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Well you have brought back memories for me!!! We ate oatmeal (called porridge) every school day morning. Just a little brown sugar to sweeten it and milk added if you choose. I have not eaten it since! The funny thing is that in our large family (10 children) the morning porridge was stopped before the youngest were part of the tradition and I've always marvelled at how much they like porridge!!! The other part was the pot was always(in my memory) left to soak in the sink and so someone would wash it up when we got home from school.... really disliked that job. I work with kids and I encourage them to enjoy their hot breakfast without ever letting on I don't!


I'm the reverse--I didn't start eating oatmeal until just recently. I usually eat the instant packets before work as it is much easier and quicker to prepare, but not as good as the real thing. I've tried brown sugar and it's good, too, though I'm not generally a fan of milk, so I've stuck with just water for the preparation part. Now I would have hated to clean up a pot of leftover oatmeal/porridge at after school--it's usually a sticky mess, which is why I only make it on weekends when I have time for cooking and then cleaning it up. A warm breakfast is a good thing on a cold morning, I must say. And the kids needn't know whether you like it/eat it or not! ;)

Christine Harding

Glad you've been converted! Can I get ginger creamed honey and pumpkin butter in England I wonder? They sound so delicious.

Margaret Powling

Is your "oatmeal" our "porridge"? I use Quaker porridge oats. For two people I use a cup of oats to 2 cups of milk (or if you prefer milk and water mixed.) I use semi-skimmed milk. I mix it together, bring to the boil, stirring all the time, then simmer for about 5 or 6 minutes. You can, if you prefer mix the two together and allow to stand overnight in the fridge. If it's a little too thick at this stage of cooking, just add a little more milk. when cooked serve with either brown sugar or Lyle's golden syrup (if, indeed, you can buy that in America?) I don't like maple syrup and I think it would be just to strong for porridge (oatmeal!) It doesn't need any other things added, no blueberries, no bananas, nothing. So, get cracking with this simple receipe, Danielle. Of course, much depends on what your raw ingredients are like - maybe your oatmeal isn't like our porridge oats (and here I prefer Quaker brand to Scott's porridge oats.)

Kristen M.

Now, have "real" oatmeal for about six months and then try and go back to the packets. You'll probably find that you can't. They're powdery, too small and overly sweet. I do packets of cream of wheat now (because it's just a portion size not a product change) and then real oatmeal. The oatmeal packets used to be a total staple though!


Surely you must have ginger honey in England? A friend in Canada told me about it and I was surprised at how easy it ended up being to find--though it was someone who keeps bees locally that sold it. As for pumpkin butter--it's really yummy. We have lots of pumpkins here--not sure if you grow them over there? But well worth looking for--I also love pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread--it's just the right time of year for all things pumpkin here! :)


I think porridge is indeed the same thing as oatmeal--and I also buy old fashioned Quaker oats, so I think that must be the same? I'm not a fan of milk and don't generally buy it--I tried to substitute almond milk, which I do drink, for water, but it didn't seem to make much difference taste-wise, so I am sticking with water. I do need the add-ins as I haven't quite gotten used to plain oatmeal--it's a little too bland for my taste buds. I did look for Lyle's syrup (though I love maple--for me it's yummy, but then it's what I've always eaten), and while I'm not sure I can find it locally, I see that Amazon sells it! So I do plan on ordering a little tin of it to try and will it with my oatmeal as well! Thanks for the recipe--it's fun trying different versions!


The instant packets really are very different! Now I am eating instant only a few times a week (for the quickness of the cooking), and then regular cold cereal on other days. Real oatmeal for weekends when I have a bit more time. I've never tried cream of wheat--that was another thing I avoided when I was younger, but I bet I would like it now. Oatmeal definitely sticks to your ribs, though--it's nice to have something warm and filling in the morning to see me through to lunchtime!


Oatmeal completely ROCKS, I agree!
My favorite "type" of it is a cereal called Red River [here in Canada. I'm not sure if it's available in the U.S.]
It is fantastic -- 100% natural, and loaded with flaxseed.
Your creation here, especially with the cinnamon and blueberries -- well, I can't wait for breakfast now!


This sounds decidedly nice. :)
I've ccome across oatmeal recipes ever since you shared your first experience and every time it said - NO microwave. It seems to really not work.

Liz F

Cinnamon and blueberries - yum. I would be tempted to add some flaked almonds as well but only occasionally!
The creamed honeys sound very interesting - I can't say I have ever seen anything like them here but I will have a look at the next farmers market and see if any local beekeepers produce them. Having said that I wonder if our disastrously wet summer has affected the production of honey as I have seen far fewer bees around than usual.
We do get pumpkins here though and I love pumpkin pie, when I get around to making one, but I don't think that we have a lot of pumpkin products otherwise - or maybe I am just not looking hard enough! I have noticed a few more American items in our local Asda (Wal Mart to you!) and my son is particularly fond of Hersheys and Mountain Dew although even he admits that he can't indulge in either too often - maybe it is because we have an American base nearby although I know that they have their own supermarket there with everything imported in.


