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Buried In Print

What an enticing post: so many books and they all sound great, so I can't help but start eyeing my shelves and reading lists, thinking of potential readalong options. You've also reminded me of the Laurie King series, which I didn't mean to set aside (let alone her other series, which I also did not finish): perfect time of year for those of course! Enjoy the rest of your reading month!


Glad you're enjoying Letter of Mary. That and O Jerusalem are two of my favorite Russell novels. O Jerusalem is set before the events of Letter of Mary, but there's no need to read it in that order. Publication order works perfectly well. I don't know how it would work to read in the order of events. I started reading the series before O Jerusalem was published, so I never had a choice.


Why does everything sound so good? Let me know if you come up with another reading suggestion! You know I am always open to good book ideas? I just pulled the books I had close at hand or recent purchases. I really like Laurie King and am not sure why I let so much time pass between books. Maybe I'll read several in a row--I am really into A Letter to Mary--you know how with some books the pages magically turn rapidly--that's this one! Are you also reading the Kate Martinelli books? I have the first one and was thinking of reading it before I went to San Francisco, since that is where it is set--will get to it eventually. I am very much in a mystery mood at the moment--you're right fall is a good time for cozy mysteries!


That's good to know since I am too into the story to set it aside now! :) Laurie King is really good and I have been on the verge of picking up the next Mary Russell book for months now. I had to finally give in despite the pile of books I should also be giving attention to. If she published the stories out of order then I am not going to worry about it--it'll all come together soon enough! I think you've read them all, haven't you?


Thanks for sharing our event.
You've got some great choices. I've read two novels by hammesfahr and they were good but not bets of the best, just good. Noll is another writer, she is really brilliant. I saw the movie of The Pharmacist as well and it's worth watching.
Gert Ledig will be quite dark but I think we can have one or two of those as well and some of the paricipants said last year that it was terrific.
Handke is hit or miss. Some of his stuff is very bleak, some excellent, some annoying...I hope you oick a good one.
I've read a lot of the romantic fairy tales and they are wonderful.
Yeah, I wonder, how did time slip away like this? Almost November, Christmas, the end of the year....
But I'm looking forward to November.


That is an intriguing mixture of books and I really should try and read more German authors.The Romantic Fairy Tales book sounds good - I'm guessing that they will be quite gothic.
Still haven't read any Stefan Zweig despite having a couple of his books somewhere - I keep thinking I should go through my shelves and pull out a stack of books that I 'should' read and then go through them one by one but that very rarely works out and I end up putting them all back after the pile has fallen on one of the cats!
I can't imagine that any book which looks at the war in Russia from the German side could be anything other than dark but I think that it would be fascinating to see history from another point of view.
If I find myself getting bogged down in a crime novel, I am afraid that I skip to the back to see what happens rather than leave it unfinished.
I have seen a lot of Laurie King books in the library but have never even thought about trying them. Now that your post and comments make me feel that I am missing something, I must take a closer look.

Joan Kyler

I've read all of the Mary Russell books and loved almost all of them. I hated The Pirate King and wasn't thrilled by the latest, Garment of Shadows. There's not much of Holmes in either of these and I like the team work of Holmes and Russell. The Pirate King was just silly and that didn't work for me in this series.

I sometimes feel unsettled if I don't read a series in order, my mild OCD, I guess, but often it's just not possible. But then I try to think of the books as stories about people, how you learn about people's pasts but not necessarily in chronological order. You find out more the longer you know them, so, in the end, it all comes together.


Look at all that Zweig! I really liked him when we read him for the Slaves but just haven't gotten around to any of his other books. Every time you read one it reminds me that I want to read more of his work. The Romantic Fairy Tales book sounds like fun. I just requested Crewe Train from the library yesterday so I will have it soon and will probably start on it next week.


I love hearing about the books that are enticing you--oh, to be able to read ALL the books that we are interested in! I have broadened my own reading tastes through reading your reviews and challenges and have enjoyed visiting a few of the blogs/read-alongs you've mentioned. You make everything sound so good! (Definitely looking for Sea of Ink, for example.)

Regarding The Lie--occasionally in the past I've become fed up with a mystery and before I put it aside, I read the last chapter. If I like how it ends, I might go back and read, or at least skim, the rest of the book. There's always that option, even though it feels like "cheating"!


I really want to read Romantic Fairy Tales! Putting it on my list. I love all of the Laurie R. King books -- except that I agree that the Pirate King was terrible. I read them all in publication order. I'm in the middle of Garment of Shadows, so we'll see how that one measures up to the rest.


