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TOUCH NOT THE CAT is one of my favorite Mary Stewart books, although it is quite different than any of the others I've read. It might have been one of the first books I read that had an element of ESP in it. Anyway, enjoy!


I'm very much enjoying it to and am always happy to reach for it. It does have a different feel to it from the others I've read--ESP isn't something I've been all that interested in, but I do like Stewart's take on it in the story.


Nice post, lovely pictures. Just started following all your boards on Pinterest. I am on there too -- do follow me!


So I'm not the only one who couldn't resist those little books. I've got the English Journeys as well. Both from the book people. The are wonderful, wonderful. I wanted to blog about the too in a little while.
I have never read Joanne Harris so far but I will do so very soon.
Erin Morgenstern is one I bought last year but it felt like a autumn/winter read, so when spring approached I put it aside.


Will it surprise you to know that I have The Night Circus and both Joanne Harris books on my shelves and certainly one by Anne-Marie Macdonald too, although I'm not sure if it is that one?
No I didn't think so! I have read The Home Maker though (our library had a 1920's edition of it too)and did enjoy it. It is ahead of its time in a lot of ways and I did wonder what my grandmother, who would have been in her thirties when it came out, would have thought of it.
I don't have the Penguin cookery collection but I do have the English Journeys one that Caroline mentions, also from the Book People. It sounds ridiculous but I wanted a copy of A Shropshire Lad and could get the box for so little more that it would have been rude not to!
Just read and enjoyed Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman - set partly in Martha's Vineyard which was partly what attracted me to it. Also reading The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams the first in a series of detective novels set in Atlanta and featuring Chinese American profiler-turned-private-eye Keye Street. I'm very much enjoying it at the moment - she is feisty but very human and funny!
My son's girlfriend keeps trying to persuade me to take a look at Pinterest but I am resisting at the moment as I don't seem to have enough time to do all the other things I need to at the moment and I just know that it would get addictive.


My heart went pitter-pat when I saw that first picture! Those are lovely books, and I see why you splurged.

I am curious about As the Crow Flies, because I love books that you hardly can put down. However, since I just finished A Discovery of Witches (594 pages) and am about halfway through 11/22/64 (800+ pages) I will probably just add it to the list for the future. I don't usually read such chunky books, especially one right after another, usually preferring more instant gratification. Just call me shallow!

Everything else in this post sounds pretty good, too--uh, oh.

I'm on Pinterest, too, and I'll start following you. I've actually pinned a couple images from your blog--from the airmail art posts.


Those food books are seriously gorgeous. i hope the contents turn out to be as delicious as the book designs. It is fun to see all the books you have on the go. My turn just came up at the library for Age of Miracles so I started it last night since I'm reading it on a deadline. So far, so good!

Omaha Public Library

What pretty books! If these beauties make you happy, then they're definitely worth the investment. Love that first photo.


Danielle - I enjoyed reading The Night Circus and although I own a ebook version I'm happy that its atleast sitting in my digital shelves for a re-read.

I'm currently reading - A Natural History of Colors which is pretty interesting but slow read since it covers a color per chapter. Then Helen Dunmore's Ingo book 5 and Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink which is turning out to be interesting.

I've checked out your pinterest boards and am looking forward to seeing your lovely bookmarks as well. I have to literally hunt for them these B&N doesn't stock anymore.

Are you on


Thanks Harriet for following on Pinterest--I've been looking for other book bloggers who have joined--I've followed you back! :) It's hugely addicting so I don't usually log in every day or I'd spend far too much time there, but if you are a visual person (and I am), it's wonderful!


You, too, eh? I would love to have those English journeys books as well. I've tried to find them as a set, but I think they are too old now other than to get them individually--and used copies at that. Of course I've not really looked at UK bookstores, so maybe I need to keep looking. I'm going to make reading these into a new little (ongoing) project I think. I love Joanne Harris and Chocolat is one of my very favorite books. I am nearly finished with The Lollipop Shoes--am trying to finish here so I can go read as a matter of fact, and now I can't wait to start her new one. Her book Gentleman and Players is also Excellent! I think you're right about the Morgenstern--also so many people were reading it and writing about it, I sort of wanted to wait so I could just experience it on my own, if that doesn't sound too weird. It seems like a good holiday book--if I don't finish it this month--which I don't expect to do. It's just on my bedside pile at the moment...


No, I'm not surprised! :) Only because I do the same exact thing myself! (Just thinking now about all the recent books I've read and loved that have probably been on my shelves for at *least* ten years!). What little I've read of The Home-Maker I've liked and think I am going to really like the book (you're right it does feel fresh story- and writing-wise)--I just need more reading time to get properly into it--this weekend I hope. I already owned one of the Penguin Great Food books and liked it so much I thought I should really just buy the set--and I am ALL for good deals on books. I want those English Journeys, too, but I am not sure if I'll be able to find them as a whole set and will just have to look for each book individually at this point. Did you like the Klaussman? I'm in line for it at the library! I'll be checking out the Williams mystery of course. Pinterest is fun, but you do have to be careful as you can waste a LOT of time on it--I don't log in every day--sometimes I'll go weeks and then all of a sudden spend a whole evening on it! Have you read a book by Cathy Woodman--chick-lit-ish called City Girl, Country Vet? Not that I need to start a new book, but I just brought it home from the library and it seems like a fun sort of read--and light and quick, too.


