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I read Francesca's book recently and enjoyed it very much indeed. How lovely that you got to meet her.

Omaha Public Library

We're happy that you came out last night Danielle! You captured the event beautifully here, and you're right - the Castle was the perfect setting for Francesca's read and signing.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say about The Innocents once you've finished!

And what do you suppose your first Edith Wharton read will be?


I loved this book! I hope you will, too.


Oh, this looks like the most perfect place to experience an author event; both for the attendees and the author! I read Ethan Frome during a snowstorm a few years ago.


It's not often that I get to meet an author of a book I am getting ready to read, so it was quite a treat for me. She seems a really lovely person--smart and very down to earth. I'm really looking forward to starting The Innocents and will have to go check out what you wrote about the book!


Thanks for organizing these signings--it was very serendipitous for me as I had already planned on reading both books and am looking forward to reading Francesca's next. I'm sure I'll share more about The Innocents as soon as I get into it. And I think I'll be reading Ethan Frome--I read it ages ago, but it's been so long I suspect it will be as if I am reading it for the first time again. Edith Wharton was a great choice by the way for the One Book/One City read.


I have a feeling I am going to like it--the story appealed to me before I had even realized Francesca was going to be in town to sign copies of the book--but after hearing her speak I'm looking forward to it even more!


Ethan Frome seems a perfect winter book! I thought of reading Summer, too--maybe I'll pick that one up next. The space was really nice for the event--it's such a beautiful house and I even had a chance to look around at a few of the rooms.


What a beautiful building, inside and out! Sounds like a lovely experience. I've only been to two author events that I can think of: years ago I heard Judith Viorst speak when her book Necessary Losses came out--she signed my copy of one of her children's books.(Yikes! I can't remember which one!) And more recently I heard Stephen King give a talk at a writer's conference at a local college. I'm not a fan of horror as a genre, but he's written other types of books and is absolutely and surprisingly hilarious to listen to. His book On Writing is excellent--half memoir, half writing inspiration. Sadly, it was too large a crowd for me to get anywhere near him, so no signed books that time.


What a nice location and she looks like a really nice and lovely woman. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the book.
This is really a great a stylish place for a reading.


So jealous! My area libraries rarely bring authors I am interested in reading to town. You've really lucked out.
I love Edith Wharton and plan to read 'The Custom of the Country' this fall.


I think Ethan Frome is a perfect fall book.


I don't read horror either, though I have read some of Stephen King's books and did like them very much. I think he is just about the only horror writer I would consider reading. Hmm, maybe I should pick one of his books as my last RIP read...hadn't thought of that. I would like to read his book on writing sometime. I've never read Judith Viorst before, but I have heard of her books--it's cool you've heard both speak. It would be very cool to hear Stephen King, but I imagine he is indeed a huge draw and you wouldn't be able to get anywhere near him.


It's been years since I had been to Joslyn Castle--I saw an art exhibit there quite a while ago--it was drawings done by children who had perished in the Holocaust--I still have the book that went with the exhibit. It is a very stylish space and I think they have many receptions there. She was very personable and it was cool hearing about her book--a sort of behind the scenes take on things.


I need to pay more attention to their News page as I think they have brought in some other big name authors in the past--I should take more advantage of these events as they really are interesting and very enjoyable. I have yet to read Custom of the Country, but I do want to sometime soon. I have Ethan Frome on my night stand and may even start reading this weekend!


It does seem fitting to read it in the fall--that's part of why I chose it! :)


What an awesome house and venue for a reading! And it sounds like it was fun too. Ethan Frome is bleak but not overly so. It isn't until the end that is gets really depressing so don't hesitate to read it if you are thinking of it!


It's on my nightstand. I was going to try and still squeeze it into September but have thought better of that and will wait until the weekend to start (once I have a few other books behind me). I read it so long ago I can't remember much about it--so it will be like a first time. And that house was the perfect venue for a reading like this. I hope they offer more events like this!

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