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I've got as far as downloading Evelina, but no further as yet! Good luck with your project - I think it is an excellent one.


This is a great idea -- but I have to say that Clarissa is a better novel and if you do ever get around to reading it you won't regret it. Look forward to your thoughts on Burney, anyway.

Christine Harding

I haven't read Camilla, but Evelina is among the TBRs - I have a feeling I may have read it when I did my 'S' Level (do they still have these I wonder?) but I don't remember it.

Liz F

I think that the last time I read anything pre-19th century must have been when I was at school which is a very long time ago!
I think I have a copy of Evelina somewhere at home but haven't even attempted it yet but I am very tempted to try and read along with you if I can find a copy of Camilla cheaply enough!


This will be very interesting to follow. I hope you will like it a lot.
I just wonder how spoiler-free you can keep the posts as you will write on all of the chapters. I'm familiar with Clarissa but not with this one and can't really remember the author either.

Amateur Reader (Tom)

That volume of Burney's diaries & letters is amazing - recommended to anyone who stops by here. Camilla I have not read, so I am looking forward to hearing about it.

For future planning purposes, ignore those page counts! The Penguin Clarissa has absolutely enormous pages. By word count, Clarissa is two-thirds longer than War and Peace!

Rebecca H.

I'm SO tempted to join you. I've been hankering after a long novel from the 19C, but one from the 18C might be just the thing too. I've had this on my shelves for a long time. I agree with Amateur Reader that the diaries are amazing and well worth reading. I probably won't read on the same schedule you do, if I do pick this up, but we can still compare notes!


Disappointed you didn't go with Clarissa since I read it and liked it very much but I am sure Camilla will be good too, it is a book on my list. Looking forward to seeing how the project develops including the supplemental reading!


I haven't read Clarissa or Camilla. It's funny how we appear daunted by a 1,000 word novel and yet happily sit down with a trilogy of 400 pages each. I think the very size of the book has a lot to do with it. Perhaps reading it on a Kindle would be less daunting.


Camilla is available free (and light in the weight sense)from Project Gutenberg I'm tempted to join you..if that's Ok with you? (and if life doesn't intervene :0) which it often does do)

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I loved Evelina but so far it is the only Burney novel that I've read. Camilla and Cecilia are both on my TBR list.

Ashley Chattaway

I think I'm going to read along with you. I just downloaded Camilla on my kindle for free from girlebooks - much easier to tote around than a thousand page book!

Buried In Print

OH, this does sound like a worthy project indeed, and I have a copy hanging around, which has been sorely neglected. I am seriously tempted...seriously.


913 pages is much,much too much for me, so I'm thrilled I can read about your new project here. It does sound very good. Happy Reading!


I have read Evelina and enjoyed it. I am intimidated by the other novels because of their length. I think that the Journals and Letters are brilliant and I strongly agree with Amateur Reader's recommendation. A word of warning though. There is a letter in there about a mastectomy without anasthetic which she underwent. Very well written but I was squirming as I read it.

Miss Moppet

Camilla is a great read! And a good introduction to the 18th century novel. I re-read it last year.


Comic episodes and Gothic shudders! That sounds so appealing. I might have to pick up a copy of Camilla too.


I have Evelina--but I had to go out of my way to order Camilla. It sounds so appealing--I hope the style won't be too difficult to read. I think it'll be a good project, too.


I have a copy on hand and had all but decided to read it. The thought of trying to carry it to work on the bus was a little off-putting. But I will read it--maybe if this goes well I'll pick it up next. I'm glad to hear it's really good. I'm looking forward to reading the Burney, too.


I've never heard of an 'S' level--it must be very advanced? I've not read much 18th century lit, so I'm looking forward to it. I should probably start with Evelina, but I'll get to it eventually, too.


It's been quite a while for me, too. I have read almost entirely 20th/21st century literature this year. I just felt like picking up something totally different for a change. It would be cool if you'd read along! I'm hoping that having other people read it at the same time will be a motivator for me. I bet there must be 1 pence copies on Amazon of it? :)


I will try not to give too much away as I go. That's where I'm hoping the letters/journals I'm going to read alongside will come in handy. I'll see how the reading goes and will probably try and write fairly broadly--I want to do something like I did with the Mythology, but this might be more challenging. I've never read any Burney--or anything by Samuel Richardson--I hope this goes well.


I'm glad I decided to read the diaries and letters alongside--I'm just waiting for my copy to come in the mail. I like the idea of reading books in tandem--one shedding light on the other. The Penguin Clarissa is huge--but I guess I didn't look too closely inside--just flipped through. Interesting about the word count. My copy of W&P is a smaller mass market size book, though quite chunky (the Briggs translation and UK edition), so it was much more portable--but actually much shorter I see.


That would be fun if you read along. Have you read Camilla before? I am in the mood for a nice long story, too. I had thought of something Victorian (why does Victorian Lit seem perfect reading for winter?), but then I wanted something that I don't usually reach for. I remember when you were reading her diaries--I'm looking forward to getting the book. My library has a huge set of her diaries--something like 12 volumes, but I needed something more manageable--more for a regular reader than a scholar. I'm a slow reader, and I'll be reading other things, but it would still be fun talking about her and the book in general.


I know you read it and you have inspired me to pick it up, too. I almost chose it, but then thought of carrying it around with me. I could just read it at home, but then I think it would take me the better part of a year to finish it. We'll see, maybe I can read it after the Burney.


I know-I read several books in a month and they probably add up to more than 1000 pages, but there is something about committing to just One book with that many pages. It does seem daunting. I have a Nook and could easily load Camilla on to it, and maybe I will, but I admit I still far prefer paper books.


Thanks for the reminder about the ebook. It's nice that it's free. You are more than welcome to read along and it'll take me a while to get through it, so we can all go at our own pace. This should be fun! :)


I've always meant to read Evelina--and I'll get to it eventually. It's on my shelves along with Cecilia, too. I hope to start reading tomorrow!


Please do--it'll be fun to have a little group reading and chatting about it. I might download it, too, but I have my paper copy as well. I can't quite make the transition over to ereaders, but they can be very convenient in situations like this.


I agonized over what long book to pick up. There are so many tempting long reads--even multi volume sets... Hopefully this will go well and I can pick up some of those others next year, too. It would be fun if you could read along... :)


The next best thing--reading about it vicariously. I'm hoping that knowing I am going to write something about my reading each week will keep me going. I like having these little long term projects.


I'm trying not to be intimidated by Camilla. I've not read anything written in the 18th c. for a really long time. Hopefully the writing style will not be too difficult. I'm also looking forward to her journals--I have heard what she went through with the mastectomy--but it will be something else to read about it myself first hand.


I'm so glad to hear that. I was afraid I set my sights too high and that maybe this would be too challenging to begin with. I'm looking forward to starting it.


Doesn't that sound appealing? I think Jane Austen was a fan of her writing--and it seems I read something about it being an influence on Northanger Abbey? I'll hopefully be learning more soon. And do join in--it'll be fun!

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