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Amateur Reader (Tom)

You will likely see some continuity between the so-called "fairy tales" you just read and Stifter's little story.

I hope you enjoy it. Be prepared for a little boredom. Stifter is not afraid of boredom. I believe most readers find the payoff sufficient - tense, even.


What an interesting concluding tale. It seems like you zipped through the book. They might not have been what you expected, but are you glad you read them?


Rock Crystal can be slow at times, but it's gorgeous. I intend to read it again this coming holiday season.


I've really enjoyed your Romantic Fairy Tales reviews, even if some of the stories seem like they might be a little too depressing for me. Rock Crystal looks really good, though!


Everything I've seen about the book has been very positive. I'm on a roll now with German fairy tales it seems, so I might as well press on! :) And there is the added benefit of being a happy story in the end. I'm looking forward to it and think it will be going to work with me tomorrow.


It was a good book. I need more challenging reads really, so this was a good exercise. There were only four stories--one novella-length, but the others fairly short so it went pretty quick. And for all the darkness I am still very happy I read the book. I think December is going to have to have a few happy, light reads, however.


I'm happy to hear that--I don't mind slow if the payoff it worth it in the end! I was going to wait to read it, but when I saw the connection to the holidays there didn't seem a better time than now to read it.


I suppose they are typical fairy tales? In that they are somewhat dark and not especially happy that is--I've not read many to be able to gage. Now that could be an entirely new project! I am looking forward to Rock Crystal--I was unfamiliar with it, but am always happy to find good new books to read.


I know what you mena when you write they were not what you expected. They are all quite complex and full of symbolism. I don't think I've read this one but it sounds like I would like this the most. I'll have to try one day. If you ever want to read more German fairy tales and can find a translation Hauff wrote great tales, some spooky, some lovely, a bit like Hans Christian Andersen. I loved them a lot.


Yes, I wasn't expecting the level of complexity. I'm glad I read them and they were all interesting, but I'm also glad the book was short--it was just enough really. I will look for the Hauff--actually have just looked to see if my library has his books and we do, though it seems they are mostly in German. There is one in the juvenile section called Dwarf Long Nose, which has me intrigued, so I will go pull it from the shelf tomorrow, I think. Maybe a juvenile book is the way to go for starters. Do you know what the difference between Grimm's fairy tales and those by Andersen is? Is Grimm darker? I know I have a book of fairy tales of my own, but not sure by which author. I'll have to look for it over the weekend. I would love to know what you make of this one if you ever do read it! by the way--I'm getting the movie Ondine from Netflix this week, so I'll be watching it over the weekend--I didn't realize it was so far up in the queue.


Grimm collected their fairy tales, they are folk tales, Andersen writes Kunstmäcrchen, no collecting or anything. From the language perspective, the Grimm's may even be superior. Andersen has written stories like the Snow Queen which are very long and you can immerse yourself in them, all the Grimm fairy tales are very short, just a couple of pages.
If you haven't read Andersen you should read the Little Matchstick girl. Such a sad Christmas story. But you've probably read it.
I haven't seen Ondine. The one with Colin Farrell I suppose? I was tempted to watch it.


I had no idea of the difference--now I am very curious to find my book of fairy tales to see what exactly I have--will look this weekend. Do you know I have never read The Little Matchstick Girl! So many books and stories I have missed it seems. Maybe the story will be one that is in my book--though I am sure I can find it at my library as well. I've been accumulating books for holiday reading, which I don't normally do at Christmas time. And yes, the movie I have is the one with Colin Farrell--it just came in the mail today, so I'll be watching it over the weekend as well--I certainly won't be bored, will I!


I don't know this one, but I read 'Rock Crystal' (and 'Brigitta') to kick off this year's GLM. It is very slow going, but lovely writing - I was fairly positive in my review :)


I'll have to go and look up what you wrote about it. I have a feeling that Rock Crystal will be a book to read in one sitting rather than a bit at a time or there's the chance of losing the thread along the way. I did dip into it, and there seems to be a lot of description to start out and not much action--which is totally fine, but will have to be in the right reading mode for it. Alas, it will now have to be a December book as I have run out of time this month.

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