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I have read almost all of these books but over a number of years now, so I don't remember them all. However, I just read #12 Garment of Shadows which was excellent. I skipped #11 because it did not sound interesting to me, but it didn't matter. There were two brothers in this book (#12) that were introduced in an earlier book (maybe O Jerusalem?) I vaguely remembered them but it really didn't matter. I remember one of the books took place mostly in London and Mycroft (and his apartment) figured largely in it, and also all of their "hidey-holes" (my word). That was probably my favorite--not sure which one that was. At some point I will start all over with them, looking forward to it.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I devoured the first five or six books in this series but am now woefully out of date. Perhaps I'll be able to do a full reading of the series in 2013; I hope so! I think King does an excellent job of melding her characters and Conan Doyle's and the plots are always intriguing, even for non-mystery readers like myself.


I always think I need to choose a mystery series to read more or less straight through over the course of a year, but I have not yet done so (spacing out the books over many years--or as a new one is released). Maybe I should do that with the Mary Russell books. I wonder if the book you're thinking of with the hidey-holes is A Monstrous Regiment of Women as I recall Holmes having all sorts of places all over London where he could escape into for a bit of refuge. I think I'll dig out my copy of The Moors...just to have it handy! :) I have a long way to go to get to #12.


That's what I'm finding myself wanting to do--pick up the next one right away rather than waiting. It's good to hear she does the Holmes character well. I've only ever read one Sherlock Holmes story--should read more of those, too. I can see how these would appeal to a non-mystery reader--there's lots of other interesting things going on, which is part of the draw for me as well.


I'm not so sure this would be for me.
Maybe the age difference wouldn't bother me but I don't like the idea of reading new Sherlock Holmes stories. I've read everything there is and used to love them so much, it just doesn't feel right. But if they are well done... The other thing I don't like is couples sleuthing. My detectives have to be lonely wolves. Bit narrow-minded but the very first crime I read was Chandler, and I guess the formula stuck with me.


This is a new one for me -- yet another mystery writer to look out for (or maybe not as I'd probably get shockingly addicted).

bibliolathas (vicki)

This series is so addictive (I am up to the The Pirate King.) Re The Moving Finger - that's one of my favourites from Agatha Christie. Such a nice, comforting blend of mystery and oddball romance.


I already had The Beekeeper's Apprentice on my TBR list, and it's good to know that there are more great mysteries to follow if I like it (which I expect to).

Suddenly I'm craving comfort reads, cozy mysteries, etc.--could it be the season?


I tried reading The Beekeeper's
Apprentice some time ago but didn't
get very far. I don't remember
now what put me off, but maybe I should
give it another try. I do love a


Sounds like a fun read and such a nice twist on Holmes too.


The Mary Russell books are some of my favorites. Even though there is such an age difference between Mary and Holmes, I love how equal their relationship is. They remind me of the Dorothy L. Sayers mysteries. (And doesn't Lord Peter Wimsey make an unnamed guest appearance in one of the books? Or did I just imagine that was what was going on?)


I wasn't sure at first either, but now I am hooked. I'm not all that familiar with the original Sherlock Holmes stories, so I have no idea in mind when reading something else about him, but I do know how reworkings of stories or characters can be iffy when you have a particular favorite. I really need to read Chandler--I keep looking at the books by him I have. I'd really like to make a list of classic/mystery novels that I "should read" and work my way through them...but I have so many other plans on the go. Still, always nice to have a list to draw from. And I like that 'lonely wolf' type of story, too, but am generally greedy and also look for other stories as well. :)


I think Laurie King has quite a following. The first book in the series is almost more a collection of interlinked stories, which is okay, but the books get much better as you go. So if you do pick the first one up, don't be discouraged if it feels a little weak. I think I am addicted at this point--have several more to read and the rest on my wishlist!


You've got most of them read then. Isn't there just one more recent one after that? I think I am going to at least dig the next book out of my pile to have at the ready. And I am very much enjoying this Agatha Christie--love the narrator's sister--she seems quite hip! And I'm happy to hear there is something of a romance in the story, too--just what I am in the mood for.


Yes, they do get better! Actually the first book was good, but the next two are even more enjoyable and have a tighter plotting. Yes, I agree--there is something about this time of year that makes me want to reach for comfort reads, too. And I guess I've done just that--have lots of good ones started.


I felt only so-so about the first one. It was good, but you're right--an easy one to set down since it is really more a collection of linked stories than a nicely flowing novel. Give it another try--keeping in mind that the second book is really good. It's what ultimately hooked me!


Yeah, I do like the Holmes character in these books. Mary is great--she's a favorite character of mine. I really should go back and read some of the original Conan Doyle books.


I can see how they would be favorites and I very much enjoy them, too. I think I am even ready to read the next one. I'd like to read the Peter Wimsey books as well. I have Nine Tailors Started and it's one that I would like to try and finish before the end of the year. Peter Wimsey may well show up in one of the books--I'll have to look for him since I plan on reading on in the series.


Thanks for the tip, Danielle. I will put Mary and Sherlock back on my list.


This is a series I really must read in 2013. I've been saving up the books for the 'right moment' and I'm pretty sure I'll love them. It's really good to know the author is getting into her full stride with the characters.


I've been enjoying the books and think I will dig the next one out from my mystery book bins in anticipation of reading it sometimes soon. If you start with the first book, don't be put off as it is a slow goer and the stories get much better with each new book!

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