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Buried In Print

That story sounds like a side of her storytelling that I'm not familiar with either; I'm glad to read about your experience of it, to round out my understanding of the breadth of her styles and content (so overwhelming, isn't it!). Of course I'm endlessly curious about your next reading project(s)!


It wasn't really what I was expecting but none the worse for it. Maybe because it is an earlier story? Though I've not read enough of her work to gauge what is normal or not. I think I need to read more by her. I have too many projects in mind so need to decide what I really want to do, but I think I'm just about ready to move on to something a little different than ghost stories--and need to take a little break from Greek Myths--am nearing the end of the Hamilton and will reveal my plans soon! :)


I have a collection of her ghost stories but always forget about them. She is such a fascinating writer. I said earlier this year I'd like to read all that she has written, seeing that number of publications... Not so sure now...


Re ghost stories, did you see this, Danielle? Times competition to write a ghost story in 50 words. Sadly it's only open to Brits but the results will be fun to read, I think:

Liz F

Still haven't read any Oates despite having three or four of her books on my shelves but that list of things she has written is mind boggling!
She is so prolific that I wonder if she has found the secret to stretching time - or if she does literally nothing but write!

I do admire your reading plans and projects but know perfectly well that I am utterly incapable of keeping to any plans that I make. This year I just want to catch up with Middlemarch and get a bit further with Les Miserables - if I could finish it before the film comes out I would be thrilled as that is one I have to see having seen a poster of Hugh Jackman as Valjean!


I don't think I've ready any Joyce Carol Oates, though I have The Falls on my TBR list. I didn't know she was so prolific! That would be quite a reading project.

I'll be interested in your next reading project, too. Inspired by you, I plan to tackle one or two (or more, if I have time) projects next year.

Margaret Powling

How coincidental - a post on Oates after one on oatmeal!


This sounds like a fun story and creepy too. Oates certainly is a prolific writer!


She really is unusual and fascinating, I agree. It would be fun to read all of her work, but it would also be quite an undertaking. I hadn't realized either that she had written so much. I do want to read more of her novels, but it's hard to know really where even to start!


I hadn't seen that--thanks for the link. I could never write a ghost story in so few words (even in lots of words actually), but it will indeed be fun to read--I hope they publish them--need to go look at it more closely now.


I have what I thought was quite a few books by her, but now that I realize how many she has written--it's only just a few. I keep meaning to pick up one of them and read--and I think We Were the Mulvany's has appeared on more then one of my "must read this year" lists, which I have then ignored! I have lots of plans in mind--some I stick to and some not so much. I find that if I set the task to write about my reading, but if I just throw it all out there and say I'm going to do it, I forget pretty quickly. I didn't realize that Les Miserables was going to be filmed again--will have to make sure I see it. It is one of the few classics I've read in recent years that to me felt like a slog, but I am glad I read it. I loved Middlemarch and would love to read it again someday. I think I only stuck those books out as I was reading them in a group situation.


Definitely not a project I'll be undertaking any time soon, but I do want to read more of her work. I have a post ready to go tomorrow sharing one of my plans...hopefully an easy project to accomplish. I'm curious to hear what you have in mind, too.


Hah--I didn't even realize I did that! Too funny. Can you tell I have oatmeal on the brain these days! :)


She does creepy better than just about anyone I know! :)


I really love the sound of this story - right up my alley! I've read very little of JCO, and have sort-of-enjoyed what I have read. She's an excellent writer, but her novels really are disturbing in a way I can't put my finger on. That being said I will definitely read more of her books, and it's great to see a different side to her style.


Comparatively speaking this was much much tamer than what I've come to expect from JCO, but then I've not really read very widely in her work. She is really very good, but disturbing is the word! She puts you on edge, which in a way (and strangely) I sort of like, but it also means I have to take her in small doses. Still must get around to reading one of her longer novels.

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