I'm not sure what it is with the Hammesfahr--maybe when I get back to it it will click better. I love the premise--so maybe the translation is just a little clunky. I'm sure you read her in German so the story may have been much smoother--but I've kept the book on my bedside pile for ages knowing I wanted to get back to it and find out what happened at the end. I have really liked Noll's books and purposely saved the last book for a treat. I'm ready to start that one now! :) Even though the Ledig sounds quite dark, I am still looking forward to reading it--I need to start this month's book this weekend, though it looks very short so it shouldn't be a problem to finish on time. I remember Handke from my German classes--he was always recommended reading--I can't remember which ones I have off hand--a couple, and I think they are shorter novels. Not sure if I will get to him as I have plenty to choose from here. And I think I am definitely going to read the book of fairy tales--I should really read a classic, too (I really liked last year's Effi Briest--though I'm not sure I would be able to fit one in. Maybe The Sorrows of Young Werther? Something really short--will have to see which Hesperus Press books by German authors I have on hand... Can you tell I am really looking forward to this?!


The Romantic Fairy Tales does look gothic--it would have worked well this month, but maybe I'll continue my Sunday readings with it instead. I don't read much German fiction, which is why I am looking forward to this. I really like Stefan Zweig and have read several of his books now--I'd like to work my way through all his work--he mostly wrote novellas and short stories and only a very few full length novels. I keep my books away from my cat as she likes to use them for honing her claws--naughty, naughty girl! I cringe when I realize I've left books on the floor where she can get to them! If a stack fell on her (now I don't wish that of course) maybe she'd learn not to get too close! WWII as seen from the Russian or German perspective sounds especially harrowing--but I do look forward to seeing another side of the war--I tend to only read books about the British or American experiences. I have thought of jumping ahead on the Hammesfahr-but I keep holding out hope that I'll enjoy the rest of the story! If it doesn't work for me this time I will have to just read the last chapter and call it quits! I really like Laurie King--if you do read her and start with her first book--it's okay, but not as good as the books that follow. It is more episodic, like short stories--but stick it out--the next book was excellent and I am thoroughly enjoying this one--can't wait to finish here so I can go and read before bedtime!


I am coming late to the Mary Russell/Holmes books--I really have enjoyed the two I read, and this one is totally engaging. Too bad about The Pirate King--I have a number of books to read before I get to it. I guess every author who writes a series of books is likely produce a dud now and again. I've read all the Elizabeth George's--Inspector Lynley novels--she was my favorite mystery writer, but the more recent books have become a little unwieldy. I still read them, but now I wait for the paperbacks--her newest is out in paper at the end of the year--or beginning of next. Otherwise I have read and enjoyed all of the Maisie Dobbs books. I have too many mystery authors I follow and can't seem to keep up--now that it is fall I seem to be reaching for the more often, and I think I'll keep going with the Mary Russell books. I hope the newest shows King back in top form? I really prefer to read mysteries in order, too. Once in a while I'll jump in at an odd point, but then will go back to the beginning and start fresh. I like to see how the characters build and how the relationships change--it's not often in literature that you get that pleasure except with series books like mysteries. So, you're not alone! :) Of course when you come across a bomb of a book you have to sort of slog through so you can get to the next. I have several bins full of mysteries--I am very good at collecting them!


I really like Zweig--I think partially I am just interested in his life, but I always enjoy his books. I am very slowly reading through his work. He wrote loads of short stories and novellas, so maybe you can squeeze in one of those soon. I'm looking forward to The Romantic Fairy Tales, and I have just barely started Crewe Train--what little I've read I liked--always a good sign.


And there are always so many of them. I am easily enticed by books and feel like I can chatter on endlessly by what I want to read (and I suspect I do that a lot anyway). I'm glad you've been able to check out other blogs for the challenges--that's another good way of finding even more good books! I might just have to read the last chapter of The Lie if I find I can't stick it out. Surely I can manage the last 150 or so pages?? I remember the story until the point I set the book aside, but I might have to skim a little bit. The premise is a good one--so maybe the translation is just a little on the clunky side?


I'm glad you're tempted by the Fairy Tales--you should read along! :) I think I will try and read one a weekend and post on it on each Sunday during November--we'll see anyway. I'm not sure how long the stories are, but the book itself isn't too thick. I'll stick with the Laurie King book and will eventually get to the story that she only alludes to--I think it'll be not the next book, but the book after that. As I am enjoying the story so much, I might just pick up the next book as soon as I finish this one. I had to take a peek at The Pirate King and it seems like a lot of Mary Russell fans were disappointed as well. Hopefully she's back on track with her newest.

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