Aren't they lovely? I was going to buy them individually over time, but it seemed so much more economical to get a 'used' (they are new, but they just didn't have the original box) set. You're not shallow at all--I have to read shorter books that are quick alongside longer ones. And I also don't usually read them back to back either. I knew going in to it it would be long, but it's so good that it actually reads very quickly. Do put it on your list of books to look for later, though. I Highly recommend it! Thanks for following me on Pinterest--I shall do the same back (will log in this weekend--if I start now I know I won't turn off the computer anytime soon...). I have been looking for other bloggers I know--it's way too much fun!


I was thinking that it would be fun to try one recipe from each book as I read them...may have to try that, but it could be a culinary adventure. Library books always insinuate themselves into my reading pile...throw everything for a loop, you know! I had not heard of Age of Miracles, so I had to look it up and it sounds really good. I look forward to hearing what you make of it and then I'll probably end up requesting it myself! :)


Aren't they?! Books are always an investment, right? They never go out of style and keep well on your shelves. I'll get to them eventually, even if I don't start reading right away--always good to have something to look forward to.


I admit I coveted the book for it's attractive qualities almost as much as for the story--though the story sounds really good to me and I have been looking forward to reading it. I think it is one that I will really like. I have The Natural History of Colors--Finlay is the author? I've looked at it many times in consideration of reading it (I love reading about colors as weird as that sounds--there was a book about the color Red that I thoroughly enjoyed some years back--a sort of cultural history type of book). I don't know the Dunmore book but I was just thinking of picking up The Greatcoat for my last RIP read. I'll be looking up the Zink book, too--always nice to have new books to check out! I am on Goodreads (if not under my name than maybe Literary Cat--I haven't been online there for a while and really need to go in and update my shelves--and I will follow you on Pinterest, too! I get most of my bookmarks from Pomegranate these days--also they sell great postcards!


I bought the Journey books last year but maybe they are sold out? It had diaries among them too. It really could be turned into a project.


I agree -- and yes I am a visual person so get a lot of pleasure from it. Happy pinning!


Your beautifully shot photos have certainly whetted my appetite for those lovely Penguin Great Food series (although I hardly need any help with that, since I have been coveting them for quite some time too!)
And as a result of that, I immediately went looking online to see if there was any chance of me finding such a good deal as well. Instead of landing a good deal on this, what I found was a great bargain for the English Journeys series (which was also something I had longed for all these while, but had stopped looking for lately). So, thanks to your 'inspiring post' I now have the complete English Journeys series winging their way to me soon! :) Will continue to look out for the Food series too, and if I see any more good bargains for the Travel series I'll be sure to let you know! ;)


Oh all of these look so good! The Penguin books are just gorgeous. I really must get hold of a copy of the Mary Stewart (mine is at my parent's house, and I won't get there in time, so must search for a substitute) and am really encouraged about As The Crow Flies. My copy has very small type that is rather faint, and it's been putting me off. Knowing it's a wonderful story is exactly the sort of motivation I need to pick it up anyway.

Liz F

I can recommend Tigers in Red Weather - I didn't think that the characters were terribly likeable but the story, which moves backwards and forwards in time from chapter to chapter, is intriguing and certainly kept me reading.
The Williams is very good and I have already requested the second one - I think the third comes out next year some time.
I have seen the Cathy Woodman book but not read it yet. I will have a look and see if the library have it.
Have I mentioned The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown before? You may be ahead of me on this but if you haven't read it then you should definitely put it on your list as I thought it was brilliant.
It is about three sisters who all find themselves back at home in the university town they grew up in for the first time as adults.
Life hasn't quite worked out the way they planned for any of them and they are all at a crossroads in their lives and the book is about how their lives and relationships change.
They aren't that weird btw, just not completely conventional but I absolutely loved them and the book and thoroughly recommend it.

One piece of advice: if you are going to read The Greatcoat, make sure the lights are on!


Oh, so tempting. I will have to see if I can at least get the titles in the series and look for the diaries individually. I read The Cobra's Heart by R Kapuscinski a few years ago as it turned up as one of my postal group reads and it was excellent. I thought then of getting the set but never got around to it--I wish I had now, as I might have been able to find it back then. It may still be available as a set in the UK--the Great Foods books I got came from the UK not from a US bookstore. Pity we don't have them over here--Penguins does a lot of cool series books.