I love oatmeal! In fact, I had steel cut oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I thought I had commented on your original oatmeal post, but I couldn't find the comment when I went back there. I suggested brewing some chai spice tea with half a cup of water and adding that to the liquid for the oatmeal--gives it a sweet and spicy flavor with no added calories.

Those two honeys sound delicious--especially the ginger honey. I'll be they're both terrific on biscuits, one of my favorite breakfast treats.


Yay for your oatmeal success! And yay for pumpkin butter! I love pumpkin butter especially this time of year.


Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast foods--along with Kashi shredded wheat. I had never heard of Red River, but it is listed on Amazon of all places, so I am going to look for it in stores--surely someone must carry it here. Isn't breakfast yummy...such cereal connoisseurs we are! :)


You probably hadn't been thinking of oatmeal before and now that you have talked about it, you're going to see it everywhere! Isn't that always the way it is? I have been sticking to the stove top method and it seems to work really well. The colder the mornings, the more I like starting the day with something warm to eat!


I often add nuts, and even now have them in little plastic containers in my cupboard for easy access! It all depends on how many calories I am trying to eat (or not eat as the case usually is). I have no idea what the difference between creamed honey and regular is--the creamed honey is more opaque and whiter and also solid, though it melts nicely on a warm bowl of oatmeal. If you can get your hands on it--it is very yummy! Is Asda actually Walmart or just like Walmart? I sort of hate Walmart but admit I do shop there as the prices are usually pretty low for a lot of things. My niece loves Mountain Dew--I have given up all soda I'm afraid--it's too addictive, so your son is wise to indulge only occasionally. Now for Hershey's, they have this lower calorie chocolate called simple pleasures which I must admit is very good. I buy a little bag and ration the pieces out--one a day or every other day--my fave is the dark chocolate that has a truffle-y center. Normally I don't like Hersheys, but I do like the simple pleasures!


You did give me that Chai recipe and I plan on trying it some weekend. I like the part about good flavor and no extra calories!! I will have to try steel cut oats next! The honey is very yummy, but I have to ration it out--I could easily just sit down with a spoon and eat it straight from the jar! :)


I hate to admit this, as it makes me feel like a total dork, but I always thought apple and pumpkin butter was, well, butter! The apple butter is almost like applesauce. I like them both all slathered on my morning toast (okay not slathered maybe...).

Liz F

ASDA started out as Associated Dairies years ago and were taken over by Wal Mart a few years ago. I knew people who worked there at the time of the takeover and they all said that the Walmart style of management was very different from the Asda one - and not for the better in terms of staff benefits!
I have to admit that I do a lot of shopping there as they are so much cheaper than the other supermarket chains and keeping costs down was always the name of the game when all the kids were at home!
By the sound of it what you call creamed honey sounds like what we know as set honey although I still haven't seen any with added ingredients. Must investigate this!
I don't actually drink any fizzy drinks at all (well apart from prosecco but I'm not sure that counts!)and I always tried to limit how much my kids had as they were quite lively enough without all the E numbers floating around in their systems. Having said that James is 21 now and quite sensible about diet so the occasional bottle of Mountain Dew isn't going to do any harm - even if I do think it looks like it would glow in the dark!
I tend to find the Hershey products are just too sweet for me.
I used to love the Italian chocolates, Baci, but I haven't seen them around for a while - probably a good thing although I do occasionally treat myself to one of Marks and Spencer's bars of 70% cocoa plain chocolate and have a couple of squares a day with a cup of coffee (now that is something I probably have too much of!)


I just love the title of this post! And your oatmeal looks amazing. Nothing like a really good breakfast, so I'm so glad you've found one.


Walmart. Ugh. They're everywhere. I really know I should shop elsewhere, and actually I do spread out my money to smaller stores, but unfortunately economically speaking I really do save money by buying certain things there. What can you do?! The creamed honey is yummy--I really don't use much (any?) regular sugar these days, but I'm going to try and substitute honey for it when I can. I love Baci chocolates--I can find it around Christmastime. Normally I steer clear of Hersheys, but I do love those Simple Pleasures, which are dark chocolate--I much prefer dark chocolate--the darker and more bitter the better in my opinion! :) I never did get into drinking coffee (though I love the smell of it), but lately I drink a lot of tea (herbal or green). My favorite chocolate is Black and Green, which I think is British by the way?


I hate it when something simple like this defeats me. I'll keep at it until I'm happy with the results. The oatmeal solution just in time for winter! ;)

Heather Bond

I can't remember from your last oatmeal post if you've tried steel cut oats. If not, please do! Put 1/4 cup of oats in a pan with 1 cup of water before you go to bed and in the morning you will have lovely oatmeal in about 20 minutes. It is SO far removed from rolled oats it really shouldn't even be in the same aisle. On Christmas morning I make mine with some dried cherries, raisins, shredded apple, walnuts, and brown sugar (and cream) and it is delicious!


That sounds really yummy! I was talking to a coworker about oatmeal and she also mentioned how good steel cut oats are (we were talking specifically about the texture of regular oatmeal), and it sounds like the steel cut might be even better for my own tastes. I will definitely check it out when I go to the supermarket this weekend and pick up a container and give it a try as well! :)

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