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You are as bad as I am.... Already making plans for December. :)
This sounds like another find. I'm in the mood for some last October days RIP reading but I have no time left. I need to start my German books. Oh well...


I too am reading lots of mysteries -- I wonder why? Anyway -- I had a go at Storm Jameson earlier this year and read a couple of novels from another trilogy. I can't now remember the titles but they were about Mary Hervey's daughter. They were OK, but didn't blow me away,


Storm Jameson is not to be found here so I'll have to wait till you will write more about her:)


Have not heard of or read Storm Jameson, but that's not unexpected. I seem to say that about quite a few of the authors your mention. (Where have I been?!) I like the sound of a Virago/Persephone reading month. You'd have a lot of lovely books to choose from.

I'm always in the mood for mysteries, and read two earlier this month. Right now, I'm doing a cross-pollination thing: saw The Raven and reading a Poe biography (next up, reading some of his poems and stories) and saw the musical Jekyll & Hyde and now want to read the story. I don't think I ever have, or if I did, it was a long time ago.


Thank you for researching Storm Jameson! I frequently search Amazon for Viragos for sale through third party vendors - Jameson's books come up pretty frequently, but I didn't know anything about her. Now I will know what she's all about when I see her books again.

Margaret Powling

I have a trilogy of Storm (Margaret) Jameson's books (starting with Company Parade), tried reading the first but found it a bit heavy going ... might try it again in due course, but actually I bought them as I loved the Edward Hopper paintings used as covers! What am I like!!!
I must now search for Women Against Men as I love that cover, too! Books as art ... well, no reason for them not to be!


Hi Danielle! Apologies for writing you here but I can't get in to your email from here (I'm in London!). Thanks so much for the book, my husband showed me last night on Skype, can't wait to see it in the flesh! I've picked up a couple of things for you at a Cath Kidston shop so look out for a return parcel in a couple of weeks. One good turn deserves another, you're lovely!


I know--I am constantly planning ahead. I am enjoying what I'm reading now, but I can't help myself! :) I've just got Ghost Story to finish for my RIP reading--and another hour left of the Graveyard Book. I'll definitely finish the latter and hope to squeeze in the former but that may carry over into November. I am ready to start m y German books, too, and have the first two ready to go!


I go in phases and now is most definitely a mystery phase. Maybe, too, for me it is the weather--something about chilly weather and being able to snuggle under a blanket and with the days shorter--it just seems like the perfect sort of book to be reading. The Jameson you read sounds like it could be part of this trilogy. Maybe the one I own (will start with it, I think since my library didn't have the first book of the other set) will be better.


I'll let you know how it goes. She seems to have gotten good reviews and if Virago published her I have high hopes!


I don't think it's you at all! She is published by Virago--and those books aren't published here--and I think she is now out of print, so you aren't likely to see her books in a bookstore. I just snap up any Virago I come across! Doesn't a little Virago/Persephone reading to end the year sound nice? I am going to try and do it! I like doing that sort of reading--reading about the author and then some of his/her work and maybe even seeing a movie as well. I read Jekyll and Hyde a few years ago and recall liking it well enough. I didn't realize there was a musical--that sounds like fun. I'm like you--I would definitely pick up the book next out of curiosity.


I do the same thing--am always on the look out for Viragos, but it's nice to know something about the book before ordering. Once in a while I'll find Viragos locally, but not very often. I'm quite curious, too, to read her now.


I did the same thing--loved the cover illustration. Perhaps it's just a matter of being in the right mood for her writing style. I do like the sound of Women Against Men in any case and will give it a go and hope it's good. I generally trust Virago to publish good books. I think we chatted about her once before, didn't we?


Lucky you! I hope you're having a great time in London!! And no worries about the book--I'm so glad it arrived safely--now you'll have a little treat to look forward to when you return home (which is always a little downer after a great vacation). That's really sweet you've thought of me while you're away (not necessary, but most gladly accepted!--You're lovely, too :) ). Have a great time there and can't wait to see pictures! And I hope you enjoy the Jekyll when you get to it.


I know that I have one of Storm Jameson's books somewhere - bought because it was a green Virago but until I have the time to rummage through my boxes, I have no idea which one!
I hadn't realised that she was a Whitby girl - I definitely must read her now especially if the books are set there. It is one of my favourite places in the world and I think even better out of season as it is a very atmospheric place. It still has the harbour and a small fleet of trawlers and is definitely the best place to eat fish and chips!


Maybe it is just as well your library doesn't have The Lovely Ship, that way you are saved from adding another book to your reading pile ;)


Isn't Storm a lovely name? Only I don't think it would fit my surname at all: Storm Best. Hmmmmmm..... I do believe I saw one of these novels in the secondhand bookshop the other day - I'll have to see if it's still there. In the meantime, I am also craving mysteries. It's that winter thing, isn't it?


I snap up Viragos pretty much no matter what the title or who the author--sometimes I even buy titles that I already own (in the excitement of just finding them locally). I actually keep all my Viragos out and together sitting on top of one of my bookcases. Do you live near Whitby now--or when you were younger? Sounds like a place I would love to visit!


Isn't that the truth! I have a really massive pile of library books out at the moment and must cull them as I have been mostly reading from my own stacks lately. Am feeling the pressure with each reminder email I get about upcoming due dates.


It is an unusual name--but you're right, I think it seems to work better with wouldn't work with my last name either--I would sound like a character in a YA novel or something! She seems worth checking out if you have one of her books close by for perusal.


We live about 60 miles from Whitby and go there pretty regularly but I have been visiting the town on and off for most of my life, in fact I have a photo of myself as a toddler with my maternal grandmother sitting on one of the benches on the West Cliff!
It's a very characterful little town with a very well known Goth weekend which happens this weekend and of course was the place where Dracula arrived in England so it has quite spooky connotations at this time of year!
Found my Storm Jameson and it turns out to be the middle volume of a trilogy of hers that Virago published so I guess that I am going to be heading over to you know where to try and track down the other two volumes (so long as they are reasonably priced of course!)
The county library have a lot of her books but the only copies of the trilogy that The Voyage Home belongs to are in the reference library at Scarborough (a neighbouring town to Whitby) and so can't be borrowed so I don't think I will be reading it any time soon.


The colder weather definitely seems to lead to reading cozier books!


I totally read according to the seasons and weather--how weird is that?! :)


I just listened to Dracula this year--didn't catch on at all the reference to Whitby in Dracula--how fun. I'll have to Google the city now and look at the images--it sounds quite picturesque--how funny about the Goth weekend--the Dracula connection I expect? I do hate it when a library only has one volume from a series and not the first one even! I'm lucky since the Jameson I have has all three books in one (though it's a smallish book so they must be novellas!).


I have a copy of The Lovely Ship. I could sneak it to the top of my TBR pile and send it to you by the end of the month....


Hi Lisa--that is really, really kind of you. I would be happy to trade books or swap in some way--but please don't rush on my account! I have a full reading plate (as usual), but I would certainly love to read her eventually! :)


No worries, Danielle,
I'm reading it alongside other books. It's pretty good so far. I'll contact you later for your addy.

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