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This sounds deliciously creepy.
I agree, it doesn't have to be gory to be creepy, on the contrary. I think of the ghost stories I like haunted house stories best.
A good idea to read story, per week. i might adopt that approach as the stories in my Dark fanatsy collection are all quite long, 50+ pages.


I'm not a great fan of ghost stories but I do like short stories. I especially like collections of different authors like 'Historical Detectives' (Ed. Mike Ashley). One often discovers a new author in such anthologies and the trail leads on and on....

Liz F

I'm not a fan of gory books, I much prefer the creepy variety that make you want to make sure that the doors are locked and curtains closed!
Our house is too new to be particularly spooky, although I avoid the conservatory if I have been reading a ghost story. The house we stayed at in Cape Cod,however, while not very old, had its washing machine and drier in the basement which could also be accessed from the garage and another external door as well as from inside the house and I must admit that I was always very reluctant to go down there at night due to my over active imagination!

Rebecca H.

The laundry test -- that's great! Victorian ghost stories sound like a lot of fun.


I think I far prefer a good subtle psychological story over something more obvious (definitely don't like slasher type stories). Have you read any of Shirley Jackson's books? If not, I think you'd like The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I think I can manage one story a week--some in my collections are very short, but like the book you have some stories are quite long and I think I'll need to stretch them out over a couple of days.


I like the look of the Ashley collection--I've added it to my wishlist. I have a book of country house mysteries somewhere now that I think of it and will have to pull it out and see if any of those stories would work. And I understand exactly how one book leads to the next-I often have that problem myself!


That's what I like as well--and the same goes for movies. Movies tend to scare me even more, though--you have concrete visuals with those! Basements can be freaky! I tell myself it is silly to be afraid, but if I am alone and it's dark out, I will often leave the laundry for later! :) I have an overactive imagination, too.


Isn't it silly, but I really do avoid the laundry room in the basement if I've been reading (or watching) something that is the tiniest bit suspenseful. There are three rooms in the basement--one closed off by a door that is a dirt room--all very creepy if you are in just the right frame of mind! ;)


I love your gauge of scariness; I have my own gauge, which involves whether or not the bathroom door is shut when I am in the tub (I think it all goes back to 'Psycho'). I have put this book on hold at our local library, but will read it in the city and not at the cottage where I am now, because it is soooo dark in the country that ghost stories are just not on.


Sounds like a good story! And I must say, I love your measure for how scary a ghost story is!


Your basement laundry room made me think of the office I worked in years ago. There was basement storage area under our offices, and sometimes I had to go down there to file something in the archives. It was just a little creepy to be alone down there, turning on and turning off the lights as I entered and exited--I'm afraid I let my imagination run away with me a few times!


Isn't Psycho a great movie? Even though it is older and maybe by contemporary standards not all that scary, I still think it's well done and quite convincing in terms of broody creepiness! I think I'm going to enjoy reading more of this collection--I've only dipped into it thus far, though I bought it used years ago. I think I'd refrain reading ghost stories while alone in a house (or maybe not even alone) but with so much darkness and quiet outside. Not having many neighbors is nice, but not when you have an overactive imagination!


Yes, the unfinished basement has been a very good gauge for me, I must say! More than once I've gone down late at night and then had a thought or two and raced back up the stairs! Silly, but what can I say! And the story was fun--now I will start looking for another to read.


Yes, I know that feeling well! Looking in mirrors in the dark (or semi dark) also sort of freaks me out. Silly, but what can I say! And I hope that at least the light switch was close to the door and you didn't have to go into the dark room and pull a cord to turn on the light! :)

Kristen M.

I have this collection so I'll have to read that story! My test is always if I'm reading the story in bed at night if I think twice about putting my foot down to get up. If I'm even a little spooked by a story, I always have the feeling something will grab me. :)


Oh love the measure of a scary story being reluctance to fetch the laundry! Lol! I firmly believe that less is more in a ghost story, and that suggestions are far more effective than slap-in-the-face gore and threat. Will be interested as always in who you discover for this year's RIP.


Oh, I do that, too. Afraid there is something or someone under the bed! :) It doesn't take much to set off my imagination. I'm looking forward to trying more stories in this collection.


That's what I get for buying an old house. Next time I'm going to look for a finished basement--one that is well lit! :) I think I have a good line up of RIP reads and will certainly share as I go--I'm enjoying the first two books I started for this immensely.

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