I'm well at the back of the line for the Klaussman, but I'll get it from the library eventually. I don't always mind it when the characters in a book are not likable--it depends on whether there are other things in the story that capture my attention. I will definitely give it a go, though. I've put the Williams' books on my wishlist--will have to see if my library has it when I go tomorrow, though I think I already have about four holds. Strangely I am not usually drawn to crime novels set in the US--and when I read the back of the book and see it is an FBI story I tend to put the book back, but that's pretty bad of me--I have a feeling I am missing out perhaps. I hadn't heard of the Weird Sisters, but that is one that I *did* request. I've pulled out my copy of The Greatcoat, but I will save it for the brightly lit gym! (I did the same with Dark Matter, too). I'm glad to see it is more novella-length, so I still have a chance of finishing it this month. And I started the Woodman book on a whim and it is so far very light and entertaining. I sometimes think I am too old to read 'relationship' books like that, but oh well!


They are so nicely designed--I in general like Penguin books and could be tempted more often I think, but it's a real splurge to buy an entire set like that all at once. Glad to hear you got the English Journeys--they also appeal to me very much. Too bad we're not neighbors--we could loan each other the respective books from each of our sets! :)


Penguin designs are always impressive. My library has a book about their designs and how they have changed--I should really check it out sometime. I'm really enjoying the Stewart book. I found a cheap used copy (as you can see by the photo) and have been reading it during my lunch breaks at work. My copy of As the Crow Flies has tiny type too, which added together with so many pages looked quite overwhelming when I first picked it up, but trust me...when you start reading, you don't even feel the length! I find myself turning the pages quickly--so absorbing I am finding the story. I might have to dig her other novel out this weekend, too, for a possible reread sometime soon.


Once you start looking it's hard to stop, isn't it? Whoever came up with this idea certainly hit on something good!


Oh those food books, Danielle, how they tempt me. I'm saving for a Christmas holiday, or I'd get them all!


A bit late for coming in to comment but I'll try anyway. It is the second time this year I hear about The Home-Maker. Looking forward to your review now:)
I am reaching an awful lot for non-fiction lately. In an attempt to regain balance I've also started Touch Not The Cat, even though I was planning to keep that for next year.


Oh, the Great Food Books set is so exciting! I haven't read any of them, but whenever I see some of them in bookstores I totally want them all - though now is really not the moment for me to be acquiring more books.

I read and liked The Night Circus last year - I second Caroline's comment that it's an autumn/winter read.

Lately I've been on a novella kick, apparently - the last two books I read were novellas, anyhow (The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett and Savage by Jacques Jouet). I'm about to switch moods entirely, though, to a coffeetable book of photos/history called Lost New York. I'm not sure how much in it will be new to me (I've been living in NYC since I came here for college in August 2000, and consider myself fairly knowledgeable about city history - and not just 'cause I took Kenneth Jackson's History of the City of New York class in school) but maybe I'll be surprised. And even if it's not new to me, the pictures should be fun.

I'm on Pinterest you - just started following you. I mostly pin art I've seen, but sometimes other stuff too.


(Pretend my above comment says "on Pinterest too" at the end - typos, grr!)


It was a splurge for me, and now I need to make a project out of reading them (and not letting them sit unopened on my shelves)! I'm all for saving for a holiday--and I need to be saving, too, so no more splurging for me (easier said than done).


I have wanted to read it for a while now, and have been seduced by the discussion going on in one of my online reading groups. I'm not far into it, but I think it is going to be absorbing reading. I was on a nonfiction kick just recently, too, but have been picking up novels again--now it is time to pull out a few 'obligation' reads. I'm really enjoying the Stewart--you are rereading all her novels, aren't you? I am very slowly making my way through them for the first time! :)


Thanks for following me and I've followed you back. I love art and have found some cool things on Pinterest, so I'll keep an eye on what you pin! :) I love those little Great Food books--and an deciding which one to read next--will be writing about one of them this coming week I think. The Night Circus is on my bedside pile, though I really need to buckle down and finish a few other books before starting it--we'll see how I do. I love novellas--they are often much more thoughtful when you pick them up than you think--sometimes I expect a quick easy read and find that is not the case at all. I've read The Uncommon Reader twice now--very fun. And Lost New York sounds really good--I love coffee table books--even if I usually only look at the pictures. I want to read the text, but they are not easy to carry around to read. Browsing works, too, though!

Liz F

Never too old Danielle although I do admit that there are certain fluffy chicklit type books where I want to give the heroine a good smack!
To be honest I would be more likely to avoid the vet book because it is a vet book - animals die and I end up in tears and having been in floods last night watching Downton Abbey, I think I would rather avoid any potential tear jerkers for a while!


Yes, I started rereading them last year and purchasing those I didn't possess already. After Touch Not The Cat, there will be four more: Stormy Petrel, Rose Cottage, Thornyhold and The Wind Off the Small Isles which I have in a beautiful hardcover (the only one I have)version. All to look forward to next year and after that... I'll could very well start all over again :)

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