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Another good story! My library turns out to have lots of her books so now I just have to find the time and choose one.


She is dependably good I am discovering. Each story a perfect little world--it makes me love reading short stories. Maybe if more people read her they would be more inclined to pick up short stories--that's what happened to me. Definitely add her to your reading list!


She has such a wide range. You never really know in advance what the story will be about or where it will go.

Buried In Print

I'm so glad you posted that quote about the house: it's perfect. You can imagine it exactly, can't you? I had to read this story twice, because I didn't write my post soon enough after the first reading, so it really sank in after that...lots of layers, as usual.

But of course what I'm itching to discuss is what cannot be discussed, the ending. How much risk do you think is truly there, and how likely is there to be a tragedy in the sequel that we would have to write in our heads? So interesting to think about...


She's really amazing. You don't have to worry about hearing the same story over and over again--though I think she does concentrate on certain themes and certain similar characters--but then I guess all authors do that.


I loved that quote--had to share it even though it was long. I wonder if Glenna is more concerned about the possibility of the engine causing a rollover because of Ross's disability rather than any real threat? Strangely it's Colin that caused the first accident, or what appeared to be an accident--not Ross. Maybe he's not really the one that needs so much looking after? I still need to go read your post--the weekend just slipped away as usual and am now just catching up on things...

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