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Andrew Blackman

I've been meaning to read something by Alice Munro - thanks for the review. Will be interested to see your thoughts on the rest of the stories.


You had me as soon as you mentioned Colette's Lea! Clearly I shall have to read this collection - it's no hardship. Munroe is such a good writer.


Oh another Munro story that sounds really good. By hook or crook you are going to force me to finally get around to reading her if you keep this up!


I need to hunt my Alice Munroe collections as well now.
It's a great idea to read a short story collection together with someone. Short stories provide so much discussion material.


She's really an exceptional short story writer. I don't read as many short stories as I'd like, but over the last few years I've been reading more and more and she is one of the best short story writers I've come across. I only wish I had joined a bit sooner and started reading her from her first book. Still, that means more books to explore as I'd like to read all of her work!


The stories are very different, but the main character reminded me of Lea in that second book--she wasn't so concerned it seemed about her appearance, but was happy to be herself--much like the character in this story. Munro is really wonderful and I would love to know what you make of her!


Yes, you must go and see what your library has--I am sure they probably have most of her books. I can't remember if you get the New Yorker, but one of her stories (maybe one that will appear in her new collection) was in a recent issue--so you can get a taste of her work. It might even be online on the New Yorker website?


Yes, there is really a lot to talk about in her stories. She's not a frivolous writer by any means. I think I could easily reread the stories and still find more to think about! She'd be an excellent writer to read in a book group situation.

Buried In Print

I thought I left a comment here before, but I don't see it now. I was musing about why Stella would have maintained the connection with David, whether she really sees them as friends, or whether she keeps in touch solely because she believes it makes her father happy, or whether she truly needs to keep the relationship on this footing too. I mean, once, she, too, was the woman in the photograph, and the reader can see her response to David in more than one way, I think. I hope your posts will convince others to try some of her stories; there is so much to discuss in just one of them!


Typepad is bad lately--it probably ate the comment! It is a good question about why Stella kept up the relationship-she seems fond almost of David, but totally aware, too, of his many shortcomings--almost amused really. I think part of it must have to do with her father. It would be cool if others would pick up her book, she's so good and there is so much to think about in her stories. I've been reading them at the gym on Wednesdays, but I think I need to try and read her at home where it's quiet and I can take notes--otherwise I fee like I miss too much.

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