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Nicola Manning

Oh my goodness, I must read this! I stumbled upon and then read a trilogy by McNish ages ago and loved it then completely forgot of his existence. Thank you!!

I've read all three books you mention at the end and I'd say go with Day of the Triffids. But I do like Wyndham's Crysalids and The Midwich Cuckoos better, but perhaps you've read them.


I've actually not yet read John Wyndham and am leaning towards him since I think I am in need of something a little different now (and perhaps can still squeeze in King later in Oct). I don't have either of the two other titles you mention, but my library might so will check to see tomorrow. I had not heard of Cliff McNish until someone recommended this book to me--he's very good and the story was quite different than the usual haunted house story--I hope you enjoy it, too. It was a very quick read.


This sounds so good! I enjoy a good haunted house story.

And Day of the Triffids is also really good, although I agree with Nicola that The Crysalids is even better. (I liked Midwich Cuckoos and Triffids about equally.) And of course I'm nuts about The Gunslinger.


The McNish was well done. I've been toying with the idea of looking for his other books, but I might wait since I've got several other books to read in October that will be suitably seasonable. I'll have to bring home The Crysalids now as well--now I am very eager to try him--and I might be able to squeeze in King as well since Oct is such a long month--I had you in mind when I grabbed the book from my bookshelf! :)

Liz F

All three of the Wyndham novels are very good but I would agree with Nicola and Teresa about The Chrysalids and The Midwich Cuckoos being better.
Haven't read a Stephen King novel for years - I went through a phase of reading him back in the late 70's and early 80's but haven't read anything since.


What a great post, it already gave me the creeps and made me want to reach for the book at once!


What a fun and creepy haunted house book! You really are zooming through your RIP books. If you are looking for something fun, try John Connolly's 'The Gates.' It's a YA book filled with lots references only adults are likely to catch and it takes place during Halloween and is funny.


I love haunted house stories a lot.
I'll put it on my wish list but I will not be able to read it for this RIP.
I might read Michelle Paver next.


I have The Crysalids sitting on my desk at work. I should try and make a little progress with Straub's Ghost Story before moving on to the next one! But I do want to read Wyndham. I haven't read any Stephen King for a very long time either--I think the last was The Shining back in the early 90s! I am tempted by The Gunslinger, though. I just read somewhere that he is (or already has) writing a sequel to The Stand (which I have not read).


Creepy is the word for it. It's perfect October, turn down the lights sort of reading. I have tried to tempt my niece to read it, but she's afraid it might be a little too creepy!


I usually do really well with RIP--not so much with other readalongs for some reason, but ghost stories always have a certain appeal for me. I had no idea that John Connolly also wrote YA novels--I'll see if my library has this one, and have added it to my wishlist as well. Perhaps one to save for closer to Halloween (like the Snoopy Halloween socks that I bought today!).


The Paver is great--I really liked it and want to read more of her work, though I'm not sure she has written other scary books. This was a quickie if you ever do decide to pick it up.


I read Cliff McNish's Breathe to my son (it was about the last book I read to him, before he grew up too much for bedtime reading). That was a very good ghost story too, so I'm not surprised if you liked this one. He seems to have his eye in for chilling events (and I find it can be quite hard to be really scary on paper). I own a copy of this and really must get around to reading it! When have I said that before...??

Lisa Guidarini

I must read this book! Creepy old houses are definitely my sort of thing.



It must have been fun reading aloud a ghost story--and his seem to be a little scarier than normal. You're right that ghost stories area very hard to pull off--maybe reading something like this aloud (and in the dark--with just lamplight) would be the way to go! I take it your son has probably grown out of books like this now?


I'm a fan of haunted house stories myself! He had a nice twist to the type I must say and most definitely creepy--almost a little disturbingly so.


I'll have to give this a go! I love ghost stories in theory, but I'm so often disappointed by actual attempts. lol I guess I'm too picky!


This one might be just different enough for you--keep in mind it is a YA novel. Considering the audience he writes for, I was almost a little surprised by how unnerving it was, but still it had all the things you expect in a good YA novel.

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