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Liz F

I find it hard to resist compilations of ghost stories at this time of year and this looks like a goodie with some different authors, which is always interesting.
I have one of Ellen Glasgow's novels which Virago published and I picked up in a charity shop haul but apart from the blurb in that, I know very little about her other than that she was a southerner and I liked the first couple of pages.
Working my way through Alison Lurie's Women & Ghosts and I am enjoying her take on the genre - the second story is quite effective in that it has an unexpected setting for a ghost story - a house in a Florida development mostly populated by retired people but I rather like another story about a malevolent piece of furniture!
It is definitely worth sticking with.


I'm not familiar with Ellen Glasgow at all but like the tone of this.
I've bought a few anthologies recently and as much as I wanted to read ghost stories, I somehow always pick a novel these days.
Will you join the readalong of The Graveyard Book?


Have you read the absolute classic English ghost story book:
The Ghost Stories of M.R James
quite wonderful!


I no sooner started reading the blog than I knew something was wrong...
I remember that anthologies like The Big Book of Ghost Stories were very popular in the 1960s and each one claimed to be more comprehensive and bigger than the last. They varied enormously in quality but the better ones were a marvellous introducrions to writers one would not normally come across any other way. I recall that when I first got interested in Fantasy it was one of these books that guided me to different authors.


Oh I love the look of that book and the selection sounds very intriguing. I also love that first line. I remember you mentioning Ellen Glasgow before - definitely a writer I'd like to try at some point.


What a fun sounding anthology and story. Why is it though, I wonder, always a dead former wife that haunts a newly married couple and never a dead former husband?


Oh, good choice, Danielle. I loved the Ellen Glasgow book I read last year, and would definitely like to read more of her work. This looks like a really interesting collection, too.


I love them, too, and I don't know why I didn't look sooner for a new anthology. I just happened upon this one, but I bet there are others out there. I think I have at least one of Ellen Glasgow's books, too, on my shelf, but I have yet to get to her. If this story is anything to go by I think she is a very good writer. I'm glad to hear the Lurie is good--I still have it on my pile, just haven't yet gotten to the next story--but I still have all of October to pick it up.


I know how that goes. Ghost stories appeal to me at the moment, but I've got I'm not sure how many short story collections that are half read that I've picked up over the course of the year-I do hope to get back to a few of them and finish reading. I am actually listening to The Graveyard Book on audio. Gaiman reads it and he does an excellent job. I think I am only on the fourth or fifth chapter--maybe two or so hours into a seven hour audio, so I may need to do some extra listening to make sure I finish in time. I usually only listen on my morning walk--which is in the dark by the way--somehow fitting, but a little strange, too.


He is the classic ghost story writer, isn't he? He seems to pop up in every anthology I pick up or own! I do have a two volume set of books by him--I have always thought I'd like to work my way through them in order, but have yet to do it. I need to at least read one of his stories--will see if one shows up in this collection!


Hah! Aren't these sorts of pulp stories ultra dramatic--half the fun I think. I think the cover is very tongue in cheek, which is why I wondered what the stories would be like--I think some are indeed humorous, but I hope there is a nice mix. I agree-collections are wonderful way to be introduced to new authors--a good way to try them out without too much of a commitment.


Doesn't it look like fun? I did write about Ellen Glasgow and I am happy finally to read something by her--the collection has another short story by her that I am going to try and read, too. Unfortunately it is a pretty hefty book so it will have to be read at home and not go with me on the bus!


Good question! I'll have to ponder whether I've come across any stories with men/husbands coming back to do the haunting. It is a fun collection, though. I'm glad there wasn't a line waiting for it since it is new.


I remember your post and how much you liked her writing. I'm so glad that I have finally tried her-and will certainly read more of her. The collection has another story by her as well.


I recommend The Casting of the Runes --but all are pretty good!
Happy reading!



Thanks--I'll look for that story--I'm sure it must be in one of the books I own by him. I've still got all of October for ghost story reading!

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