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You do well to leave it standing alone. I've read all the sequels, and none quite has the charm as Ring of Bright Water. This is one of my most favorite books ever!

Nicola Manning

I read this when I was a kid!!


I really liked Ring of Bright Water and am afraid of ruining the story by reading more, since I've heard the sequels aren't as good. I can easily see why you count this as a favorite!


It seems this is a childhood read/favorite of a number of readers I know! I somehow, once again managed to miss it, but better late then never right?


Somehow I managed to miss reading this as a child, though it sounds like the kind of story I would have liked. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

Reading about this book reminded me of the old Disney TV programs about animals, and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Both shows were staples in my house growing up.


What a charming book! And how funny that you had a forgotten copy on your bookshelf. I love otters. I could stand and watch them all day at Sea World when I was a kid if my parents would have let me. I've seen them in the ocean too, floating out in the kelp. I haven't seen any fresh water otters but I know we have them in MN because a woman swimming in a lake over the summer was attacked by one who the DNR suspects was protecting her pups though the woman was in the middle of the lake and had no idea there were otters about. She was bitten about 20 times and had to get stitches and a rabies shot just in case. Yikes!


I read Ring of Bright Water after spending a summer in Wester Ross, in the north west Highlands of Scotland and I suppose it will forever stay connected to that time.
Your review brings it all back now!

Buried In Print

I always have thought of this one in connection with Rascal (Sterling North); I just filled the gap with the raccoon classic this summer, so I should spend some time with otters too, now!


I remember Wild Kingdom, too--all the more so since I am in Omaha and Mutual of Omaha is right on my way to work. I think I appreciated this story more now as an adult (that seems to be the case most often)--I didn't really read many animal stories as a child--I think sad animal stories would have crushed me, but this is one that many readers seem to have encountered first as children.


The question is--what else do I have sitting down on my shelves that I would love to read...if only I knew about the book...Hah! I have never seen them outside the zoo--and even then it's been ages since I've visited a zoo. They sound like playful and entertaining animals--but I wouldn't want one as a pet I think! That's awful that a woman was attacked--though if the otter was protecting her babies--I think it must not have been a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I didn't realize there would be otters in MN--interesting!


That's really cool and all the more special since the place Maxwell writes about is in Scotland. I just received a copy of Tarka the Otter, though I think I will save it for a bit-not sure I can take another sad animal story so close together.


I had to look Rascal up (and of course ended up adding it to my wishlist) as it is yet another book I wasn't familiar with. It would make a great companion read. I guess this will be a new subset of my nature reading project... I'm quite curious about otters now.


I love this. What an amazing story, to have two pet otters. I have had quite a few animals in my life but never otters. Animals are very important to me, I couldn't think of a life without an animal. I suppose basucally every species can make a good friend if you are willing to pay attention and give it some time.
I liked the bit about the habits.
That needs to be ordered right away.

Joan Kyler

I read this as a teenager and loved it. I have a copy in my box of books to read and get rid of, so I think it's time to re-read it.


They really do sound cool--but seriously high maintenance. My family has always had dogs and cats. It would be a little lonely I think without at least a cat. Pets do take a commitment, though, but they really become part of your family. I'd like to read about cat psychology--I know there have been some good books out over the years but I never did pick any of them up--I'd like to read something, though. I think I have a very neurotic cat! :) (I need to figure her out). And Ring of Bright Water was wonderful. The first part read a bit slower than the second, but it was all good--made me smile but must admit there were a few very sad parts, too.


I'm so glad I found this in my pile of books. I hate it that I have forgotten what I have in some cases, but then I often think I need to stop buying books and just spend more time sorting through my piles and shelves as I am certain to find something I've forgotten I own that would be great to read now!


I wanted to train as a cat psychologist (still tempted) and have read loads of books. When I got my stray she was so crazy I called a cat psychlogist and she worked miracles.
Vicky Halls writes some of the best books, they are like case studies. There are others which help with treatment or just "general" books. But Hall's Cat Detective and others are really great. I learned a lot as I have a really crazy cat. Tell me if you'd like more titles.


This is such an iconic British book 'from a certain era'. I caught the film of it a couple of years ago, and that was lovely too, although it had a very old-fashioned feel. The book will never date, though. I think I may have read it when I was young - it's too long ago now to be sure! How dreadful is that? Wonderful review, Danielle, that makes me keen to read it again.


My cat Chispa is very neurotic! She has such bad habits--like licking or chewing on plastic bags or scratching my furniture (I know it's natural for her to want to hone her claws, but she can be so destructive), but there are other things about her personality that make me wonder just what she is thinking! My library doesn't have any of Vicky Halls' books, but I can find them on Amazon. If you have any other suggestions, do let me know--maybe I can find something else locally. I wouldn't mind even reading something very general about cats to start out. I've had cats for more than a decade but never have gotten around to reading about their behavior. After reading the Maxwell book I'm very curious now.


I have heard from a number of readers in the UK that have told me they read the book, too! I'm glad I have finally gotten around to reading it and even have my own copy. I can see why this is a classic and people still go back to it to read. I am not sure I could watch the movie, though. I have to admit, when his dog died I was sobbing! Still, even though there were sad parts--it was really enjoyable!

Buried In Print

There was a film version of this, too, IIRC: Disney, maybe? It definitely made me fall in love with otters; I so wanted one!


I saw the listing on Amazon for the movie--am tempted to add it to my Netflix queue, but will it be as good as the book? Then again, with the movie you get visuals. It is very sad in a few places, too. But seeing an otter in action would be really cool after reading about them!

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