom of the Country is rather unlikable, which is sometimes off putting to readers, but I do want to read it sooner or later. Definitely look for this Vogue--you can easily read the article in the newsagent--but the photos are worth a good perusal--really lovely.


The Age of Innocence it is and I have discovered that I have two copies to choose from (one at the office and one at home?)
Having just read a book with a leading character that I absolutely loathed, I don't think I am in the mood for another anti-heroine at the moment!

Tempted to buy Vogue just this once - I don't normally need any excuse to buy magazines but I am trying to be good about cutting down spending and Vogue is definitely a luxury.


Oh how excellent! And perfect that they included dogs in the photo too. Wharton loved her dogs!


At least if you pick up this issue of Vogue you'll be getting your money's worth since it is the big hefty fall issue! I have Ethan Frome out on my night table, ready to start, but need extra time....


Yes, I meant to look up the names of her dogs but forgot... Leibovitz got all the details right it would seem! :)


The Age of Innocence is one of my favourite films - does this mean that a new film is coming out of The Custom of the Country? If it is, it may just be one of the few films I bother to see at the cinema.


It's a favorite book of mine and the movie is really visually stunning! I wondered, too, if there was a new movie coming out, but I think that Annie Leibovitz simply wanted to totally create the scene--and she did so very impressively it seems.

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