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Kristen M.

I'm doing a Secret Garden read-along right now on The Estella Society! The discussion is on November 15 if you want to join in. It's a childhood favorite for me that I've read many times but this time I'm reading the annotated edition and it's absolutely fascinating.
And I can't believe I still haven't read any Mary Stewart. I'll have to change that soon!


I might just have to join you--I'll go check out Andi's blog--she is still doing the Estella Society? I have wanted to read it for a long time and I was planning on doing it anyway... I love Mary Stewart. Read one and I bet you'll want to read them all. That's what has happened to me anyway.


I've been thinking about a re-read of The Secret Garden, too. Look forward to your review.


Madam Will You Talk is one of my top Mary Stewarts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Also you make me want to reread The Secret Garden RIGHT NOW!


I enjoyed The Apothecary's Daughter and so far as the Mat=ry Stewart's are concerned my favourites are Touch not the Cat (sadly I've now read it too often to be excited by the plot any more), the Arthurian saga novels, and Wildfire at Midnight because I know, and love, the setting - the Isle of Skye.


Lovely pile. I only have Bright Star and The Secret Garden.
The movie Bright Star is a heart breaker. A favourite s I love all of Jane Campion's movies.
I need to read a Mary Stewart one of these days.
Gabrielle Roy sounds like another author I will have to look up.
Enjoy your books.

Walter Mason

I keep seeing "The Secret Garden" everywhere - and now on your pile! I really must read it. I was captivated by the BBC Television version when I was a child, but I have never read it. Apparently it has great metaphysical undertones.


Madame, Will You Talk? is one of my favorite Mary Stewarts, and I think it has a mention of Yggdrasil in it. After reading your mythology posts, I now know what that's in reference to! I have read and enjoyed The Secret Garden and still have my copy somewhere. As usual, a drool-inducing stack!


So much joy in a stack of books! The picture made me smile. I loved the Secret Garden, and Madam Will You Talk ranks quite high in my Mary Stewart Collection. I think you will enjoy it too. And now I'm off to look for Sunset Song:) Happy reading.


Lovely books! I really enjoyed Trinity Six - just a solidly good spy story. And I do like a Mary Stewart to relax with. I'll be very interested to hear how you get on with Gabrielle Roy as I have one of her novels in French!


Lovely stack of books there!
I adore Mary Stewart - she has been one of my greatest reading discoveries this year. Madam, Will You Talk? is my second favorite of hers - only The Moonspinners tops it so far.

Margaret Powling

I enjoy but don't exactly love Mary Stewart novels. Some I've finished, others I've put to one side, always intending to return to them and never quite managing it. I want to like them, I know she's highly regarded (ditto Barbara Pym) but somehow they just don't do it for me. I enjoyed Airs Above the Ground and Stromy Petrel, but have yet to read the others.

Once you've read The Apothecary's Daughter you will know whether you wish to continue the story with The Painter's Apprentice, which I loved.

Look out, too, for the novels of Rachel Hore - she has a new book out next year, I believe. If you like the Charlotte Betts' novels, I think you would like The Glasspainter's Daughter.

If you look at you will see in last month's issue of this online magazine I have a piece under the Home & Garden archive for Knot Gardens in which I mention Jane Borodale's book, The Knot.

Have just read and enjoyed Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper and Marcia Willett's latest, The Sea Garden (if you've read any of Marcia's books all I need to say it's typically Marcia, as each Katie Fforde novel is typically Katie Fforde, i.e. all as enjoyable as a cream cake and meant to be nothing more, nothing less.)

Current reading: Jennnie Field's The Age of Desire. Right away I know I'm in good literary hands, a writer who has done her homework but shows it with a deft touch. How lucky we are to have such excellent novelists writing now, providing us with good and informative entertainment, such as Jennie Field, Jane Borodale, Rose Tremain (loving her novel Restoration, this is being read slowly so that I don't finish it too quickly!) Katharine McMahon and so many more!


THE SECRET GARDEN is one of my favorite books of all time; very much my favorite Burnett. I have the hardback edition with the lovely Tasha Tudor illustrations.


Well, I've started reading and am already enjoying the story--couldn't pass up the opportunity to read a book that has long been on my 'must read' list.


I've heard several people call Madam Will You Talk a favorite--I'm looking forward to reading it. I couldn't resist--I started reading The Secret Garden earlier today--I had a hard time putting it down--always a good sign.


Glad to hear you liked The Apothecary's Daughter-it looks like a good read. I really enjoyed Touch Not the Cat--I had a peek at Cornflower's post and it seem to not be an especial favorite of a number of other MS fans, but I really enjoyed it. I think the timing was just right. A few cheesy details aside, the story was fun--I guess I liked the romantic aspect or something. Anyway--I look forward to reading more of her books. I recently bought Wildfire at Midnight--a US publisher is reissuing her books I am happy to see.


Yes, Bright Star was really sad. I have wanted to read more about Keats and Fanny Brawne ever since I saw it. I really enjoy Mary Stewart's books--I'm glad to have a few unread on hand--she's perfect light reading when you need some good escapism. And I'm very curious about Gabrielle Roy--I've just started another of her books.


It seems there is a readalong of it, so perhaps that is what has started all the talk online? I have never seen the movie or read the book, though I know the story vaguely. I've just started reading it, so will be curious to see how it goes--so far I am very much enjoying it--will keep in mind your comment about the metaphysical undertones, too!


