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Beautiful Danielle, both the story and the review.


Thanks. Munro really is an amazing writer. What she can do in a few pages that take other writers hundreds is pretty impressive! I think this story is my favorite so far.


I feel as if I've read this story, but, maybe it is just how well you've reviewed it that makes me feel this way. Thank you, and, no I don't think it is weird to read two books by the same author at the same time. Life is short. Go for it.


Your review makes me want to rush out and stockpile Alice Munro's stories and work my way through them!
Bearing in mind just how many books I have already, however (absolutely no idea and am afraid to even start to count!) I think I had better just start with the one I've got (The View from Castle Rock)before I get carried away again!


An excellent beginning, one that really grabs the attention.
She is a master at what she does.


I agree - Alice Munroe IS wonderful! Thank you for this gorgeous review. You make me want to rush and pick up one of her short story collections.


That opening definitely catches my attention!


You've convinced me to try her short stories. All your reviews have been intriguing, making me want to know more.

My mother-in-law loves short stories--maybe I will get her a collection or two for Christmas, and start with Alice Munro.


I hope I didn't give too much away! :) It's so hard to write about short stories in a way that makes sense without telling what happens. I figure with short stories it doesn't matter if you are reading two books by one author concurrently since each story is complete in itself, right?!


She is so good, and I am sure it doesn't matter where you start with her work. Once you start you'll want to buy up all her books--unsurprisingly that's what I want to do anyway. I have a number of her books but I want to round out the set I think. And I have loads of unread books, too, so I can relate. Not that it ever stops me from buying a few more. (And a few more...).


I think with short stories you really do need to have a good attention grabbing opening as there isn't much room to spend developing the plot--well, Munro manages it in any case. I think this is my favorite story by her so far, but I have lots left to read still.


Once you start you won't want to stop. Reading her stories is like eating potato chips--you can't just eat one--you keep craving more!


I love a writer who can draw you in right away! She's very good at that!


Oh, please do--she's wonderful, and I think you won't be disappointed. If your MIL likes short stories, Munro is the perfect writer to give her. I think I've heard her called the best short story writer working today, and I would happily concur with that. One of her stories just appeared--well it's been a month or so ago?--in the New Yorker. You might be able to read it online if you want to give her a try before buying one of her books. I think it is a story that is in the new collection she has coming out soon. Do let me know what you think when you get to her!

Buried In Print

This is one of her oft-anthologized stories, and it's easy to see why: so much to talk about. I love the layering of it, the way that one event intersects with the other, across the years. And the way that she depicts their marriage is so insightful, so recognizable. I really enjoyed this story, and I like the way that you approach the plot of the story by alluding to the later event without directly commenting on it. I'm late commenting here...I must get to checking your post on Thursdays as we read through these!

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