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I've read almost all of Bradbury's books and short story collections as a teenager and loved them. I'm sure I've got this somewhere but it's too long ago to remember. It sounds excellent. Yes, there can be a lot of drakness without ghosts. I think Stephen King whom I haven't really read, also uses a lot of childhood fears in all of his novels. Children can be incredibly cruel.
I've got his Halloween novella here and really wnat to read this in October.

Liz F

I think I have read a couple of Ray Bradbury's short stories as I recall them cropping up in compilations that I have read, and this sounds splendidly creepy!
Maybe that is why I don't like playgrounds very much, and hated taking my children to them in the past!
I can also imagine that painting cropping up in nightmares - it's not one that I would want on my walls I'm afraid!


This compilation is completely new to me, and I love that cover. I haven't read much Bradbury either, only Fahrenheit 451 and maybe some short stories, but not this. My curiosity is piqued now, so I'll see if I can find it. That's an amazing painting.


Ray there's an interesting and unique writer. I need to read more by him, I think. I've read several of his books and stories, but I think it's time for a revisit. This particular story sounds rather chilling!


I have read far too few. I don't think I even started reading him until I was out of school! I did like this story and you're right he does seem to write about childhood--not so blissful as so many people recall. I've only read a few of Stephen King's novels, but I have seen a number of movie adaptations, and he also writes about childhood--really there is a lot to mine there--childhood fears and innocence and naivety...which novella are you thinking of reading? I have one of his books out, too, as a possible last RIP read--one of his (the first) Dark Tower books.


I think his stories have been widely anthologized. Every time I buy a big collection he seems to pop up in it. Childhood wasn't such a happy time, was it. I don't think I ever really went to the playground--only the school playground, but there wasn't really one close to my parent's house, which is probably a good thing, really! Isn't that painting disconcerting? I've noticed that lately I am dreaming more--freaky unsettling dreams that I don't really clearly remember when I wake up. I hope they are not related to the books I am reading. I have been stressed out over other things, however, so maybe they're from that??


It's a great collection--I hope you can find a copy. I am sure there are used copies that can be had cheaply, but it's always nice to find a book like this at the library, too. The illustration is perfect for the book!


He is really very good, and I've not given him much attention. I have a few of his books on my shelves. I think it's because I don't read much science fiction and I tend to lump him in that category, though he has other books as well. This story was really well done--one that has stuck with me for a few days now.

Liz F

Stress will do it every time Danielle - that and over ripe camembert consumed too close to bedtime!


I've not read this story but I've read other Bradbury stories that gave me a chill. He knows how to write them! I have Black Water 2 but I don't think I have the first one (I should say Bookman has BW2). I'll have to pull it off the shelf and investigate it further!


The Bradbury I'd like to read is The Halloween Tree.
It looks promising. With children again.


I'm not familiar with that one--not sure I've seen it in any of my anthologies, but I might be able to find it in one of the collections at the library. Of course I am already behind in my reading (though am I really ever caught up is the question...), but I might still take a peek at it. I think childhood must have been a subject he wrote about a lot.


Camembert sounds pretty yummy--on some nice hot, crusty French bread...but since I haven't had any of that...I think I am a little stressed out... I hate to think of depriving myself of sleep, but I've noticed that on nights I go to bed late and then get up early I miss out on REM sleep, but then there is whole other lot of problems to deal with the next morning.


Cool that you guys have one of the books. I think I must have spotted the first one in the library and then ordered it for myself. There are lots of good stories in it--definitely take a look at it! I think I may pick a story from volume 2 next weekend. And I should really look for more of Bradbury's stories--I like his style--the writing is sort of spare but it's packed with meaning.

Simon T

Great cover, and what a great choice of editor! I love a strange story now and then, so will keep an eye out (although you remind me that I've got Dandelion Wine by Bradbury waiting to be read...)


I have never read any of Alberto Manguel's books about books (though I own several), but I have read some of his essays--it's cool that he edited this book--sort of an oddity, but a cool collection, too. I have that same Bradbury book somewhere...Isn't it a sequel to Something Wicked This Way Comes (or vice versa--Something Wicked being the sequel?).

Simon T

Hmm.. pass, on Bradbury! I will go away and investigate...


I think I have both books somewhere as well...


That is a fantastic picture - I love that logical/illogical sort of drawing, like Escher. You remind me that I really MUST read Ray Bradbury before this year is out. And you do find the best short story collections, Danielle. It's a genius you have!


I can never say no to books--that's my problem. I would probably be a rich (or debt-free anyway) woman if I said no more often! :) I love Escher, too--he does the same thing--but in a different way. And I love Bradbury--you're in for a treat if you've not yet read him!


I LOVE Ray Bradbury and have a book of short stories that I started to read on a long flight over to Europe this past summer and now realize that I have never gone back to it. I'm wondering if this story is in my collection? I hope so!


I really like him, too, and I think I'd enjoy reading more of his novels--though short stories are wonderful, too--a nice way to get a little dose of an author when you are short of time. The nice think about story collections is you can easily set them aside and then pick them up later!



Lopp Knudsen

I read about Ray Bradbury and I love his works and I missed reading this story. I am going to find it in my shelf and hopefully I could be able to read this one this weekend and share my own views about the short story. Ghost story is one of my fave genres. It is an interesting story.

June Warren Bordas

Sounds interesting. This is the book that everybody should read. This kind of book makes great gifts to people from all walks of life base in your own deliberation. A must to read book for me. Thanks.

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