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So glad you wrote about this as I JUST picked it up at the library today! Looking forward to reading it!

Liz F

I have to admit that it does sound interesting and Simone St James is a new author to me - she sounds like a cross between Victoria Holt and Barbara Michaels.


Oh this sounds just wonderful. It's a mix I'm really in the mood to read right now and I like it when the ghost stories are less chilling than atmospherical.
I've never heard of the author before. Thanks for the introduction.
It does sound a bit like Victoria Holt, yes.


I love the sound of this book, and will definitely look for it. I think you and I have quite similar tastes, so I fully expect to love it! But I won't hold it against you if I don't :) A nice find before your flight home!


I really enjoyed it--I needed a good book that would really take me away and that I wouldn't want to set down, and this one worked for me just perfectly. Do let me know what you think when you finish!


I had never come across her books before--I thought maybe it was an older title that I had just missed, but it only came out this year. I hadn't thought of Barbara Michaels, but it does indeed sound similar--I should really revisit her work as well-I think I need to go see what I have by her on my shelves now... And I should try Victoria Holt--I have The Mistress of Mellyn somewhere. Books like this are my 'guilty pleasure' I think.


The mystery aspect of what had happened to Maddy Clare was much stronger than the haunting bits, but if you just don't overanalyze it's quite entertaining. For a first book I thought it was good. I'm looking forward now to her next book and wish it was coming out sooner than next spring.


Let me know what you think if you pick it up. I think we do have very similar tastes in books--this one is very much of the romantic suspense category. And it was a great find--I don't often read books right when I buy it was quite a draw. :)


I happened to pick this book up earlier in the year and loved it! She is a new Canadian author, so that is why no one has heard of her, but I hope she keeps on writing books as good as Maddy Clare; I, too, would like to see more books with these characters.


This does sound like perfect airplane reading and a good RIP read too. Nice find!


Sounds fascinating.
I was convinced by your first paragraph and now will read it. I need a good airplane book as off to England soon!

Margaret Powling

This sounds just right for me, too, Danielle! This is for my wish list right away. I'm still reading Charlotte Betts' latest and then onto the Jennie Fields' The Age of Desire ... oh, dear, I shouldn't be tempted into buying another this week ... but it does sound so perfect ... a milk chocolate bar of a book!


Do share anytime you find a book like this that you think I might not have come across--I am always happy to have recommendations and I think we have very similar reading tastes! :) The upside is that since I have only discovered her I won't have quite as long to wait until her new book comes out. I wonder if she will pick up the story of Sarah, Matthew and Alistair--they are a nice and interesting combination of characters! Still, I'm looking forward to the next new one, too.


How convenient to find it in the airport. I could have bought more while I was there--I was surprised they had such a good and wide selection of titles. It seemed a perfect choice for RIP, too.


Lucky you! This will pass the hours to England--easy yet absorbing reading. The previous book or two I had finished didn't quite click with me, so this one was particularly welcome. By the way I owe you an email--sorry I've gotten behind (as usual during the work week!). Thank you for it, though! :)


Yes, that's just what it is--most definitely a treat. I am happy to see I tempt you back since I so often am ordering books from the Book Depository that you recommend. I have two coming now (Susanna Kearsley's newest--do you read her work?, and the newest Katharine McMahon, which is now in paperback...I also bought Linda Mitchelmore's book on your suggestion, but I haven't gotten to it yet). Now I just need a staycation so I can curl up at home with my new books!


Oh this sounds charming, and just the kind of book for when you don't want anything too taxing, but do want to be gripped by a story. I will have to look out for it. Nice cover, btw.

Margaret Powling

Ooh, I'm delighted you have bought both Katharine McMahon's book (it's wonderful!) and Linda Mitchelmore's book ... Linda lives only about 2 miles from where we live, and she is a very good friend and also a very good writer. This book is set locally at the turn of the century. I love it.
Of course, I ordered the book ... I simply couldn't resist. This is why diets never work for me. Weak willed where both books and chocolate are concerned!
No, not (yet) read Sarah Kearsley but I do know of her work and I might be tempted at some stage ...
I can't read my comments when I click Preview, only when I Edit, so I hope there aren't any silly typos in this.


