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I read another book by was the one Eyes Wide Shut was based upon. Fraulein Else sounds much better.


I thought this was such an interesting novella and quite sad as well. Freud and Schnitzler influenced each other. It's quite an interesting time period. I loved La Ronde but my favourite is the Dream Story which bybee mentions. All in all I could easily see him tunr into a favourite author.
Oh yes, The Stalin Front. It's quite gruesome but we are held at adistance constantly. The people have no names, inly titles which makes it more bearable. I like the way he writes and it's not too lnong.


Oh, this sounds like a good book! Poor Else. I'd say let her father go to jail so maybe he will learn a lesson, but then I suppose that affects her own prospects for a good marriage. Quite a dilemma!


This is an excellent book, one I really enjoyed. My version came with another story, 'Leutnant Gustl', which is a more humorous story, but written in the same stream-of-consciousness style - well worth trying :)


I've heard a number of people talk about Eyes Wide Shut----I'll have to try that one eventually, too. For me, this seemed a really good place to start with his work. Definitely one I recommend.


It is an interesting time period. I wondered about the Freud angle--I wouldn't mind reading more about when the book was written. I want to read more of his work and still hope to read La Ronde--may have to carry it over into December though. You're right about The Staling Front--it is really kept at a distance and so far I don't even feel much of a connection with any of the characters. Very gruesome imagery, though.


I think you'd like this one. She was in an impossible situation--either way there was no happy outcome.


Despite the sad ending, I really liked it as well. And I really liked the stream of consciousness writing style--it was much more powerful being inside Else's head than hearing the story third person. I really want to read Leutnant Gustl, but I can't seem to find a copy of it anywhere--will have to look for it online and order it.

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