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For some reason this reminds me of my first Elizabeth Taylor novel - Blaming. Maybe because of the Holiday theme.


I've not yet read that Elizabeth Taylor novel--must get to it eventually. I haven't quite figured out the Tahiti angle--what a place to choose to send your employee...


Seems like there are a lot of stories in the book and a lot of variety. How many pages on average does a story run?


Most the stories are about 25-30ish pages. I think the next one is a bit longer. I've also, in my greediness, started her first book which has shorter stories. I think perhaps she gets more complex as she goes. Pity I'm going to be reading out of order in a hodge podge manner, but that's okay. And she seems to have certain settings/themes she returns to, but most of the stories in this collection have been really varied.

Buried In Print

Interesting to think about Caroline's comment about Blaming; I kind of see it, and yet because this whole story takes place before Mary Jo's holiday properly takes place it doesn't fit exactly. There's also a Muriel Spark that has rather an odd on-holiday feel to it as well (also not a great fit, but I like the idea of connecting these reads, however briefly, the disjointedness of holiday-ing with women reflecting on their lives and relationships, or lack thereof).

It's hard to believe there are only three stories left, one very long and two rather short. I'm really looking forward to her newest collection in the new year.


I've not read that ET (I had planned on reading more of her books this year, but the time just flew and I've not managed to squeeze another one in, though I am determined to read that poor Molly Keane that has been on my sidebar *all year long* before the year is out). I also like making those connections--sometimes it's not a perfect fit, but there will be some glimmer of reminiscence. Did you get why the doctor chose Tahiti? Maybe it was just totally random--he's always wanted to go there so sent her--I was thinking that it was going to be some sort of rendezvous, but I don't think that was the case at all either. Is the Spark you're thinking of--The Driver's Seat? I read that if that's the one--wildly bizarre story, but I like M. Spark very much! I will be taking AM with me to work tomorrow--I've not yet started the story but I did see how long it is. I was thinking over my long weekend I could finish the book, but then decided not to rush through it. And I also need to get back to Dance of the Happy Shades--another one to finish before the year's out. Amazon has her newest discounted pretty heavily at the moment, so I might just have to take advantage and order a copy.

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