I'm sure the cover is what initially made me pull the book from the shelf, but the story was equally as good. It was definitely what I needed to get me out of my reading muddle--and now things are looking up I'm happy to say!


I can't wait to get the McMahon in the mail--I keep watching the mailbox for it. I've enjoyed all the books by her that I have read so far. I wonder if she is at work on her next now? :) Linda Mitchelmore's novel is very appealing, too. You make me want to go now to my shelves and pull it out so I can start reading (rather than waiting to squeeze it in when I get more caught up...)! How cool that you live so close to her. Does she have other books out?


...And very sorry about the problems with not being able to view your comment in preview--I am guessing this is another Typepad glitch--I've got some other issues at the moment with Typepad and there seems to be not much in the way of resolving the problems. No worries about typos, though, as we all make them. I do hope Typepad gets back on track soon and fixes these problems.

Margaret Powling

Just a little note to add to this particular posting ... today is 8th Oct 2012 and I have just received The haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St James and look forward to reading it (when I've read the others I've started but not finished!)


I hope you enjoy it, too! I'm already looking forward to her next book, though I think it is not out until March! By the way--I've started reading Katharine McMahon's most recent book set in Revolutionary France--I shouldn't have started it since I have too many other books on the go (and I also need to finish a few first...), but I couldn't help myself. It looks to be a good read going by the first few chapters! :)

Margaret Powling

Oh, Danielle, I'm delighted you've latched onto Katharine McMahon, she is by far the best writer currently writing historical fiction, and each book so different from the last. Revolutionary France, 1920s England, The Crimean War, etc.
Also excellent at historical romantic fiction is Charlotte Betts. I have just finished and absolutely loved her 2nd novel, The Painter's Apprentice. But it's best to read The Apothecary's Daughter first as The Painter's Apprentice continues the story 20 years on. It's not essential to have read the first book, but I am sure it would help. They are filled with such period detail, I am sure you would love them.
Again I can't scroll down my Preview to see errors, so hope this isn't filled with them!


Sorry about the formatting problems with Typepad and leaving comments. There are a number of really quirky things going on with them at the moment--not least is that I cannot add books to my lists on my sidebar--I have to do the HTML if I want to add them--which is clunky and time consuming. I'm not surprised that there is an issue, too, with the comment form, but your comment looks fine from my vantage.

I have really enjoyed the books by Katharine McMahan's that I have read so far--The Crimson Rooms is my favorite so far. She does write broadly and not just tell the same story over and over again. I'm sure I'm going to like Season of Light if the first few chapters are anything to go by. She's an author who I will pretty much just buy whatever she writes and I think I have nearly all of her other books--a few still unread. I've ordered the first Charlotte Betts book, too, as the book sounds really appealing to me. I found a used copy in paper, so I'll have it to read as I wait for the US publication of her newest--which is on my wishlist. Thanks for the suggestions--very dangerous, but I am always pleased to get them! :) I do love good historical fiction with well done and authentic detail!

Margaret Powling

Charlotte Betts' latest, The Painter's Apprentice is set in the late 1600s, at the time of the building of St Paul's Cathedral in London, and as I know little about Sir Christopher Wren (i.e. I knew he was an architect of merit and designed not only St Paul's but many churches in London after the Great Fire, but that was the sum total of my knowledge) and so I bought a book about him, written decades ago but still useful, called Wren by Margaret Whinney. Another for your list, har, har!
I am sure you will enjoy the books of Charlotte Betts, Danielle.


That sounds good. This is why I love historical fiction--learning something more about some aspect of life in another period. The 1600s haven't been my favorite period to read about--but I think I've just gotten bogged down in certain books. Now The Great Fire of London would be interesting to read about. I'll look up the Whinney book--my library might have it. And I am looking forward to getting the Betts book-will try and finish Season of Light first, though. I was just reading it earlier as a matter of fact! :)

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