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She's an author I've been hoping to read for ages now but I've only ever found one of her books here, it was very expensive and looked like it had a dreadful disease! So I passed on that one, I might have to try the internet.


Let me know if you can't find anything easily there as I bet I can get cheap used copies at my public library sales--they may just be plain mass market used copies, but I don't think they would sell anything that would be scary to pick up and hold in your hand! :) I can easily mail one or two to you as I have a feeling there are far more copies of her books here than there! I'm not sure she has 'aged' as well as say Agatha Christie, but I still like her work!


thought you might be interested in this book (and give away). The blogger, Jennifer, has had 'teasers' for about a week which showcases the characters. What fun.


They are *so* hard to find - I've wanted to read some for ages - so I'm so pleased to see the e-versions. Thanks, Danielle!


I remember reading and enjoying at least one book by Mignon Eberhart when I was a teenager--probably thanks to my mystery-loving mom. That era seems to have produced a lot of authors I like! I'll have to hunt up some more of her work.


Yes, I haven't missed your Lost in the Stacks posts, so, delighted was I to see this one and a book I think I would enjoy.


I, too, am glad to see the Lost in the Stacks post return. You always seem to find something of interest. I've read one Eberhart and I think it was the same one you have read. Always meant to seek out more. Maybe this will spur me to do so!


Thanks for the link Lelia--it looks like fun! I've noted the title of the book down and will have to read over the post more carefully.


I have heard she is not an easy author to get hold of, which is a pity since she is a golden age mystery writer and I think lots of readers would enjoy her. I was happy to see those ebook versions too and may have to order a few for my Nook!


Her career spanned quite a few years and a few of the books I have by her are old paperbacks from the 60s/70s so I bet they were in circulation for quite a while. My library has a number of her books since she is a local author. I've been meaning to read more of her books, too.


I have another book on my desk at work and ready for my next post. I have missed exploring my library's shelves and hope to get back into the routine of posting here about my finds! :) Mignon Eberhart is a fun ready by the way.


There are still loads of books just waiting for me to discover them! I'm looking forward to more exploring. I enjoyed that Eberhart and would love to read all the Nurse Keate mysteries.


I did miss them. You made me discover a few great writers already. :) I've never heard of this author before but she sounds like a good RIP read. The quotes sound quite atmospheric.


The posts give me a good excuse to spend time wandering the aisles of the literature section in my library. I only wish I had more time to read all the books I come across--but Mignon Eberhart is certainly someone I will be reading since some of her books are on my own shelves, too!

Liz F

Not a writer that I have ever heard of so I must see if the library have any of her books tucked away in their stores - they have surprised me over the years with the number of authors that they do have. Clearly at some point in the past (1930's to 50's if some of the books I have tracked down are anything to go by)they either had a bigger book budget or a more adventurous person doing the ordering!


Long time no lost in the stacks! Nice to see it pop up again! This one sounds like just your cup of tea!


She's from Lincoln, Nebraska--not far from Omaha and lived in the western part of the state for a while--so I had to read her! :) The book I read is even set in Nebraska. I love that era for mysteries and keep thinking it's time to pick up another good cozy, though I guess I am reading one set in the 40s in NYC that is good but a little quirky! The library where I work also has a great collection of fiction from the first half of the 20th C. I'm always amazed at what I can find that I don't expect them to have. Yay for libraries that don't weed excessively--so many books just came back into style again--you never know what people will want to read later!


It has been a long time. I got busy in the summer and then was thinking just about my vacation. And lately I've had other things I want to post about, so the lost in the stacks books just fell through the cracks. But I have my next book all lined up!


I am pretty sure I remember you reading that Mignon Eberhart novel, because frankly once I've read a name like that, I wouldn't forget it! I love Golden Age crime, it's my favourite kind, so I may well have to go on a hunting expedition myself for some of her novels!


She did have an unusual name, didn't she? I think it must have been a couple of years ago now that I read the book, but the story still sticks with me. I love that era--she's very good and I expect you might well like her. She's similar to Agatha Christie, but her heroine--at least in the book I read is a nurse. They're entertaining, gentle sorts of reads.

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