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This sounds amazing and the quotes are so lovely.
I always felt strongy about nature and wherever I lived I tried to find apartments in the city which were looking on a park and trees. I couldn't deal with a non-green environment. Still I'm a city person and wouldn't want to live in the country. Not yet.

Liz F

I'm so glad that you like Notes from Walnut Tree Farm!
Like you I would love to have met him as he sounds like a lovely man and I think that he must have had the gift of friendship because there are so many people who credit him as an influence and mentor. Of course it doesn't hurt that he was obviously also a cat person!
I have always been very interested in nature which dates back to the many country walks taken with my dad who was a countryman and taught me so much. I've tried to pass that on to my children, although with mixed success - only the two younger ones had any patience with my making them slightly late for school because I was pointing out the squirrel foraging for nuts or the spiderweb with frost on it!
I would love to live in the country, or at least in a village rather than in a suburb - it's my aim for our next move in a couple of years!
I bought Arctic Dreams btw after you mentioned it and it looks fascinating so thank you for bringing it to my attention.


You picked some lovely quotes! And yes it is a lovely book. Very glad you liked it:)


Oh this sounds delightful! I love the bit about cats being angels as well as the woodpeckers. I've got to find myself a copy of this book!


I've got into nature reading these past few years and I love it, too! It makes for such calming reading. I haven't read Roger Deakin, though, so he's straight on the list. I think communing with nature lots does good things to people. I've loved the voices of all the natural world writers I've ever read.

Joan Kyler

I've been reading Wildwood, but that's the only Deakin the Philadelphia library system has. So I just ordered a used copy of Notes from Walnut Farm.


I'm not sure either I could live in the country, but I don't also want to live completely surrounded by concrete, which I sometimes feel as though I do. Still, I think you can always appreciate what is out your window if you look hard enough! :) Even city dwellers need lots of green space, too.


I noted down names Deakin referred to in Notes from Walnut Tree Farm as I suspect many have writen books, too--Robert MacFarlane for one. I just checked out one of his books yesterday. And I loved, too, the cat references--he does get an extra nod of appreciation for liking cats! :) I'm afraid I've not really interacted much with nature in the way he writes about it--having always lived in a city, but I'd love to spend more time being aware and being in that sort of environment. My copy of Arctic Dreams just came this week, too. I'm looking forward to reading it, but I have a feeling I won't get to it too soon yet. My pile is pretty precarious and I have a couple of other nature books either started or closer to the top of my reading pile. Maybe I'll save it for proper winter months--though not sure I'll want to read about the cold while also experiencing it physically! :)


My book is now very dog eared. There were so many passages that I wanted to share--I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read another by him!


I think you'd really like this--I hope you can easily get a copy. Let me know if you can't as I can always mail/loan you mine if you'd like! :) And anyone who calls cats angels is cool in my book.


I think I would not have picked up books like these had it not been for blogging--once again my reading world has been opened up for me! I think there is something peaceful about being aware of nature, too. I need to spend more time outdoors and being more observant. There is a lot to learn from people like Roger Deakin, I think!


I'm really looking forward to reading Wildwood, too. I love anything about trees--as weird as that might sound. Notes from... is a great book to just dip into every day since it is in diary format, but as I was going I found I just wanted to keep reading straight through. Enjoy!


I already had this book on my TBR list from your previous mention of it, but now it's going to vault to the top. I love the little bits you've included in this post. He does sound like a lovely man with a lovely attitude toward life.


I have had this book in my notebook of books to read for a few years. Your post serves as a clarion call to get it and read it. Thanks for the review, Danielle, and the reminder.


The nice thing about the way it's written is you can easily set it on your bedside table or slip it into your purse or book bag to read bits of it whenever you have a spare moment. There is no problem with worrying about the continuity of the story if you have to set aside for a while. I think you are going to like it, too! :)


Yes, you will like it! I know you are a great observer of the world around you--all your lovely photos of what you see outside your window--you'll appreciate his reflections on nature!


This sounds wonderful!


It was! I highly recommend him! :)

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