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It's a sweet story this one, isn't it? I read it years ago, and of course the memory is overlaid by all the references to Scrooge that abound around this time of year! (Like the Muppets, for whom I have a soft spot.) It's sort of essence of Christmas, somehow! Have a wonderful festive break, Danielle, filled with bookish goodness and particularly nice food and lots of hanging around doing nothing particular. I'll miss you but look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


It seems I've read A Christmas Carol so many times, Danielle, and it seems like I can never read it enough. Last year, for the first time, I read The Cricket on the Hearth, which wasn't as good, but, is part of a lovely little red boxed set with gold trim and 5 Dickens Christmas tales that I got for a pittance once.

Enjoy your books and magazines and holiday, Danielle.


I'm amazed that almost all the participants have chose another favorite scene and it makes me realize that they are all great in their own right. Imagine the faces of the Cratchit's when they see that bird.
I know a few Scrooge like people but thank God, there are many kind ones too.
The scene when they take all of Scrooge's possessions is a shocking one and I have seen similar things happen when people die. It's quite disgusting.
Thanks for joining us, Danielle and I wish you the very best of breaks and a great Christmas.


I've had A CHRISTMAS CAROL for years, starting with a cheap Signet paperback. I now have an illustrated version (Hildebrand) just to read and the second edition of the annotated version just to revel in. It has the entire history of the book, the abridged copy Dickens read at live readings, the annotations, and lots of illustrations. Heaven!


It is a wonderful story and really does set the tone for the season, doesn't it. Always nice to revisit it and now I will follow up by watching the movie. I have heard many good things about the Muppet Movie version by the way--I really do need to watch it sometime. It sounds like great fun actually--you have to love Kermit and Miss Piggie! ;) I seem to be very much in 'doing nothing in particular mode' though I did hope to accomplish a bit more still. Sometimes doing nothing much at all is actually just fine and really necessary, though, don't you think?


I really should read some of the other writings in the collection--I wonder if my copy has The Cricket on the Hearth--somehow the others just don't appeal the same way A Christmas Carol does. Maybe next year I'll just read the others for a change. Hope you have a really wonderful holiday, too, Penny!


It's hard to choose with a story like this--it's so famous and well-known and really well done. Dickens really captured the essence of the season. Can you imagine Christmas without a Christmas Carol--it's just part of our culture now! And yes, greed is nasty and I see it so often, too, when a family member passes away. It's amazing how many families are wrenched apart when they feel they deserve something more than a sibling--all very nasty indeed. I had forgotten that scene. I really enjoyed this and am glad for the little push to pull out my copy for a reread--it was long overdue.


What a cool edition! My copy is an old Penguin and it does have lots of nice footnotes and a few illustrations so nice enough. An annotated edition would be great, though. I can't believe it took me until I was well into adulthood to actually read the story and the first time I did I was surprised by how short the story was. Just the perfect length though for reading aloud to your family, though.


I love this story and I love that scene too where Scrooge is leaning out the window and talking to the boy about the goose and asking him to go have it sent to the Cratchits! Scrooge asks if the big goose is still there and the boy says something like, what? the one as big as me? I just love that!


That's one of my favorite parts, too. As a matter of fact I am just now getting ready to pop the movie into my DVD player to watch this evening. Got to watch A Christmas Carol at this time of year!


I think Scrooge's fiance was a fascinating character too. But that's the sign of a good author - one that can say enough about a character to make the point for the story, but you wish you could meet the character in a story later on. Maybe a prequel. :)


You only get a glimpse into Scrooge's earlier life--it would indeed have been interesting to know more of his story (and her's too!).

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