I think I'm going to have to try and make that my next Mary Stewart since it seems to be a favorite of so many readers. And how fun that there is a reference to mythology--see it pops up all over the place! Am finally breaking down and reading The Secret Garden--so many YA books I missed--I want to read a few of them now--maybe will try and squeeze in a few each year.


I know--it takes very little really to make me happy--so I am very happy with such a nice pile of new books. I am very much enjoying The Secret Garden--always am surprised by how sophisticated a lot of juvenile/YA literature is. And I'm looking forward to Madam Will You Talk--so many love it--I will try and make that my next MS book.


I'm looking forward to Trinity Six--I usually read a spy story around the holidays, so perhaps that'll be my book this year. I seem to have started collecting Gabrielle Roy's books--I've just started one called Windflower--so far so good.


I love hearing which MS is a favorite of other readers. I also have The Moonspinners--I think it was made into a movie, too? I'm getting very tempted to pick another of her books to read now--perhaps will save one for the holidays! :)


So many authors to choose from--we all have different favorites! I came to Mary Stewart very late, though I did read her Arthurian books years ago and really liked them. Thanks for the link which references the Borodale--I've heard good things about it and will have to read your article. I'd like to read the book soon--but we'll see. As you can see I have quite a pile to choose from. I just brought home from the library Kate Morton's newest and will read it first since the line for it is very long and I won't be able to renew it. I hope you liked it? So glad you are enjoying the novel by Jennie Fields--I thought it was really well done and well written. I'm always a little apprehensive about enthusing so much about a book and then hoping the next reader will like it as much as I did. I have the Rose Tremain novel, too! So many good books--I'm really looking forward to having time off at the holidays and hope to get in loads and loads of reading (am already thinking ahead!).


From what little I have read, I can see why! I've only just started earlier today and am hooked. Quite the petulant child is Mary--I think I would have loved this as a child, but then I love it now. I bet the edition you have with illustrations by Tasha Tudor is lovely!


I read The Secret Garden as a child but couldn't resist buying a lovely Folio edition more recently. You have quite a pile of oldies but goldies. Penmarric takes me right back, as does Sunset Song. I'm looking forward to reading what you think of them all.

Rebecca H.

What a lovely, lovely stack of books! I agree that it sounds fun to read and reread some children's classics. That sounds like an excellent thing to do after the baby is born, right?


I've started with The Secret Garden--can't believe I have never read it, but I am thoroughly enjoying it now! I do have some really good books and can't wait to make my way through them--will start with Cashalmara for the Howatch, but am glad to have Penmarric at the ready for after. And Sunset Song was an impulse buy, but it sounds good--I hope it lives up to expectations! :)


I've been so bad lately with spending money and now the holidays are just around the corner, so more money will be spent--I'm going to have to really crack down after I've got my holiday gifts purchased, but as you see I'll have plenty of books to keep me busy in the interim. You'll get a good refresher on all the good children's books! You'll have to share what you read to the baby as well as what you're reading for yourself! :)

Liz F

I would be very surprised if you don't enjoy the two Mary Stewart books in your pile - I love all her French books but Madam Will You Talk? ia a great favourite!
I read it earlier this year for the first time in about thirty years and was delighted that it is still as fresh.

Still haven't read The Secret Garden although I know that I have a lovely illustrated version somewhere (no clue as to who the illustrator is I'm afraid until I manage to lay hands on it!) but the most recent film was done on location very near us and is really very beautiful.
I read the Susan Howatch books when they were first out in paperback (I'm guessing that that was the late 70's - early 80's) and enjoyed them then. My copy of Cashelmara turned up in a box of books a few months ago and I keep looking at it and wondering whether to re-read but I have so many books that I haven't read once yet that it would be silly to do too much re-reading (apart from Mary Stewart that is!)


What a magnificent pile of books! Those will definitely keep you going through a cold and snowy winter and well into spring!


I'm a pretty easy sell when it comes to certain authors, and I think Mary Stewart is easily one of them. The first book I read by her (of the romantic suspense sort) I only felt tepid about, but with each book I like her style more and more. I'm looking forward to reading these--not sure which I will pick up next (I'm already planning on my holiday reading if you can belive that. I am really enjoying The Secret Garden--it is almost the one book I want to pick up more than any other--though I am actually really enjoying my stack of current reads at the moment. I think you'll like it very much when you get to it. I'll be reading Cashelmara mid-month along with Litlove if you'd like to be tempted to join in! :) I have too many books started, too, but oh well.


Indeed! Maybe even on into next summer... I at least have to read that hardcover as I get mad at myself whenever I buy something in hardcover and then don't read it before it comes out in paper!


I've just signed up for a readalong of Madam, Will You Talk to start early next year! It will be my first Mary Stewart, although I have started Nine Coaches Waiting but had to put it down again. One day I will pick it up again and actually finish it!


Penmarric by Susan Howatch -- I'm gearing up to read Cashelmara soon and have heard how good Penmarric is, so I broke down and bought it. This has holiday reading written all over it.

I'm a major fan of Susan Howatch's family sagas. For me, her real masterpiece is "The Wheel of Fortune".


Hi Rosie--I really enjoyed Cashelmara and have both Penmarric and Wheel of Fortune on my reading pile--will have to keep them in mind for when I go on vacation later this year! Enjoy Cashelmara!

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